5 Charming Rustic Rehearsal Dinner Invitations with Expert Design Tips

A rustic dinner party theme can help create a stylish and warm atmosphere for a wedding rehearsal dinner, a traditional event the night before the big day.

With natural and organic elements such as neutral color palettes and wood, flowers and fruits, a rustic theme is the perfect look for couples who want a more laid-back and down to earth environment for their dinner party.

If you’re going with a rustic wedding rehearsal dinner theme, your invitations should reflect this natural look and style.

“An invitation is the first glance your guests will have into your event,” says wedding planner and creative director of Matthew David Celebrations, Matthew David Hopkins.

“By incorporating your rustic theme into your invitations, you get to reveal the party’s style while also indicating the formality of the event. This information lets your guests know how to dress for the party,” says Matthew.

Naturally, we turned to Matthew for advice on creating beautiful rustic invitations that do just that.

Along with a showcase of our best rustic wedding rehearsal dinner invitations, this guide reveals Matthew’s tips and tricks for bringing the rustic theme to life with custom stationery.

How to Design Stunning Rustic Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Incorporate the rustic theme into your stationery with the following tips from wedding planner Matthew David Hopkins.

1. Collect rustic inspiration.

Whether you browse rustic invitations online, do a Google image search, or explore Pinterest, approach the design process by first gathering inspiration. As you do, pay attention to rustic colors, textures, and other elements that pop out at you. Keep your venue in mind and collect the ideas the best reflect the venue of the party and the special couple. “And don’t be afraid to throw in one contrast color to add an element of fun,” says Matthew.

2. Choose a nature-inspired color palette.

In regards to color, Matthew suggests going with a color scheme that has subdued, muted tones. “Think of the colors you find in nature and let that be your guide,” says Matthew. What season does your rehearsal dinner take place in? If it takes place in the autumn, use colors inspired by fall foliage. If it takes place in the spring, choose colors associated with wildflowers.

3. Incorporate organic textures.

To coincide with the rustic theme, select a paper that will provide a textural element to the invitation. Paper such as Linen Finish or Matte are great examples. When it comes to texture for details, burlap and lap are always a chic combination. “Twine is another wonderful detail to incorporate into the invitation,” says Matthew. “If you have an invitation with several layers, tie them all together with twine. You can tie the twine into a knot or a bow. You can also attach additional rustic details such as a dried flower or herb, a dove, or a pearl.”

4. Harmonize details.

While you might love a variety of rustic textures and colors, they might not match or look nice in a single design. “When designing your invitation, be sure to pay attention to all of the little details and ensure that, went tied together, they work in harmony,” says Matthew.

5. Embrace simplicity.

“Keep in mind, simplicity is also a key element to a rustic theme,” says Matthew. You don’t want the invitation to be too busy. As you bring in the motifs and elements into the design, pick one or two motifs. With a single motif, you’re less likely to break out of the rustic style and overcrowd the invitation.

6. Proofread.

Before you print out dozens of invitations, print one and check it over, recommends Matthew. “Check all spelling for errors and check to see if the date, venue, address, and reply information is accurate.” He also adds, “If you are printing any images, print one copy first to check for bleeding or blurriness.”

Tips on Creating Perfect Rustic-Themed Photo Invitations

Thinking about creating photo invitations?

“Photo invitations are a wonderful idea,” says Matthew. “Part of the rustic theme is to incorporate personal touches into the event and this is the perfect way to do so.”

These tips will help you use photographs to add the perfect rustic touch to your invitations.

Organize a photo shoot with the couple. Many couples use their engagement photo shoots to create invitations. However, the rustic theme might call for a new photo shoot altogether. If the bride and groom are up for it and have time, plan an outdoor photo shoot for the couple. “Pick a park, beach, garden, ranch, or any outdoor location that is both visually appealing and meaningful to the couple,” says Matthew. He reminds couples to consider the season and weather. “If you are having a spring or summer photo shoot, ensure that your props and attire match accordingly.”

Rustic photo shoot of bride and groom.

To create a theme-focused rehearsal dinner invitation, plan a rustic-inspired photo shoot with the special couple. Expert wedding planner Matthew David Hopkins suggests picking outdoor settings such as a park, beach, garden or ranch.

Give an ordinary photograph a rustic touch. If the couple doesn’t have time for an outdoor photo shoot, you can ask for a regular, romantic photograph and enhance the image to give it a rustic feel or look. Do this with a unique filter, or print a flat or sepia toned photo.

Choose a rustic-themed invitation template. Stationery templates with a rustic theme will have motifs and styles that reflect the look you want without altering the photo of the couple. For example, Shutterfly® has a variety of rustic-themed rehearsal invitation templates. You can upload a custom photo into a rustic-style frame and select a rustic color palette to create a themed-focused design with details of the dinner party.

Add rustic details. Another way to incorporate the rustic look into your invitation is to add textures and materials to the stationery. “For example, use a hole-puncher to punch two holes, either on one side or at the very top of the invitation and secure together with twine.”

