Create Photo Books
That Celebrate
Your Holiday

Capture memories and create photo books that celebrate your holiday moments, no matter what they look like this holiday season.


The holidays are a great time to capture memories of your family and friends celebrating during the fall and winter months. Gather all the pictures from your holiday parties and store them in a festive holiday-themed photo book. Custom photo books filled with your favorite family photos are a great way to celebrate and reminisce about the time spent together celebrating the holidays. When you personalize each page with wonderful memories, beautiful designs, and custom text, you can tell your family’s story as you flip through the pages. This year create a personalized photo book showcasing holiday highlights from Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s that will live on as a special keepsake for years to come.

Holiday Photo Book Themes

The holiday season is filled with love and laughter as families gather to celebrate the holidays. Capture every one of your special moments with a custom photo book. A family photo album filled with holiday memories makes keepsakes that are the perfect way to capture the joy and happiness of the season. You’ll be able to fully customize your photo book design and choose fonts you like, backgrounds that complement your pictures, and incorporate quotes or unforgettable memories. Choose to highlight many of your favorite moments of the season or one specific holiday or occasion.

Shutterfly makes remembering your best holiday memories throughout the year easy with custom photo books you can enjoy for years to come. Personalize each photo book with memories from Thanksgiving celebrations, Hanukkah parties, Christmas gatherings, and New Year’s festivities.

Fall and autumn life photo book 10x10 with different layouts and pictures

Thanksgiving Photo Books


Look back on your Thanksgiving memories with a custom Autumn Memories photo book. Include pictures of your favorite traditions, recipes of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes, as well as fall activities such as going to the pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, and more. Celebrate all things autumn with high-quality embellishments of the season’s traditional colors of oranges, golds, and blue hues that will elevate any background for your favorite photos and fall moments.

Hanukkah Photo Books


Relive your favorite memories of celebrating the Festival of Lights with a personalized Warm Winter Wishes photo book. Incorporate pictures of your nights around the Hanukkah menorah, spinning dreidels, and making latkes surrounded by family members and friends. Adding embellishment images of the Star of David, dreidels, and Happy Hanukkah messages will make your family photo book extra festive. 

Christmas Photo Books


Collect all your photographs from present and past Christmases with an easy-to-view layflat photo book. Our Christmas photo books are the perfect way to showcase your most precious memories shared with loved ones during the holiday season. With options like Vintage ChristmasChalkboard ChristmasNoel, and more, there are plenty of Christmas photo book templates to choose from. Be sure to include pictures of your family decorating your home with Christmas decorations, hanging Christmas ornaments on your tree, decorating cookies and gingerbread houses, and memorable family parties and dinners. Celebrate the Christmas season with these whimsical family photo books that document your holiday spirit. 

New year photobook with layflat photo with blanket and tray with hot drink

New Year’s Photo Books


Recall all your favorite moments of your New Year’s celebrations with a photo book filled with your best memories of each New Year. Custom photo books highlighting memories from the end of each year act as a time capsule to remind you how your family has changed over the years. Celebrate your merriest New Year’s images with timeless jewel-toned plaid and warm winter frames with the Celebrate the Season Photo Book or customize a unique photo book willed with whimsical, bright, and fun frames with our Holiday Memories Photo Book. Looking back at these wonderful memories will make you thankful for the exciting changes for the upcoming year.

Photo Books Make the Best Holiday Gifts

Photo books make the perfect gift for anyone on your holiday gift-giving list. A personalized photo album will always brighten someone’s day. When you take the time to customize a photo book filled with your loved one’s favorite images, you showcase all the special moments you’ve shared together. This holiday season, make your own photo book for everyone on your list, from your best friend or family members to your child’s teacher. Having a tangible photo book gives a different perspective to viewing photos than can’t be achieved by looking at pictures off a computer or a mobile device. Share the meaning of storytelling with a sentimental personalized photo book that will make a perfect holiday gift for your friends and family.

Photobooks with five different themes that make good gifts

How to Make Photo Books for the Holidays

Shutterfly has a variety of photo book themes that are fully customizable to your liking. With over 40 custom photo book styles to choose from, no two will be made alike. Begin creating your personalized photo book by choosing from the many different themes Shutterfly has to offer. From everyday and year-in-review photo book themes to travel albums, family photo books, and more, you’ll be able to make the perfect photo book that suits your style. If these themes don’t speak to the type of photo book you want to create, you can opt to design your photo book from scratch. Explore the variety of photo book sizes ranging from 8×8, 8×11, 10×10, 11×8, 11×14, and 12×12. In addition to the classic hardcover photo books or softcover photo books, you can choose from professional flush mount albums, luxurious leather covers, and beautiful layflat photo books for a high-quality look and feel.

Custom photo books for the holidays

In addition to Shutterfly’s photo book themes and styles, you can make a photo alb m our new 6×6 hardcover Instant Books. These quick and easy photo books can be created efficiently from any device and are convenient to store memories you don’t want to forget. Whether you want to document holiday memories, everyday moments spent at home, or your baby’s first milestones, Instant Books are perfect for you. Customize each page with personalized text, stylish embellishments, unique backgrounds, and a variety of layouts. Start your collection of Instant Books and bring your favorite pictures to life.

Instant photo books for the seasons and holidays

Wrapping Up

This holiday season create a holiday photo book that will perfectly store your memories of your happy celebrations.  Creating photo books will elevate the way you view your pictures and will store special memories for years to come. Don’t let your important holiday moments be forgotten, create your festive personalized photo book today.

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