Best Gifts for Teachers

The best gifts for teachers are those that come from their students. Every year, kids across the globe come up with creative ways to show gratitude to their favorite teacher. For generations, teachers of all kinds have had and still continue to have a tremendous impact on all the lives they touch. No matter how big or how small the gift, any teacher will be sure to appreciate the kind gesture offered to them. If you’re searching for the perfect gift for that special educator in your life, start by browsing through our custom gifts for teachers sure to put a smile on their face time and time again.

Show Your Appreciation With a Heartfelt Gift

From teacher appreciation week to the first day in your child’s new classroom, the best teacher gifts depend on many different factors. With Shutterfly, you can rest assured knowing you’ll have the greatest educator gifts around, whatever the occasion and whatever your relationship to the teacher in question. From custom coffee mugs for your child’s new teacher to drink their morning beverage from, to personalized stationery for them to jot notes down on, our custom gifts for teachers show how just how much you appreciate them.

Teacher gifts featuring a personalized desk caddy pencil holder and pink journal

Custom Coffee Mug Gifts for Teachers

Whether your favorite teacher loves coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or some other type of drink, some of the best gifts for teachers are custom mugs. From classic ceramic mugs to latte mugs or even travel mugs, there is a Shutterfly design that’s sure to be perfect for the teacher in your life. Customize their new cup with photos, text, and other visual elements for a present that’s one of the best gifts for teachers who love to start their day with a hot drink.

Practical Gifts for Teachers

Some of the best gifts for teachers are those that they can use in their teaching, such as personalized stationery and school supplies. From notepads and planners to sticky notes and journals, you can craft custom stationery as teacher appreciation gifts or gifts for teachers just because. Help them mark their notes to parents or colleagues as coming from the desk of this specific teacher or help them have all the stickers that they could need for a classroom of students. These great gifts for teachers are especially meaningful because they show that you appreciate the work they do in the classroom.

In many cases, the best gift for teachers are those that help them carry their existing school supplies and stationery. This is all the more important for those who travel from one classroom to another, or even between different buildings. For example, consider customizing tote bags for the teachers in your life. These educator gifts are both stylish and practical. In fact, your favorite teachers may even find themselves using these one-of-a-kind tote bags outside of the classroom, too.

Organizational Gifts for a Teacher’s Desk

A teacher is often darting between classrooms or refilling their favorite coffee mug, but there’s also a good chance they’ll be at their desk or near it, so the best gifts for teachers can complement their desk spaces. Consider customizing a paperweight or desk caddy with photos and text for a perfect gift for teachers of all sorts. With space for all the different pens they use for grading and other tasks, and a convenient place to keep that dry erase marker that they keep misplacing, you will be offering thoughtful gifts for teachers that are as functional as they are fun.

Support Your Child’s Teacher

Whatever kinds of gifts you are leaning toward, take some time to consider what this particular teacher means to you. If you’re showing your support for a loved one in the teaching field, you’ll likely choose a different gift than a current or former student might, or than the parent of one of their students would. Personalized gifts from Shutterfly can be a great fit in any of these contexts, but it’s important to pay attention to just what options are the best gift ideas for teachers in your particular case.

As a parent on the other hand, there are many opportunities where you might be able to support your child and your child’s teacher, but teacher gifts like these help you to go above and beyond throughout the school year. Consider how these teacher gifts can help make your student’s classroom a better place to be while making their teacher’s job a little easier. From teacher appreciation gifts to kids’ teacher gifts your child can offer themselves, the options are plentiful when it comes to custom gifts for the teachers who help shape your child into a more well-rounded person both in and out of the classroom.

Ways to Give Thanks to an Especially Great Teacher

In some cases, you might be looking for the best gifts for teachers with a relationship you’re viewing in retrospect. For instance, a high school senior might think back on the teachers who’ve helped get them to this point and want to say thank you to someone from elementary school or junior high. These thoughtful teacher gifts are just as meaningful, if not even more so, and can come in all shapes and sizes, from a classic thank-you note to stationery and supplies teachers can use to inspire a whole new generation of students.

If you’re a student yourself or someone whose friends or family members happen to be in the education field, the best gifts for teachers may look a little different than those that come from a parent or guardian. For instance, a friend might be comfortable gifting their favorite teacher a custom wineglass, joking that they need a drink to get through a new school year. A parent or student, however, might turn to an alternative gift as the best gift for a new teacher, particularly when it’s one that will be given in the classroom. As you choose between various personalized gifts for teachers, remember that the best gift for teachers will depend, in part, on who it is that’s giving it to them.

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