Best Candles for the Home in 2022

Lighting a candle is the perfect way to make your home feel warm and cozy. Our soy candles make for a great present for a loved one, for a variety of seasons and occasions. Shutterfly’s candles are the perfect home fragrance if you’re looking to freshen up the room. In addition, you can personalize all types of candles with photos, names, messages and similar embellishments. So whether you are looking for scented candles or custom candles to brighten up your home, you have come to the right place.

Types of Candles

We have two primary types of candles, both of which you can customize to create a gift for friends or family. Or, you can even use a candle to add your favorite fragrance to the room. Our candle material options include glass candles and ceramic candles. Enjoy adding your own photos of family outings or holiday celebrations to your air freshener. Whichever option you pick, you’ll be delighted with over 50 hours of their wonderful fragrances.

glass and ceramic candle with family photos on a white table with table decorations

Glass Candles

We have plenty of glass candles for you to choose from, whether you are looking for something for the holiday period or just a thoughtful and stylish gift for your mother or father. These glass candles come in numerous fragrances: Fireside Spice, Ocean Breeze and Grapefruit Blossom. Alternatively, you can purchase them unscented. Each 9 oz. candle comes in a glass jar and is made with an all-natural soy blend and a mix of essential oils. These products feature a single wick that is lead-free and non-metal. In addition, our glass candles can burn for up to 50 hours, though you should never light them for more than three or four hours at once.

Ceramic Candles

Our ceramic candles are a must-have home accessory if you are looking to make your home extra cozy. Your premium personalization wraps around the entire jar, so you have plenty of room to customize your gift with photos, messages and more. Each air freshener is available in two fragrances: Driftwood Indigo or Lavender Flower. You can also choose an unscented ceramic candle if you prefer. Our ceramic candles are slightly bigger than our glass candles, measuring a generous 15 oz. They are made of all-natural white soy and fragrant essential oils. They also feature a double wick, which is non-metal and lead-free. These air fresheners also burn for up to 72 hours and come in a gift-ready box.

Best Smelling Candles

Our custom candles are available in several fragrances, all of which bring a unique and relaxing atmosphere to your home. Indigo candles are made from lemon sparkle, warm woods and indigo waters. Our lavender candles are formulated with subtle lavender and a mix of sparkling verbena and orange blossom. We also do grapefruit candles, featuring sweet berries, juicy nectar and citrus. Alternatively, you can try our ocean breeze candles with their concoction of bamboo aloe leaves, lemon and other minerals. Finally, we also have fireside spice candles for lovers of cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar, clove and nutmeg. Whichever scent you choose, you’ll enjoy a well-balanced yet subtle fragrance that makes a great gift for a friend, family member or yourself.

Ceramic candle with customization for text and names and all-natural soy blend and essential oils for best fragrance.

Candles for Different Occasions

Our candles are suitable for all sorts of occasions. We have many specific designs for events like weddings, graduations or memorials and holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas. Whatever the occasion, there’ll be one on Shutterfly just for you. Alternatively, if you want to personalize a candle for a more specialized event, you can also upload your own design.

red holiday candles with joy family photos for the holiday season

Wedding Candles

If you are looking for a wedding present for a lucky couple, we have many candle designs specifically for a big day. These air fresheners come with heartfelt messages in elegant fonts. They can also be customized with photos of the happy bride and groom. Alternatively, these candles can also be given as keepsakes to wedding guests. Additionally, if you are a newlywed, you may want to wait until you receive the photos from your wedding day from your photographer, then upload them to your Shutterfly account and create a wedding candle that will remind you of all those happy memories.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Candles

If you’re searching for a candle for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, we’ve got enough candle designs that’ll put a smile on your mom or dad’s face. There are many ready-made designs that are inscribed with loving messages to your parents. Then, add your favorite family photos and leave your own quote to let them know what a fantastic job they’ve done raising you. You can also include your mom or dad’s name to make it truly unique. These home fragrance products are also an excellent gift idea for your parents’ birthdays or any time you want to make them feel appreciated.

Valentine’s Day Candles

If you want to pick up a unique and heartfelt gift for your better half, be sure to check out some of our custom Valentine’s Day candles. Set the mood with a personalized candle that demonstrates your love for each other. In addition, your partner will know how much you care about them, thanks to this thoughtful gift idea. However, you can also gift one of our romantic candles at any other time of the year; the sentiment is universal – you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day for something cute for your partner. Customize your Valentine’s Day candle with photos and a message to add the finishing touch.

