15 Unique Personalized Blankets

Personalized blankets are the perfect addition to keep warm during any cold winter months. With a variety of blanket options to choose from, you can find the perfect design to match anyone’s style and personality. Shutterfly’s collection of blankets make great home decor items for all homes and make memorable and useful gifts for you and your loved ones. As you use yours to get cozy, you’ll be reminded of the amazing memories printed on your personalized blanket.

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Fleece Photo Blankets – New Designs

Fleece photo blankets are the best gifts to give to yourself as well as to your loved ones. Fleece photo blankets are both memorable and versatile items, it will decorate your home, keep you warm, and let you reminisce on the moments printed on your fleece photo blanket. Personalized blankets are fully customizable to match anyone’s personality and style with the countless designs and templates to choose from. Check out our new designs and different sizes for fleece photo blankets and gather inspiration to create your next one.

1. Rustic Home Sweet Farmhouse Fleece Blankets

Having a farmhouse look and feel to your home is easily achievable with a few different things, by adding this rustic farmhouse fleece photo blanket. With the message “Sweet Home Farmhouse” added to the blanket, this personalized fleece blanket can feature photos of your family members with the addition of your family member’s names. This rustic design will add detail and style to any rustic style farmhouse home.

Rustic home sweet farmhouse fleece photo blanket with gray and family pictures

2. Gallery of Four Collage Fleece Blankets

Perfect for any pet lover, this gallery of four fleece photo blanket will be the perfect way to display your pets adorable pictures. Whether you have 1 pet or 4 pets, you’ll easily be able to fill up all the spots with the cute pictures you’ve taken of your pet over the years. Every photo you use will be a memorable moment in the pets life and will be remembered for years to come as you use the fleece photo blanket. These keepsake fleece photo blankets are important to keep as memories that will last.

3. Love Fleece Blankets

Perfect for anniversary, wedding or engagement gifts, this love fleece blanket will commemorate any couples special moments spent together. With a large “love” message design on the design, this blanket can also include a combination of their first names or just their last names. If this is a wedding or anniversary gift, be sure to include the special wedding or anniversary renewal date on their blanket. While the happy couple cuddles up together under this warm and comfy blanket, they will be reminded of the special wedding day they’ve had and smile.

rustic textured love fleece photo blanket fleece blanket with pictures and different design colors

Plush Fleece Blankets

With an additional soft plush lining, plush fleece photo blankets are a must have for every cold winter day. Our collection of plush fleece blankets are fully customizable to include pictures and text to any Shutterfly template and designs. With a wide range of designs to choose from, there are perfect designs for different events. Explore our designs for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduations below and design a plush fleece photo blanket that’s best for your gift recipient.

4. Mother’s Day Plush Fleece Blanket

The best Mother’s Day present you could give to your mom is a fleece photo blanket with a unique design she’ll love on the front. With space to put different pictures and messages on the front of the blanket, this will be a great reminder to your mom of the amazing things she did for you throughout the years. Your mom will be able to wrap her body with this warm and cozy blanket on the days where she’s snuggling up in bed or with a book on the couch.

5. Father’s Day Plush Fleece Blanket

Whether you create a blanket for your dad or grandfather, this plush fleece blanket design will be a great present to the father figure of your life during Father’s Day. This design is fully customizable, from the pictures, text messages, even down to the background color palette used in these blanket designs. Your dad will love using these blankets during his daily naps and when he sits on the couch while watching his favorite sports games.

Grandparent's best day fleece photo blanket with differnt design colors

6. Graduation Day Plush Fleece Blanket

As the most important day in a student’s life, their graduation day will be a memory that will last forever. As they finish their years of schooling, they’ll look back at the hard work and dedication they’ve put in over the years and look forward to the future. As you create this graduation day plush fleece blanket, you’ll be able to add all the memories the graduate has had throughout the years; they will be reminded of all the great memories they’ve had throughout their education. This personalized graduation present will make a memorable gift for any new graduate.

Sherpa Fleece Blankets

Sherpa fleece blankets are lined with a distinctive material that mimics real sheep’s wool. In addition, to the sherpa lining, there is an additional fleece lining that keeps the person who is it warm and toasty. The unique sherpa fleece lining was created as an eco-friendly alternative to using real wool from sheep and offers the same benefits as its real counterparts. This fluffy textured fleece blanket will keep you warm and cozy during the cold winter months as well as fill your mind with beautiful moments with the pictures that are printed on it. Use these personalized sherpa blankets to give to your loved ones as a gift or create one for your own personal use.

