Shutterfly’s Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

We rounded up the the best sustainable products you can buy this holiday season in our eco-friendly gift guide.


It’s not always easy to think about the environment during the holidays. Especially this year, when you’ve had the weight of so many other things on your shoulders. We’re here to help. When it comes to finding the perfect gift for mom, dad, a friend, or significant other, eco-friendly products are the perfect way to be sustainable while gift-giving this holiday season. From personalized gifts like reusable water bottles to sustainable gifts from local businesses, we’ve rounded up a collection of holiday gifts perfect for your eco-conscious friends and family. We know it’s more important than ever to remind the people around you that you care and share a little joy, so here’s an eco-friendly gift guide that thinks about the environment for you.

Reusable Water Bottles

A stainless steel reusable water bottle is the perfect gift for that friend who is always on-the-go or has a plastic water bottle around. This might not be as beneficial for someone who already has a beloved water bottle or has a dozen other reusable water bottles stacked in a cabinet somewhere, but this can make a huge difference if it’s helping someone replace the disposable ones. Globally, humans buy a million plastic bottles per minute and 91% of all plastic is not recycled. Giving a loved one or co-worker the chance to reduce and reuse is a great gift for the holiday season. And then you can team up with a New Year’s resolution to stop using single-use plastic bottles entirely.

Shutterfly’s stainless steel water bottles are especially great options to give your eco-conscious friends and family since they have almost no plastic. Plus, they can be customized with your recipient’s favorite photos to make a holiday gift that’s one-of-a-kind. It’s great to find green gift products that could last a lifetime. Plus, stainless steel is easy to recycle, meaning that this will never be a gift that adds to the waste in the landfill. If your recipient is more of a coffee or tea drinker, consider custom photo mugs designed with their favorite images that they can use time and time again and make for the best eco-friendly gift for the holidays or any occasion.



Surprise someone special with this unique photo water bottle. Not only can you encourage your loved ones to stay healthy and drink enough water, but you can make them smile with each sip. Design a personalized photo water bottle that is not only BPA-free but guaranteed to be used for years to come. A reusable bottle is the perfect eco-friendly gift for everyone.


Reusable stainless steel water bottles for an eco-friendly gift

Local Treats

Shopping local is one of the best ways to stay eco-friendly during the holiday season. Buying locally can cut down on carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions that result from transporting goods long distances. To reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact, here are some favorite eco-friendly gift ideas you can shop locally for:

Coffee From a Local Coffee Shop

A bag of coffee from that cute little local coffee shop. Skip the paper latte cups and plastic straws and add a custom photo mug or travel tumbler to your sustainable gift. Your recipients will love the tasty treat and appreciate the thought and care you put into this great gift for the holidays. Now you’re shopping local and helping your more eco-conscious friends and family think reusable by keeping some extra plastic from the landfill.

Homemade Candles and Soap

Homemade candle or soap is a special eco-friendly gift you can share with family, friends, your partner, or a co-worker. Keep an eye out for a local apothecary or small business that sells handmade candles or soap. They always smell amazing and usually use eco-friendly ingredients. You can even put together a cute little care package with your soap or candle and then wrap it in a personalized tea towel or put it in a cotton tote bag or reusable shopping bag. Wrapping your holiday gift with sustainable products is the perfect way to reducing the amount of wrapping paper that’s going into the trash at the end of the season, too.

Reusable Bags

Eco-friendly cotton totes and reusable shopping bags are great gifts for everyone on your list. They can be used as shopping bags, diaper bag, weekend getaway bag, or as an everyday purse. Customize a tote bag with one of Shutterfly’s unique designs to make a trendy present your recipient will use again and again.

Gift Card to a Neighborhood Restaurant

A gift card to that favorite neighborhood restaurant is a great Christmas gift for your loved ones that prefer to shop locally. This is perfect for the folks who might say food is the way to their heart. Small and local businesses have had an especially tough time this year, and this can be a great way to help them out while dining in might be a little harder.

Sustainable Gift Ideas

Another great way to give to those you care about and the planet, is to select items that are sustainably made. Shutterfly has some faves that are made by certified sustainable processes like our Groovebook photo book line and our collection of custom hanging canvas prints. These are made in one of our facilities that was certified sustainable by a non-profit third party.

When you look for holiday gifts, items, or companies that have these sustainable seals, it’s an easy way to know you’re supporting best practices for people and the environment. These are good signs of responsible sourcing and efforts to reduce the resources used, minimize waste, and make sure their working environment is great for the people there. Shopping sustainably is one of the best eco-friendly gift ideas for your friends and family who are passionate about protecting our environment.

Custom hanging canvas prints on a wall


Do you have that person that’s so tough to shop for? Giving a donation to a non-profit is one of the best ways you can make your holiday season a little greener and brighter. Donate to an organization that does something your friend or family member is passionate about and use their name. This is a great way to support your communities and help the environment.

Here are some of Shutterfly’s favorite non-profits to work with:

If times are tight, you can even donate items you’re not using anymore to most of these non-profits. Maybe you can even help your friend with some de-cluttering. This can be a great way to feel refreshed going into the New Year and feel good about giving back.

Wrapping Up

Use this eco-friendly gift guide to make your holiday shopping a breeze this year. Your friends and family will appreciate the thought that went into these eco-conscious gifts and be inspired to shop sustainably and go green all year long. With these local treats and reusable personalized products designed just for your recipient, these eco-friendly gifts will be loved for months and years to come. For more tips and tricks on how you can protect the environment, follow our guide on how to Go Green Even If It Isn’t Yet Earth Day.