Best Sherpa Blankets to Stay Warm

Add a decorative touch to any room or home with a personalized sherpa blanket. These blankets are a great way to stay warm and cozy during the cold months of the year. As a versatile and functional item, sherpa blankets are a fantastic gift option for new homeowners, loved ones, as well as yourself. Fully customizable, these sherpa fleece blankets are the number one item on everyone’s wish list. Explore the different variety of personalized sherpa blankets that Shutterfly has to offer.

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  • What is a Sherpa Blanket

    A sherpa blanket is a blanket with the distinctive feature of knit fleece fabric, with a look and texture similar to real sheep’s wool. This unique sherpa wool will keep you warm and toasty when using the blanket and will give a soft and fluffy texture for comfort. Sherpa blankets were first introduced as an ecological alternative to using real fur or sheep’s wool. The sherpa fabric was created to mimic the real thing, all the while still keeping its warmth, comfort and feel. Sherpa blankets are great to use both indoors and outdoors, and even are great for outdoor picnics and outings. Create a personalized sherpa blanket to keep yourself warm and cozy during the fall and winter months of the year.

    Best Sherpa Blankets

    The best sherpa blankets are the ones you can fully customize to include sentimental pictures of your favorite memories all the while staying warm and cozy during the cold winter months. Luxe sherpa fleece blankets from Shutterfly are a great way to add a bit of personalized home decor to your home or room and even makes a great gift for your loved ones. Sherpa blankets come in 30×40, 50×60 and 60×80 sizes which is perfect for any sized blanket. Create a personalized sherpa blanket for yourself and create one for your loved ones to stay warm during the cold fall and winter months.

    1. Collage Fleece Photo Blankets

    Collect all the amazing photos you’ve taken with your family and arrange a beautiful collage centered around the words “Family Is Everything”. This beautiful design is perfect for all families big and small and is fully customizable to include any special memories you’ve taken together as a family. Choose 8 of your most cherished memories, include your family’s name or last name and customize the background color to your family’s favorite color. This Family Is Everything Collage Fleece Photo Blanket will look great being used by your whole family during movie nights in your living room.

    family is everything collage fleece photo blanket with pictures of families

    2. Pet Fleece Photo Blankets

    Honor your pet with a personalized blanket made just for them. Take your favorite photo of your pet and create a custom pet fleece photo blanket that both you and your pet will love to use. Add one main image as the background of your customized blanket and include different personalized details such as your pets name, borders and embellishments that will make your pet fleece photo blanket one of a kind.

    pets photo gallery horizontal fleece photo blanket with cat and name

    3. Love Fleece Blankets

    Perfect for any couple celebrating their engagement, wedding or anniversary; this love fleece blanket will make a perfect gift to these couples celebrating their marriage milestones. Use a photo of the happy couple as the background of the fleece sherpa blanket and add messages such as “Love, The [insert couples names or last names]”, wedding or anniversary dates and any other happy messages you want to wish for the happy couple. To make things more personalized, changing the color of the text to a color that’s used in the couple’s wedding will make the customized wedding fleece blanket an even more special wedding gift.

    classic love script portrait fleece photo blanket with couple and last name

    4. Inspirational Message Fleece Blankets

    Gather some inspiration every time you use this fantastic sherpa fleece blanket. This inspirational message fleece blanket will not only bring a smile to your face each time you use it, but it will also remind you of the amazing memories printed on the blanket. Customize this blanket with 18 of your favorite pictures that are arranged in the shape of a beautiful moon. With stars decorated all around, you’ll want to use this personalized sherpa fleece blanket every night.

    to the moon collage fleece photo blanket with stars on a blue background

    5. Celebrating Grandmother Fleece Blankets

    Give a gift your grandmother will cherish forever with a personalized sherpa blanket to celebrate Grandparent’s Day or Mother’s Day. Your grandmother will love to use this customized blanket while she snuggles up with a book or keeping her warm while she’s watching tv. Use your grandmother’s favorite photos of you and your family to include on the layout of the sherpa blanket. In addition, include a special message on the blanket to show your love to your grandmother.

