Things to Buy During Our Holiday Sales

Don’t miss out on our amazing holiday sale deals this holiday season.


The holiday season is the busiest time of year for gift shopping for the fall and winter holidays. Savvy shoppers always look for holiday sales and Christmas sales to save money and time. This year, get your wrapping paper ready for these amazing holiday gift items that are perfect for anyone on your gift-giving list. Take advantage of more deals after Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Shutterfly’s holiday sales, Christmas Sale, and New Year sales that will be a great time to purchase your favorite gifts, holiday cards, and more personalized gifts for you and your family. Explore our holiday sales, Christmas sales, and New Years’ sales guide to find your perfect holiday gifts this season.

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Tips For Holiday Sale Shopping

Holiday shopping can be a stressful time for many, but make it more bearable with tips and tricks that will help you each and every holiday season. Tips in this guide will help you save time and money when purchasing your holiday gifts every year.


1. Start your Christmas gift-giving list early

Starting your Christmas gift-giving list early can save you time and money and ensure you get everyone on your list covered with a Christmas and holiday gift. Use this list as a guide that will help you check previous price histories of that particular item, and check current discount prices of any items you want to buy as gifts this year.

2. Set a firm budget

After setting up your Christmas gift-giving list, start by setting a firm budget so you don’t overspend on gifts for your friends and family. The holiday times are important to watch overspending on gifts and other items. Thoughtful and meaningful gifts don’t have to cost a lot, just showing you took the time to think about your gift recipients is enough.

3. Start your personalized designs ahead of time

Save time by starting your personalized gifts and designs early. This allows you to get everything perfect for your gift recipients as soon as possible. Utilizing this tip will also allow you to purchase your gifts as soon as there are amazing sales opportunities are offered on Shutterfly’s homepage.

4. Stack your coupons

Shutterfly offers plenty of coupons and promo codes you can use and stack for your purchases. Whether it’s used during our holiday sale, Christmas sale, or New Years’ sale, or year-round, it’s perfect for any time you want to make a purchase on Our homepage will always show the most recent and best deals that we have to offer, in addition, check our special offers tab for more deals that can be used during your final checkout. 


Things To Buy During Our Shutterfly Holiday Sale

Start your holiday shopping off to a good start by browsing through our curated list of holiday gifts that will make perfect Christmas presents this year. These gifts are fully customizable for any person and make the best gifts to buy during our holiday sale. Adding little things like pictures, images, quotes, and messages to the personalized items will make the gift even more meaningful and they will definitely adore these precious gifts. Explore our wide range of new arrivals items to customer favorites items that any one of your loved ones will love to receive.

New Arrivals

Personalized face mask with different

Cloth Face Masks

Wearing facemasks have been a necessary part of everyday life. Customize facemasks to match your gift recipient’s unique style. These reusable cloth facemasks are perfect for kids and adults. They effectively cover the nose and mouth to slow the spread of pathogens in the air. To maximize safety, some facemasks offer a filter to add an additional layer of protection. Buy one face mask and Shutterfly will donate one to Feeding America®, so the impact of your purchase will benefit others in need.

Four photo tiles on a green blue wall with a plant on the side

Photo Tiles

Transfer your best memories into works of wall art with lightweight photo tiles that are portable and stylish for any home decor. These photo tiles are easy to install and don’t require any special tools, nails, or hooks, just a little creativity will go along way with these high-quality metal photo tiles. Our photo tiles come with an adhesive strip in the back, which allows for your prints to hang on your gift recipient’s wall without any damage. These hassle-free picture tiles are quick and easy and will make decorating walls a breeze.

Three different puzzles on a yellow background


Stimulate your mind with jigsaw puzzles that will make perfect displays of art once finished. These puzzle items are one of a kind and will make the perfect gift for kids and adults. These fun, unique and entertaining projects will challenge your gift recipients’ minds and serve as a gift that keeps on giving all year round. Utilize the extensive variety of designs, layouts, size, color, materials, and more that will enhance your customized jigsaw puzzle gift.

iPhone cell phone case with wireless charger

Cell Phone Cases

Add an additional layer of safety to your gift recipient’s phones with a personalized cell phone case that is perfect for any iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone user. These easy to design custom phone cases are great for showcasing family photos or your favorite pictures of your pets and offers all-around protection for the phone. Include quotes, messages, and more to express the unique style of your gift recipients.

Customer Favorites

Four desk top plaques with different styles and pictures with an easel base

Desktop Plaques

Add something to brighten up the desks of your loved ones showcasing their favorite memories and best pictures with a customized desktop plaque. These desktop photo plaques are equipped with a built-in easel for easy display and come in a variety of colors, backgrounds, and collage options to give it a unique and tasteful look to anyone’s desk. Give the gift of any special captured moments with these unique desktop plaques.

Mugs and travel mugs with different sizes and varieties

Mugs & Travel Mugs

Whether your loved ones like to use your mugs and travel cups as coffee mugs or tea mugs, these ceramic and travel mugs are perfect for anyone on your gift giving list. Bring an extra smile to your loved ones faces with a cup filled with their favorite pictures that doubles as a cup that carries their favorite drinks. Mornings are the most important part of the day, make your loved ones mornings even better with a unique customized ceramic and personalized travel mugs

Fleece blankets 3 in different colors sizes and pictures displayed

Fleece Blankets

Keep your friends and family warm and cozy with personalized fleece blankets, perfect for the fall and winter weather. These warm throw fleece blankets make great gifts for the holidays and are fully customizable with different color palettes, themes, photos, names, special dates and messages. Choose between the different materials – sherpa, plush fleece and fleece- for the best blanket that will be cherished for years to come.

Magnets in different shapes and sizes with different pictures and quotes


Brighten up the surface of any fridge with a beautiful custom magnet filled with bright and smiling faces. Transform any plain fridge space with magnets that are filled with your favorite pictures. These magnets are not only limited to fridges, they are perfect for any office space whiteboards, filing cabinets, metal desk frames and metal shelving. Choose from a variety of different layouts including calendars, photo gallery, rustic designs for your perfect for any space.

Last Minute Gifts 

Even though we plan for the holiday season, it just seems to sneak up on us every year. Between all the festivities, decorating, and shopping, we can forget a couple people on our gift giving list. In the case of that, Shutterfly gift cards are the perfect gift for any last minute shopper. Shutterfly gift cards are delivered to the recipient quickly though email and allows you to pick the amount so they can choose any personalized gift they want.

Wrapping Up

We hoped that during this holiday sale season you’ll be able to find all the things on your wishlist. Christmas sales and New Year sales are a perfect time to do your holiday shopping and save a little money along the way. Purchasing your holiday gifts during holiday sales, Christmas sales, and New Year sales will drastically lighten your gift giving list and will allow you more time to spend with your loved ones this holiday season. Whether you shop for yourself or for friends and family, opening a personalized gift will be the highlight of the holiday season.

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