7. Inspirational Messages Blankets

Everyone needs some type of inspiration and motivational messages to get through the day, and these inspirational message sherpa fleece blankets are a great way to gather all the motivation you need. With a memorable message printed on the front as well as pictures of your favorite memories, this fleece blanket will be your most treasured keepsake. If you use pictures from a family photoshoot, be sure to add funny and candid pictures to remember the best times of your photo shoot session.

whimsical to the moon fleece photo blanket in different design colors

8. Collage Fleece Blankets

Perfect for people who want to include as many pictures on their sherpa fleece blanket as possible, this collage layout can include up to 23 different photos and messages on the front of the blanket. Explore the different options that include combining both portrait pictures and pictures of landscapes on the blanket to remember a certain beach day or a beach vacation. Every time you use this personalized blanket, you’ll look back on that beach vacation and reminisce of the amazing time you had with your friends and family.

9. Rustic Home Collage Blanket

Once a student goes off to college, the one thing they miss about being at home is their furry pets. Always keep your heart close to home with this “Home Is Where The Dog Is” sherpa fleece blanket that features your pets. With multiple spots to add pictures and text, you will always be reminded of your furry friend back at home.

Woven Photo Blankets

Adding a woven personalized blanket will give any home or room an added rustic barn house look and feel. With a variety of colors and styles, utilizing a woven photo blanket will be a great focal point of any room by adding a rustic feel. By adding different images, messages, and text to your woven photo blanket will enhance the appearance of the blanket and will make the blanket more one-of-a-kind. These woven blankets will make the perfect gift for any of your loved ones and will be a memorable keepsake they will keep by their side for years to come.

10. Landscape Woven Blankets

Woven blankets offer a great rustic touch to any home and including a landscape on the blanket will add more of that homey feel. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, these blankets are versatile and thoughtful gifts to give to yourself and to your loved ones. Printing a memorable trip such as a camping trip or beach trip will make all the difference when designing your woven photo blankets.

11. Rustic Plaid Woven Blankets

To carry on with the rustic farmhouse decor look, using this red rustic plaid template is the perfect cherry on top. The classic red plaid pattern is a great way to include the farmhouse country feel into your personalized woven blanket and will look great with the pictures included. Include your family’s name, important dates and the location where you live with your family for an added touch of personalization.

rustic plaid red woven photo blanket with red and black plaid

12. Gallery Portrait Woven Blankets

Take your favorite four pictures taken from your family photo sessions and add them to your woven photo blankets for the most memorable keepsake to remind you of the current year. Woven personalized blankets are not only great for use in a home setting but also make a great wall decor idea as a wall tapestry piece. The added fringe on the edges adds an extra touch that no other blanket can offer.

Kids & Baby Blankets

One thing kids and baby’s love is to cuddle up in a warm blanket while they take their daily naps. Keep them warm and cozy wrapped in a personalized blanket that has their name and picture on it. Personalized kids and baby blankets come in three different materials: soft microfiber fleece, plush fleece, and luxe sherpa, and offer great comfort to any kids using the blanket. Personalized blankets are easy to create and make great gifts for kids and babies alike.

13. Girl’s Baby Blankets

This memorable light pink photo blanket will look great being used in any baby girl’s nursery room. Perfect to give as gifts for newborn babies and toddlers, these baby blankets are great for any occasion and will keep the baby warm and comfy when using their personalized baby blanket.

gallery of three baby blanket in pink with name and pictures of a family

14. Boy’s Baby Blankets

To make your baby boy’s birth more memorable, create a personalized baby blanket that includes his name, birth date, birth hour, and birth weight as well as his first pictures from the hospital. As he uses this blanket he will be reminded of the special day where he came into this world and will be a lasting keepsake for years to come.

15. Kids Blankets

As kids get older, they outgrow their smaller baby blankets they received when they were newborns. Create a new blanket for them that they will love to use during their nap times and times where they just want to relax with a good book. These make the best kids gifts for the little ones in your life.

kids photo gallery horizntal fleece photo blanket

How To Create A Personalized Blanket

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with a variety of blanket options and designs that Shutterfly has to offer, start by creating your very own personalized blankets. Whether you create personalized blankets for yourself or as a gift, there is a wide range of options you can choose from for a more one-of-a-kind personalized blanket.

      1. Start by browsing the wide range of blanket template designs and choose the one that you like the best.
      2. Choose between the different blanket material options – fleece, plush fleece, and sherpa fleece.
      3. Think about how big you want your blanket size to be, select from sizes ranging from 30×40, 50×60, and 60×80. Note that some blanket designs have specific blanket sizes its made in.
      4. Begin collecting all the photos you want to include onto your photo fleece blankets, and start rearranging to see which pictures look the best where.
      5. Add different text, messages, dates, and other details you think would look great on your personalized blanket.
      6. Finally, after adding your remaining details, view your personalized blanket in its final preview and when you’re finished, add it to the cart.

Closing Thoughts

The best accessory to any home or room is a warm and cozy personalized photo blanket. Personalized blankets are a versatile and practical item that will look great in any home or room with a special customized touch. As the cold months of the year comes and goes, these personalized blankets will be well used by everyone in your family and will make great gifts for your loved ones.

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