How to Write a Thank You Note to Teacher + Examples

Are you a student who wants to thank their teacher for going the extra mile to help them on a project or skill? Are you a parent who wants to let your child’s teacher know how much you appreciate all their hard work and time? Is it teacher appreciation week? Or maybe you don’t have a reason at all, and just want to tell a teacher “thank you.” Whichever you are, you might be looking for just the right words for a teacher thank you card. We’re here to help. Check out our guide on how to write a thank you note to a teacher below or scroll down to find our thank you card wording examples. And once you’re done, make sure to visit our resource on teacher appreciation gifts.

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Why Write a Gratitude Note To Teacher?

Teachers, despite working about 53 hours per week on average, get very little credit for all their hard work. They’re the ones who spent extra time in and out of the classroom to try and make a difference in each student’s life. They lesson plan, craft decorations and projects, and even use their own money to buy supplies for their classroom that otherwise wasn’t allocated to them. It’s thanks to teachers that we learn, develop, and find specific interests and passions.

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For all these reasons (and more) it’s important to take the time to let teachers know just how much they’re appreciated. Saying “thank you” may seem minor, but sometimes it can make a big difference. By writing a heartfelt thank you card to your teacher you can let them know all their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. So if you’re ready to start, follow our guidelines for writing thank you notes for teachers below:

How To Write A Thank You Note To A Teacher

When you’re ready to start writing your thank you, make sure to find appropriate personal stationary. Simple cards that say “Thank you” or school themed stationary are perfect. Once you have your card, start with the steps listed below:

  1. Address the teacher by their proper name. Make sure you’re certain whether the teacher prefers to go by “Mr.” “Mrs.” “Miss” or “Ms.” Use this title on both the envelope and inside the card.
  2. Start off with a Greeting. Some appropriate greeting might include “Dear,” “To,” or just the teacher’s name followed by a comma.
  3. Describe what they did that you are thankful for, and how it helped you. Maybe it was simply spending extra time after class to help your child work through a math problem. Or maybe it was something much bigger, like helping you through a difficult time of your life. Whatever it was, tell them why it mattered to you.
  4. Don’t forget to say the words “Thank you!” These two simple words can easily be forgotten in the midst of writing a long letter, but it’s important to have them on the page.
  5. End with a Closing. Appropriate sign offs maybe include any of the following:
    • Sincerely,
    • All the best,
    • Warm Wishes,
    • Thank you again,

If you want additional help crafting your thank you letter check out our additional resources on how to write a thank you note and thank you card wording. And don’t forget your card pairs perfectly with teacher appreciation gifts like photo mugs or desktop plaques.

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Sample Thank You Notes For Teachers

The following sample thank you notes for teachers work for students and parents alike. You can either fill in the blanks to make it your won or use the examples to inspire your creativity to craft a letter from scratch. Whatever the occasion, you’re sure to find some words of inspiration below.

Thank You Note To Teacher From Parent

“Dear Miss Manchester,

Thank you so much for taking the extra time after school and during lunch breaks to help (child) with his/her math problems. We can see how much more confident (s)he’s grown as (s)he gets better and better at his/her times tables. You’ve made a big impact!

All the best,

Mrs. Cranston, (Child)’s Mom”

Thank You Note To Teacher From Student

“Dear Mr. Grayson,

I wanted to let you know how much of an impact you made while you were my 8th grade teacher. You taught me how to persevere when I was struggling with my course load, and how to exceed even my own expectations. With your help, I started to explore other possibilities and opportunities. Without all your care and attention I never would have found the confidence to move forward and find my passion in (activity). Thank you for everything you’ve done!


Adam Denning”

teacher helping teenage girls studying robotic arm in school.

Simple Thank You Note For Teacher

To Ms. Fay,

Thank you very much for all your hard work. We feel so lucky that (child) got you for a teacher this year. (S)he loves to talk about everything (s)he’s learning and doing in your classroom.

Thanks again,

Mr. Sanders”

Thank You Note To Preschool Teacher

“Dear Miss Lancey,

When I leave (child) with you every morning I know (s)he’s safe and cared about — and I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I want you to know that all your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you so much for making preschool a much easier transition!”

Warmest Wishes,

Anna Burgess”

End Of Year Thank You Note To Teacher

“Dear Mr. Blake,

Thank you for an amazing year full of fun experiments and interesting lessons. I especially loved the day when (example). I’ll always be grateful to have had you for a teacher.

Thanks again,

Ellie Jansen

Thank You Note For Teacher Appreciation

“Dear Mrs. Hansen,

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you so much for everything you do for us! All your fun activities and interesting lesson plans have taught me so much this year, and I always look forward to coming to class. You’re the best!


Abigail Wu”

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