Teacher Appreciation Week

School teachers act as very prominent figures in our lives. They show up each day to not only educate us on various subjects, but to teach us the importance of being a good person and inspire us to be our best selves at a young age. No matter how big or small a teacher has impacted you or your child’s life, it’s important to show them how much they’re appreciated, especially during Teacher Appreciation Week. Find the best gifts and, especially, personalized gifts for teachers they will truly love. Continue reading to learn some of the best ideas to seek out the perfect present.

Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated during the first full week of May each year, and it’s a great opportunity for students, parents, and administrators to show their support for teachers and thank them for all the hard work they’ve put in. Teacher Appreciation Day also runs during this week (it’s the Tuesday of Teacher Appreciation Week) and is a perfect time to get some gifts for a favorite teacher. Teachers love creative gifts, so if you or your child have a teacher you want to show your gratitude to, design them some unique and special gifts with Shutterfly Teacher Appreciation Week ideas. Whether they keep their gift in the classroom or at home, they’ll be sure to think of the student, parent, or administrator who went above and beyond to show them how much they are valued.

Teacher standing outside with her group of students taking a photo

Personalized Notebooks Are Perfect for Teacher Appreciation

Educators inspire children (and adult students) all over the world to reach their full potential, and their constant planning certainly deserves a teacher appreciation week. You’ve likely seen teachers grading and writing their plans in notebooks throughout the school year. When you gift them a personalized notebook, they’ll have more room to plan, and it will remind them that their efforts are reaching their students. Choose from one of our notebooks with a stylish maroon and gold watercolor design with personalizable text where you can include their name or a special message. A message like “I Teach Tomorrow’s Leaders” will brighten their day and fill them with confidence.

A Best Teacher Latte Mug Makes a Great Start to the Day

Education professionals often need a boost of energy to keep up with the demands of such an important job, so gift them something that will help during Teacher Appreciation Week. Our Best Teacher latte mug is the perfect gift for teachers that celebrate their love for lattes as well as their accomplishments. This 25oz mug is microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and you can personalize it with up to five photos of your teacher, their classroom, or anything else that shows off all they’ve done. Remember to include their name in the personalizable text message as well. If you really want to go big, you could gift a set for the teachers’ lounge.

Teacher Appreciation Week Cards Are a Lovely Sentiment

Thank-you cards are a great, traditional way to show your appreciation, and at Shutterfly, we have plenty of cards that make perfect Teacher Appreciation Week gifts. Consider our Family Portrait thank-you card that comes on our folded smooth cardstock for exceptional photo quality. The card can be personalized with one to four photos, and there’s plenty of room to express your thanks in text. Upload a photo of the whole family to show that each of you appreciates the immense work that teachers put in. You can deliver your card in person, or we can address it for you.

A Unique Mouse Is Great for Hybrid Learning

The past couple of years have been ones for the history books, and teachers deserve something special for this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week after embracing online learning to keep their students up to date on their lessons. If they see a mouse and mousepad they received for Teacher Appreciation Week every time they log on, it will help inspire them to be the best they can be. Our Rockstar Teacher mouse adds flair to their office space and can be personalized with your teacher’s favorite color. Remember to edit the text to include their name so everyone knows who the rockstar is. You can even upload your own design to create a one-of-a-kind mousepad to complete a set your teacher is sure to love.

Show Teacher Appreciation In and Out of the Classroom

A great way to honor your hard-working teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week is to gift them items that can help them in the classroom and in their daily lives. Here are some of our best personalized gifts for teachers that do just that.

A teacher’s desk is filled with all sorts of important items, including writing utensils for themselves (and possibly for forgetful students) that frequently seem to disappear into thin air, so help them prevent this with a pen and pencil holder with a customizable front for this Teacher Appreciation Week. Drag-and-drop a photo of your favorite teacher and make the holder truly special by designing it with their name and a fashionable color scheme. If you gift them with two, they can use the second one at home to keep up with their red pens and markers. You can even gift them some of our personalized pencils to complete the set.

Teachers often have families and children of their own, and they need to be reachable during emergencies, even while Teacher Appreciation Week is going on. This is why unique wireless phone chargers make perfect presents for teachers. If they forget to charge their phone at home, they can keep a wireless charger in the teachers’ lounge so they can always be reached when there’s a need. Personalize the charger with a photo of your teacher’s classroom and their name so everyone knows who it belongs to.

Magnets Can Add Personality to Any Space

Whether your teacher has a metallic desk or they choose to decorate the fridge at home, special magnets are great gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week. Personalize each magnet with the teacher’s initials, and include up to five photos of your favorite teacher and activities to make it truly unique. This helps your teacher remember the great times they had in the classroom, and they can set the magnets up anywhere they want whether it be at home on their refrigerator or on their storage cabinet or desk at school.

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