Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Ideas

Puzzles make the perfect one-of-a-kind gift that will be perfect for kids and adults of all ages.

Jigsaw puzzles have been in great demand recently and make fantastic gifts for both adults and kids. Completing puzzles and memory games have a great impact on the brain, which can improve memory, improve problem-solving skills, and lower stress. Working on puzzles can also reduce computer and TV screen time, which is greatly needed for the highly modern society we live in today. Bring your family and friends together by completing your very own personalized puzzle that is filled with pictures of your favorite memories. Explore our wide range of puzzles and fun memory games that can be fully customizable and make the best gifts for people of all ages.

Types Of Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles come in different shapes and sizes and are fully customizable to include any design you wish to have on your personalized puzzle. With 4 different size puzzles to choose from and puzzle pieces ranging from 12, 30, 60, 252, 520, and 1014, these high-quality puzzle boards are perfect for any addition to game nights or as a special gift to your loved ones. Jigsaw picture puzzles are made out of the best paper board materials such as wooden puzzle boards, thick puzzle boards, and regular puzzle boards. Turn any one of your favorites photos or favorite art library pieces into hours of fun with friends and family.

Different types of puzzles with different layouts and pictures of animals and people

How To Make A Puzzle

Making a personalized jigsaw puzzle is fast and easy and will create hours of fun for everyone. Simply follow these easy step by step instructions and you’ll have your personalized puzzles ready in minutes.

  1. Simply pick your favorite layout design you want to use for your puzzle
  2. Choose the size and the number of pieces for your jigsaw puzzle 
  3. Add your favorite pictures or use the images in our art library to fill your personalized puzzle
  4. Decorate your puzzle with any images, names, and messages to make the puzzle more personalized to you.
Puzzle displayed on a yellow background with three different themed puzzles
A father and son are sitting together at their kitchen table and are putting together a puzzle.

Puzzles For Adults

Jigsaw puzzles are not only unique, fun, and entertaining, but they have been proven beneficial for adults to improve memory and reduce stress. Choose from sizes 10”X14”,16”X20”, and 20”X30” to expand your interactive and collaborative skills while sitting around the table with family members to create a piece of art. Work together and build bonds with family and friends to finish a custom jigsaw puzzle. Completing puzzles will improve relationships and help improve team problem solving. Watch your personalized puzzles for adults come together with your favorite photos that will bring smiles to your loved ones’ faces as you put the pieces together.

Mom and child playing with puzzles learning how to piece things together

Puzzles For Kids

Improve kids and toddlers’ learning skills and motor skills with easy to piece kids puzzles pieces. Utilizing thick wooden puzzle pieces will keep kids and toddlers engaged with puzzle pieces ranging from 12, 30, and 60. Puzzles with 12 pieces come packaged with a wooden tray for easy storage and assembling and are made with wood, allowing for kids to easily grab pieces and find where they fit. With a photo puzzle, et kids learn problem solving skills and help them stay focused while having fun.

Memory Games

Another way to keep your brain active is with brain-stimulating memory games. Memory games are perfect for both kids and adults of all ages and will improve attention, concentration, and focus on the brain. Printed on heavy-duty card stock, these personalized memory games come in fully personalized with your favorite photos and designs. The memory cards come in sets of 24 cards and are prepacked in a gift-ready storage pack. Gifting these memory cards is a great gift for anyone.

Memory game lined up 3 by 3 with extra cards on the side filled with bright and smiling faces

How to Glue Puzzles

Once your jigsaw puzzle is finished, you can choose to take it apart and reconstruct it but a better way of preserving the puzzle is actually gluing it together and displaying it for everyone to see. Displaying your puzzle is a great way to reuse the puzzle as a wall art and home decor piece. Once finished, turn your puzzle over to the backside of the puzzle and apply a few coats of glue on the back and let dry. When the glue drys, you can add additional reinforcements such as tape so that the puzzle holds its shape for when you display it on your wall. Additionally, you can find a perfect frame to display your jigsaw puzzle in.

Festive kids dressed in christmas colors jumping around on a puzzle

Closing Thoughts

Puzzles make an excellent gift that can be given all year round, it not only is fun and entertaining but improves the brain and is mentally stimulating. Bring your friends and family together to solve a common goal and overcome the challenges that can occur when completing a jigsaw puzzle. Designing puzzles online make great gifts and make them even better by incorporating your favorite memories and pictures into your personalized puzzle.

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