How to Write Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

Looking for the right words for a thank you card to your friends and loved ones after they’ve given you gifts or wished you well on your birthday? We’ve collected creative, compelling ways to thank everyone for their birthday wishes and ensure that they’re appreciated from the bottom of your heart. Whether it’s through a text, Facebook status, or personalized thank you card, a word of gratitude will go a long way in returning some of that love back.

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Birthday Thank You Card Wording

A handwritten thank you card or note of thanks is one of the most impactful and meaningful ways to show gratitude. If you are planning on expressing your appreciation through a card, there are certain things that you should be sure to include when thanking someone for either a gift or for their good wishes. You can simplify your thank you card writing process by sticking to a few core rules and tips that add clarity. Since you’ll want to craft the perfect note of gratitude, always assess your relationship with the recipient to guide your wording. Follow the steps below if you’re having trouble deciding what to write in a thank you note:

  1. Personalized thank you card for birthdays, graduation, baby showers, and moreSay thank you from the beginning.
  2. If you are given a birthday gift or birthday card, you should mention that.
  3. If you are not given a gift and they just wished you happy birthday, say thank you for the wishes.
  4. Tell them how it impacts you. For example “this wish made my day” or “it made me feel so loved”.
  5. If you are writing the thank you card, sign your name.

How Long Should Your Thank You Message Be?

Most of the time when receiving birthday wishes, a note in a thank you card can be short and to the point. However, if you have more to say, there is nothing wrong with a long thank you letter. Keep the thank you note simple if the message is going to be a status on Facebook or a text to someone. If you are thanking someone for a thoughtful gift, the message may be a little longer. All in all, each thank you note should be different and meaningful to the recipient. If you are an organized person, you might want to keep a set of personalized stationery on hand so you won’t have to run out to the store and purchase one every time you need to thank someone.

When Should You Send Thank You Cards & Notes?

There is no exact time that you should send thank you cards. However, it is common etiquette to send them as soon as possible. Try not to wait too long from when you received the wish. While receiving a thank you late is better than not ever receiving one, you should still aim to send them in a reasonable amount of time. With technology, it is easy to quickly thank a large amount of people. If you are given a gift, try to send out thank you cards within a week of receiving the gift.

While there are some instances where you would be on the fence about sending a thank you card, it is normally expected to send a thank you for birthday wishes. If you see someone in person and they wish you happy birthday, it would make sense to thank them in person and not have to contact them again about it later.

Thank You Text vs. Thank You Card

Normally for gifts, it is expected that you send a thank you card. However, for wishes, it is okay to send a text. If you want to send a card to people that wish you happy birthday, that is also totally acceptable! A physical thank you note is special and it will be appreciated no matter what.

Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes on Facebook

There’s really no substitute to receiving a personalized thank you card. But some might feel that your Facebook birthday wishes are the next best thing to cards and, of course, in-person wishes and hugs. Facebook offers a way to get these birthday wishes from people near and far, even people you haven’t spoken to in years. Thanking your Facebook friends for their kind words can be as detailed or deep as you’d like it to be. If you are looking for ways to say ‘Thank You for the Birthday Wishes’ on Facebook, here are some ideas that can help you get started. These simple options will do the trick and will be just as appreciated as other options.

  • I am so appreciative of all of the birthday wishes given to me on Facebook. You all are truly amazing!
  • My birthday was made complete by birthday wishes from all of my Facebook friends. Thank you!
  • Waking up to birthday wishes on my Facebook put a smile on my face. Thank you all so much for the love.
  • I felt so loved receiving all of the Facebook birthday wishes. You are all the greatest. Thank you!
  • Thank you all for the love and birthday wishes! Seeing the Facebook notifications brightened my day.
  • Thank you for the Facebook messages and posts for my birthday! They are all very appreciated and absolutely made my day.
  • Waking up to all of the Facebook birthday wishes had me smiling for the rest of the day. Thank you all for the love!

Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes Over Text

Another alternative to sending thank you cards, you can treat birthday texts the same way you treat social media posts. Reply to the long, thought-out birthday wishes with a heartfelt thank you note and even a photo of your smiling face in a party hat, a birthday cake, or another birthday symbol. This shows that you put a little effort into making your thanks special, but is still fairly simple to do. Here are some unique thank you quotes to share as a text message; these wording ideas are useful anytime you want to thank a whole group for their thoughtful birthday wishes.

  • Thank you so much for all over the birthday texts! I am truly grateful to have you in my life.
  • Waking up to birthday texts made my heart so full. Thank you so much!
  • I am so grateful to have people that will text me happy birthday. You truly made my day!
  • Thank you for the birthday text! Knowing you thought of today makes me so happy.
  • I love all of the texts I received wishing me happy birthday. Thank you all for thinking of me.
  • Thank you to everyone that texted me happy birthday! You are the best.
  • I feel so loved receiving texts for my birthday. Thank you all for the love and wishes!

Thank You Messages for Family and Friends

If you are looking for the best ways of saying thank you in a one-of-a-kind, personalized thank you card to your friends and family, we have a few good thank you message examples below. Make sure you let your loved ones know just how much you appreciate their efforts, thoughts, actions, or support by choosing from our varieties of messages designed to put a smile on that person’s face.

  • office accessories thank you cardThank you so much to my family and friends for showering me in love on my birthday. I am so appreciative of you all.
  • The birthday wishes from my family and friends makes me feel so much gratitude. You all made my big day so special.
  • You brought me so much joy on my special day. Thank you so much for being such an important part of my life.
  • I am forever grateful for all of my family and friends. You are what makes my birthday so special. Thank you!
  • No matter what birthday it is, I can always count on my family and friends for birthday wishes. Thank you so much.
  • My family and friends never cease to impress me. Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes they mean the world to me.
  • Another year older, another year with amazing family and friends. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes.

Thank You Messages for Coworkers

A small thank you message for coworkers is an effective way to show appreciation when they wish you the best on your birthday. That is why we have curated for you these professional thank you messages for colleagues. Here is a collection of appreciation messages and sayings you can write in a thank you card, email, or text to coworkers.

  • Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I am so happy to have met such a great friend through work.
  • Thank you to all of my coworkers for the birthday wishes. You guys make my workdays that much brighter.
  • I love all of the birthday wishes I got from my coworkers. Thank you all so much for thinking of me.
  • Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! I have the best coworkers I could have asked for.
  • Seeing the birthday wishes from my coworkers has made me so happy. Thank you.
  • I am so happy to have such thoughtful coworkers. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes.
  • The birthday wishes from my coworkers reminds me just how lucky I am. Thank you so much for brightening my day.

Thank You Messages on Behalf of a Child

After the birthday invitations come the birthday thank you cards! If it is a gift on behalf of the child make sure that if they are old enough to write they sign the card even if you write it. Mention how much your child appreciates the specific gift. If it is birthday wishes you can use the following messages and fill the blank in with the child’s name.

  • Personalized, no-photo graduation thank you cardThank you so much for wishing _____ a Happy Birthday! I appreciate the love to my child from all of you.
  • ______ appreciates all of the birthday wishes. It is so nice knowing how much love you all have for my child. Thank you!
  • You all made ____ ‘s birthday so special. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!
  • I am overjoyed with the amount of birthday wishes for my child. Thank you all so much.
  • It is so nice knowing how much love you all have for my child. The birthday wishes for (him/her) are very appreciated.
  • Thank you all for the birthday wishes to ____. They are all very appreciated.
  • A huge thanks to everyone that wished ____ a happy birthday! I am so happy to have friends and family that send my child so much love.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are writing a thank you card or texting your thank you for birthday wishes, make sure you include how grateful you are. Try to do it within a timely manner and keep it concise. If you’d like, think about what type of gift they’d like on their birthday, on Christmas, or for any occasion. Your friends, family, and anyone else in your life will greatly appreciate the gratitude, care, and they’re sure to treasure your special, one-of-a-kind thank you card forever.