Make Photo Books from Holiday Memories

Design a stunning photo book filled with precious holiday moments that you can flip through all year long.

Throughout the holiday season, we create beautiful moments by sharing laughter, food and precious traditions with our loved ones. By encapsulating these favorite holiday memories into a photo book, you can enjoy them anytime and share them with your family and friends. From Thanksgiving dinner to Christmas morning, you’ll have all the magic in one place.

Our guide will help you get inspired to create stunning photo albums that celebrate the best holiday moments. We share ideas for holiday-themed books that you can use to create a personalized photo book within days. We offer a variety of photo book styles, from hardcover books to flush mount albums to ones with luxurious leather covers. Photo books also make for wonderful personalized gifts for everyone on your list.

Then and Now

Do you have favorite photos from holidays past? Create a vintage photo book. Place photos of your family in the younger years alongside photos from the present. You can even recreate classic photos by posing the same way and wearing similar outfits. With a family photo album that spans the years, you’ll have a holiday memories book that’ll bring laughter and joy for many more to come.

Holiday Recipe Photo Book

Keep track of all your holiday recipes in a beautiful photo book. Include your recipes alongside photos of your favorite moments in the kitchen or at the table. Each year when it’s time to make your special dishes and desserts, you’ll have the perfect book to pull out. Try a layflat photo book that’s easy to keep open and view your recipes.

Christmas Magic Photo Book

Showcase all the holiday happenings you enjoyed this season — whether that’s Christmas light shows or visiting Santa. Write a brief note about each event so you can remember where to find the magic in years to come. Be sure to include the Christmas photos that happened close to home, such as baking cookies or putting up your tree.

Season Highlights Photo Book

Showcase the magic of the holiday season by dedicating a page or two to each event, such as your Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas morning and New Year’s Eve. Include everything from the family party at grandma’s house to the light show you saw at the local zoo. Organize your photo book in chronological order and add little messages or memories to each page to ensure you remember the most special moments of the season.

Custom holiday photo books

Holiday Adventures Photo Book

Do you take a road trip to grandma’s house every year? Design a photo book that showcases your holiday travels and all the fun and mishaps that happen along the way. If you’re staying close to home this year, capture the special ways you’re celebrating differently.

Favorite Traditions Photo Book

Whether you love caroling, hanging lights or watching Christmas movies, collect photos that reflect your favorite traditions of the season. Upload your photos into a beautiful photo book to treasure your happiest holiday memories. Write a little blurb about each tradition and where it originated. 

Holiday Treats Photo Book

Do you bake gingerbread cookies or make fudge every year? Capture the process with a custom photo book — showing everything from kneading the dough to decorating and frosting. You can even include the recipes, especially any that are family favorites.

Diwali Days Photo Book

Gather your favorite photos from the Festival of Lights to create a professional photo album dedicated to these five special days. Include photos of your decorations, family feasts, diyas and rangoli — and of course, photos of you and your loved ones dressed in your finest wear. With your Diwali photo book, you can revisit the light, knowledge and good that comes from this beautiful time. 

Thanksgiving Traditions

Do you watch football every year on Thanksgiving, play board games or bake pies together? Include photos of your unique celebrations, including the food you all enjoy together. Because Thanksgiving is a day to show what you’re grateful for, be sure to feature your loved ones, including any furry family members.

Eight Days of Hanukkah 

Each night and day of Hanukkah offers something special. Create a photo book dedicated to the joy that radiates from the Festival of Lights. Gather photos of your loved ones making latkes together, lighting the menorah or use your portraits from your Hanukkah cards. Add embellishments to your pages like dreidels and the Star of David for an extra festive touch. 

Christmas Morning Photo Book

The delight of Christmas morning can fill its own photo book. From discovering the gifts Santa brought to enjoying hot cocoa and watching classic movies together, the wee hours of Christmas are ones that are packed with special moments. Whenever you open your Christmas photo book, you’ll be reminded of pure holiday bliss. 

Kwanzaa Joys Photo Book

Fill a photo book with the colorful memories and moments of Kwanzaa. Dedicate a page to each part of the festivities, such as lighting your candles, dancing or enjoying your feast of faith. Opt for a photo book style that compliments your photos and brings the joy to center stage. 

New Year’s Eve Night

Whether you enjoy a spread of snacks and watch the ball drop or host a get-together with friends, create a photo book that commemorates the New Year. Include photos from the night and add your resolutions or favorite memories from the past year. 

Chinese New Year Photo Book

Highlight the good fortune and happiness of your New Year celebrations with a photo book full of your decor, dumplings and firecracker fun. From the joy of sharing your reunion dinner with family to passing your red envelopes, include these moments for a special way to relive them throughout the year. 

Special Celebrations Photo Book

Whether you celebrate St. Nicholas Day, Los Pasados or Bodhi Day, create a photo book that captures all of your favorite days and events of the holiday season. Be sure to highlight special traditions you share with friends and family.  

Final Thoughts for Your Holiday Memories

By designing a photo book dedicated to your happy holiday moments, you expand the love and joy the season brings. You can relive the magic throughout the year by turning the pages and sharing stories. Explore the variety of photo book sizes from 6×6 instant books to 12×12 classic photo books to find the perfect fit. Consider making one for mom, grandma or your best friend to spread the love even further.

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