Whether you organize a rustic photo shoot, use a creative filter, or add rustic materials to the final invitation, personal touches and custom detail can turn an ordinary invitation into a memorable keepsake.

Read on to get inspired with our favorite rustic invitation designs, all of which you can explore now and make your own.

Five Samples of Charming Rustic Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

These five charming and customizable designs for rustic rehearsal dinner invitations reflect the organic rustic theme while also staying true to the formality of the event. Select a design you love and personalize them with colors, custom photos and unique event details.

Evening Celebration

Rustic photo wedding rehearsal dinner invitation.

A simple way to create rustic invitations is to use a photo of the bride and groom in an outdoor setting. In this example, natural shades and a romantic photo in the park create a rustic stationery design that’s elegant and contemporary.

A brown, green and white natural color palette along with a rustic-themed photograph of the couple creates a beautiful rehearsal dinner invitation to reflect your dinner party. Designed by Poppy Studio, Evening Celebration is a great choice for a chic and casual rustic-inspired dinner party at a lodge, barn, or farm setting.

Order the Evening Celebration Rehearsal Dinner Invitation in brown or black for your special dinner party.



Antique Flourish Cream

Antique and rustic rehearsal dinner invitation.

If you want a subtle way to express the rustic theme, this lovely beige invitation with delicate autumn leaves is a great choice for a rustic-inspired dinner party with a vintage touch.


Simplicity and seasonal inspiration add to the sense of rustic chic in this elegant rehearsal dinner invitation designed by Yours Truly. Antique Flourish Cream features a natural beige background with an illustration of delicate, brown autumn leaves. With a vintage feel, Antique Flourish Cream can be used for rustic themes with a vintage twist or if you want a subtle design for your rustic theme.

Customize Antique Flourish Cream stationery for your elegant rehearsal dinner party.


The Night Before

Brown wedding rehearsal dinner stationery.

The Night Before is a lovely rustic-inspired rehearsal invitation with a custom photo of the bride and groom with flowers and a natural color palette of brown, white, and olive green.

The Night Before is a contemporary rehearsal dinner invitation template that allows you to upload a custom photo. In this example, the host has chosen an image of the couple with a floral bouquet, a lovely rustic detail that adds color and charm to the stationery. This dark brown template also allows you to customize the colors of the font to match your image.

Personalize The Night Before with a unique photo and details of the rustic-inspired rehearsal dinner party.

Delightful Dinner

Winery-inspired rehearsal dinner invitation.

Rustic chic, this contemporary stationery template features a custom photo of wine and fruit, perfect for a casual country or farm dinner party.

Hosting a rehearsal dinner at a winery or a country club? Delightful Dinner is a modern stationery template featuring bold lovely script and an elegant design that allows you to upload your own image. This example features a photograph of a wine bottle, corkscrews and ripe green pears on a rustic wooden table, instantly inviting guests to a sophisticated, winery-inspired dinner.

Designed by Blonde Designs, Delightful Dinner is also available in a purple background. Order it today in time to send out for the rehearsal dinner.

Lovebirds Tune

Rustic invitation featuring lovebirds.

A stunning custom photograph of a barn in a rural setting creates a rustic rehearsal dinner invitation.

Designed by Stacy Claire Boyd, Lovebirds Tune is a simple but sophisticated stationery template that features a soft blue background and two adorable lovebirds depicting the bride and groom. Hosts can upload a custom photo of either the couple, as featured here, or use a rustic-inspired image such as a country barnyard in this example.

Tip: The barnyard photo featured here is just one of the lovely images found in the Shutterfly® Art Library, an extensive resource of free images you can explore as you create your own invitations.

Buy Lovebirds Tune to invite friends and family to your country or rustic rehearsal dinner party.

Can’t get enough of designer stationery? Explore the five charming invitations showcased above along with the complete collection of Shutterfly® Rehearsal Dinner Invitations.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Wording

Once you’ve found the perfect invitation template, picked a lovely image, and settled on the ideal rustic color palette, it’s time to add the details of the dinner party.

What do you include in a wedding rehearsal dinner invitation and what is the proper way to address them?

“Be consistent with wording. If your wedding invitation has a specific writing style, ensure you remain consistent throughout all the pieces of your stationery.”

For a complete tutorial on writing proper wedding rehearsal dinner invitations, take a look at our Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Wording and Etiquette guide. With the help of wedding planner Tara Guerard, this guide includes invitation wording examples along with a timeline to help you prepare, write, and mail out invitations on time.

Personalized Rustic Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

With tips and inspiration in your arsenal, you can now start designing personalized rustic wedding rehearsal dinner invitations with Shutterfly.

Along with designer stationery templates, we have a rich art library of free images inspired by nature and country charm.

Pick one that best reflects your rustic theme, the venue, and the special couple you’re gathering with the night before the big day.