Customize Blankets for Every Occasion

Create the perfect comfy home accessory or special gift for someone you love when you customize blankets with Shutterfly. Our unique options allow you to create a personalized photo blanket to celebrate big occasions or simply decorate with beloved photos of all your favorite people. Include specialized text, your name in a special font, or a decorative monogram on a cozy fleece blanket that can add style and a pop of color to your bedroom or living room. Add warmth to your body and your soul when you customize blankets just for you or to give as a perfect gift for friends and family. Our personalized photo blankets are a great way to show your love for any special occasion, milestone, or big moment. Get creative and have fun designing your customized blanket today.

When you’re unsure of how to creatively display all your photos, create a personalized blanket. Gather all your favorite snapshots and create family heirloom you and your family will cherish for generations to come. Fall asleep with your precious memories at your side and have them resurface in your dreams to relive all over again.

Customize Blankets With Favorite Photos and Text

One of the best ways to customize blankets with Shutterfly is by adding your own photos and creative text to tell your life story. Have fun picking out a single image that can take up the entire blanket space, or create a gallery with up to 23 photos. Include a variety of pictures from your family vacation, memories with friends, or big moments from your sports league. It’s up to you to create a dynamic design with photos or themed elements to tie everything together for a streamlined look. Once you’ve selected your images, you’ll get to add creative text or special messages as well to highlight your photos. Choose from a variety of fonts, background colors, embellishments, and more as you customize blankets that will be truly one-of-a-kind.

Light blue personalized gallery photo family blanket laying on the green grass featuring a picnic basket

Explore Custom Blankets In Different Sizes & Materials

We offer a number of custom blankets that come in a few different sizes and materials to fit any room or situation. Start out smaller with a 30″ x 40″ photo blanket that can be a throw in the living room as an accent piece, or for one of your kiddo’s rooms. Go a size up with our 50″ x 60″ blanket options to give you more space for larger photos and messages. Opt for the largest cozy blanket that is a size 60″ x 80″ to cover your whole bed and keep you warm on cold nights or whenever you need it. Each size allows you to fully customize your blankets with larger or smaller photo galleries and designs, perfect if you’re looking to create something fun for yourself.

When you take a nap or go to lay your head down at night to go to sleep, you want your customized blanket to be as comfy and cozy as possible for a good nights rest. As you create your blanket design with your photos, we allow you to choose between different materials to make a blanket that is perfect for you. Try out sweatshirt fleece blankets, plush fleece, sherpa materials, or a woven design as some of our custom options that will bring you warmth and personalization in creative ways. This is the finishing touch that gives you the best blanket that you’ll be sure to love all year round.

Tie Your Room Together With Custom Blanket Themes

Create the perfect custom blanket that can be the home decor to complete any room. Follow the themes of your different spaces and create a blanket that fits those designs. Go for a rustic look with fleece blankets complete with red and black color patterns to create the perfect contrast. Or get a princess-themed blanket for your young child’s room that includes pictures of them dressed up in a cute costume for them to admire. When you customize blankets, you have to opportunity to make the perfect custom product for any room in the house that can spruce up those special spaces.

Little boy smiling and sitting on red and black blanket featuring green pine trees and a festive bulldog stuffed animal

Customize Blankets for Any Room or Special Occasion

A custom blanket can be the perfect accessory or decoration for any room that can help you celebrate special occasions. And, the best part is, is that it can be made right at your fingertips. Unleash the creative bone in your body, and have fun customizing blankets that help you ring in the holiday season or give a meaningful personalized gift in a great blanket design. Share the warmth and joy of a personalized present that can commemorate major moments or celebrate little victories. Shop our new arrivals to find the perfect blanket design for all the special people and moments in your life.

Give the Gift of Custom Blankets

Customize blankets as the perfect gift to celebrate your friends and family for any big occasion or special moment. Give a birthday present of a small throw blanket with beloved images of you and your bestie that they can remember forever. Get your grandparents a personalized fleece blanket with a photo collage of all their grandkids and a sentimental message. Or select a cozy blanket that you and your sweetheart can curl up under as you celebrate your anniversary. You can customize blankets that include personalized embellishments and special text to make a creative gift that anyone will love. Surprise your loved ones with these amazing selections of unique photo blankets.

Complete Your Holiday Decor With Personalized Blankets

The holiday season calls for extra warmth that customized blankets can provide. When temperatures drop below freezing and heavy snow comes falling down from the sky, snuggling up with a personalized blanket is the way to go. Have fun designing a special blanket just for the winter months. Or choose from one of our plaid or snowflake print designs to achieve a festive look in your home and throw in accent pillows as well to complement. Enjoy Christmas themes to remind you of a winter wonderland or celebrate when Santa is coming to town. You can also add your favorite family photos or the images on your Christmas card to a larger blanket that can complete your holiday decorations. Enjoy a cozy accessory that is full of the spirit of the season with unique designs when you customize blankets for the holidays.

Six festive personalized fleece photo blankets displayed on a gray couch featuring a couples portrait and christmas tree

Customize Blankets for Your Kid’s Bedroom

As your kids are growing up, comfy and cozy customized blankets can be the perfect accessories for their spaces. If you recently brought home a newborn, start out and customize baby blankets that are a smaller size with whimsical designs, adorable animal prints, or unique pictures of the family. Even as your kids are getting ready to go away to college, you can give them a personalized blanket with photos of all their high school accomplishments that they can use in their dorm room. The possibilities are endless to customize blankets that your kids will love at any age.

Customize Blankets You Will Cherish Forever

Whenever it’s cold outside or you’re in need of a last-minute gift for someone, rely on Shutterfly to help you customize blankets. Whether you choose a fleece, sherpa fleece blankets, or woven blanket, you can rest assured our blankets will always get the job done of keeping you, and your friends and family warm. Get together your favorite photos from your camera roll on your iPhone or photo album lying on your shelf, and create a personalized blanket you’ll cherish. The possibilities are endless as to what you can create. Let your imagination run wild and bring your creation to life.