    special place fleece photo blanket with pink background

    6. World’s Best Dad Fleece Blanket

    Let your dad know that he’s the “Worlds Best Dad” with a customized sherpa blanket that any dad would love to use to stay warm. This layout design is perfect for any dad and is fully customizable to include a special message for your dad and a variety of your dad’s favorite pictures of you and your family. This blanket will make a perfect Father’s Day gift or a present for any dad’s birthday.

    best in show buffalo plaid collage fleece photo blanket for fathers day present

    More Best Personalized Photo Blankets

    Shutterfly has to offer a variety of different personalized blankets to keep warm during any cold winter months. Choose from an assortment of fleece photo blankets, plush fleece blankets, woven photo blankets, and baby blankets. These customized blankets will make memorable and useful gifts for your loved ones and you’ll be able to remember all the wonderful memories that are printed on your personalized photo blankets.

    Personalized Fleece Photo Blankets

    Cozy and warm fleece photo blankets are a crowd favorite for its versatility as a personalized home accent and as a blanket to keep warm. Decorate a fleece photo blanket to match the style and space of your home and include special pictures to always put a smile on your face. With a multitude of new styles, themes, patterns and layouts; there’s something for every style home or bedroom. Perfect as gifts, these blankets will be a resourceful present that will create long lasting memories.

    Personalized Plush Fleece Photo Blankets

    For extra warmth and softness, try creating a personalized plush fleece photo blanket to use on cold days. Making your own photo blanket online is simple and easy with Shutterfly’s templates and designs. Just simply choose your favorite designs, upload pictures, add text, and check out. With a wide range of options, no one photo blanket will come out the same. These plush fleece photo blankets make the perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, and all the other special occasions.
    personalized plush sherpa in 3 differently layout designs and styles

    Custom Woven Photo Blankets

    With a rustic and barn house look, custom woven photo blankets come in a variety of colors and styles that will give a rustic and folksy element to your home or bedroom. This woven photo blanket will make a great element to any home decor and will be the focal point of any room. Creating woven photo blankets are easy, simply incorporate your most treasured photos, messages, names and more to enhance the appearance of the woven photo blanket.  Perfect for snuggling, these woven photo blankets are machine-washable and will make a perfect gift or keepsake for anyone in your life.

    photo gallery landscape woven photo blanket with a picture of landcape of montana

    Personalized Baby Blankets

    Great for any newborn, these personalized baby blankets make great gifts for any parents-to-be. Available in 3 different warm and cozy materials – soft microfiber fleece, plush fleece or luxe sherpa – these custom baby blankets offer comfort to any baby. In addition, it’s fully personalizable to include special photos of the baby, the baby’s name, and even a custom message.

    Personalized Baby Blanket For Girls

    Perfect for any little princess in your life, this personalized girls baby blanket is a wonderful addition to any nursery or baby’s room. Use this baby blanket for snuggling them up for their naps or story time, all the while keeping warm and cozy. Choose between a variety of fleece options to give your baby the maximum comfort.

    gallery of three baby blanket in pink with name and pictures of a family

    Personalized Baby Blanket For Boys

    Perfect for any baby photos with cute bear hats, this woodland creatures baby blanket is perfect for any personalized boys baby blanket. Add additional elements to the baby blanket with names, birth dates, birth weights, and more to make the baby blanket even more special. As your baby boy grows up to become a young adult, he will look back on this memorable keepsake and appreciate all the memories he had with this special baby blanket.

    adventure woodland creatures baby blanket with cute animal images

    Closing Thoughts

    As fall and winter comes and goes, find ways to stay warm and cozy with personalized sherpa blankets. Sherpa blankets are a great addition to any home acting as customized home decor accents options which add practical and decorative design to any home or room. Perfect for a gift for yourself or as a present for your loved ones, this memorable keepsake will bring a smile to anyone who uses it.

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