Christmas Candles

We also have many Christmas candles that you can customize to create the perfect stocking stuffers and celebrate the holidays in style. Check out our Christmas candles in festive reds and greens. When the nights get longer, and you feel like cozying up with a Christmas movie, our candles are the perfect accompaniment to the rest of your Christmas decorations, especially if you’ve personalized these air fresheners with festive photos from previous holiday celebrations. In addition, our glass and ceramic candles will fit comfortably in one of our personalized Christmas stockings.

Graduation Candles

We also have graduation candles that can be personalized for students graduating from high school or college. Add names, photos and the relevant class year to create a candle that serves as a reminder of academic achievement and incredible memories with friends and classmates. So whether you are a teacher looking for gifts for your pupils, or a proud parent that wants to find a commemorative gift for a hard-working child, you’ll be able to create the perfect graduation candle with Shutterfly. You can also use our custom color palette that matches your school colors.

Memorial Candles

We even have memorial candles that are perfect if you are looking for a way to honor a loved one who has passed. Choose whether you want a colorful or more minimal design and choose a particular fragrance you think they would have enjoyed. Then, every time you light your memorial candle, you’ll think of them and the incredible memories you shared. Add photos, their name, and the dates of their life to create a lasting piece of home décor that keeps your loved one firmly in your heart.

Create Your Own DIY Candles

When you shop at Shutterfly, you can create any personalized item for your home, including our custom candles. If you have an idea you’d like to turn into a candle, you’ll be able to do so in our online store. We have made it easy for all our customers to create the best candles for their loved ones, regardless of taste, style or preference. So rest assured, when you sign up to Shutterfly, you’ll be able to easily create a customized candle in no time at all.

DIY candle with photos, customization for text and names and all-natural soy blend and essential oils.

Personalize Your Candle

Shutterfly offers many personalization choices when you are creating the perfect candle for friends or family members. Browse the selection of designs and upload your favorite images to personalize your candle. Add some photos from a fun family trip or a day spent adventuring with friends. Choose all sorts of color options from our custom color palette, so if you have a particular preference towards any color, you can find it here. We also let you choose from a list of scented and unscented candles, depending on your preference.

Select Photos for Your Air Freshener

When you sign up for a Shutterfly account, you can upload as many photographs as you like to your account, all of which can be used in our designs to create a special and thoughtful gift, personal to you or a loved one. You can add photos from a few different sources: mobile, Facebook, Instagram and your desktop. Simply follow the steps on-screen and choose your favorite photos. You can upload entire albums or add them individually. So, if you have a favorite snap that would look fantastic on a glass or ceramic candle, add it to your Shutterfly account and create a product that means something to you.

Shutterfly Is Your Place for Custom Candles

If you are searching for DIY gifts, look no further than Shutterfly. Our online store is the perfect place for anybody looking to create custom candles for any occasion. These air fresheners make your room smell amazing and look fantastic on any desk, mantel or tabletop. Shop for these home fragrances to create a calm and cozy atmosphere when you want a quiet night in. All you need to do is sign up for an account, choose a design and customize until your heart’s content.

Give A Customized Home Fragrance as a Gift

Shutterfly candles make fantastic gifts for pretty much anybody. Take some time to customize one of our candles and imbue it with a sense of personality. You’ll be able to create a unique gift that suits your loved ones. As we mentioned previously, anyone can personalize these fragrance products for any recipient and event in your calendar. So whether you are looking for Christmas gifts, something cute for Valentine’s Day or a unique present for a birthday, you’ll find it in the Shutterfly candle selection.

Shutterfly Candles FAQs

What size candles are available?

Shutterfly candles are available in two sizes. Our glass candles are 9 oz., while our ceramic candles are 15 oz.

How long do Shutterfly candles burn for?

Our glass candles burn for up to 50 hours. Our ceramic candles can burn for up to 72 hours. So you’ll get plenty of use out of both types, provided you do not burn them for more than four hours at a time.

What are Shutterfly candles made from?

We use all-natural soy and essential oils to create the wax in our candles. In addition, our single and double wicks are non-metal and lead-free. In addition, our candles are formulated using a combination of choice scents and ingredients, all of which combine to create a signature scent. Our soy candles are also available unscented.

What are the best candles that smell good?

Shutterfly offers the best candles, perfect for making your home smell amazing and setting the mood for a relaxing evening. Check out our assortment of candle scents, including Driftwood Indigo, Lavender Flower, Fireside Spice, Grapefruit Blossom or Ocean Breeze.

How many photos can I add?

Different candle designs allow a different number of photographs. For example, some of our designs only have room for one photograph, while others will have room for at least four. If you’d like to add more, choose our “upload your own design” option.