Yard Signs

Yard signs are a versatile piece of outdoor decor that let you celebrate big milestones and add some livelihood to the yard. If you have a wedding, graduation, or big party coming up, learn how to create custom yard signs that look great and show off your celebration. Shutterfly’s yard signs can include photos and messages in stylish and simple design themes.

Learn more about how to customize a yard sign and where you can place it so it looks best. Some great ideas include graduation yard signs and easter egg hunt signs. If you have kids, they’ll love seeing the festive signs, and they’ll make it easier for your party guests to find your home.

A garden flag and custom yard sign on a lawn
January 7, 2022

The Best Custom Signs

Our custom yard signs are a great way to decorate your yard or garden for a special occasion or milestone. These custom yard signs can be customized for any event, from birthdays to graduations, anniversaries, or any special day. 7 min read

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graduation day picture with grads celebrating their special day
February 15, 2021

Tips for DIY Graduation Yard Signs

A graduation is an amazing achievement in any student’s life. As they go off into their new futures, remind them of the great work they’ve done with a personalized graduation yard sign. Learn how to make a custom graduation yard sign for your grad. 7 min read

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couple kissing in grass
March 13, 2018

36 Inspiring Backyard Wedding Ideas

Transform your backyard into a fairytale wedding with these 36 inspiring backyard wedding ideas. 8 min read

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December 22, 2016

5 Charming Rustic Rehearsal Dinner Invitations with Expert Design Tips

A rustic dinner party theme can help create a stylish and warm atmosphere for a wedding rehearsal dinner, a traditional event the night before the big day. With natural and organic elements such as neutral color palettes and wood, flowers and… 8 min read

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June 7, 2016

Winery Wedding Invitation Showcase: Romantic Vineyard Wedding Inspiration

Imagine your wedding day encircled by the natural beauty of wine country: vineyards, rolling hills, and blooming rose gardens. A winery wedding is elegant and romantic with plenty of room for personal touches. The final result can be a sophisticated… 4 min read

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