Unique Ideas For Quick Photo Books

A little book with big impact – our new Instant Books celebrates those magical day-to-day moments, in print. With a hardcover, stylish embellishments, and high-quality printing, this quick photo book is an elevated way to honor the stories you tell. Plus, simplified page counts and image layouts make it refreshingly easy to personalize and create. Whether it’s a picnic enjoyed in the park, a walk through nature, or even a backyard barbecue, there are so many things to celebrate for in life and so many things we would want to remember. Have these moments preserved and relived through Instant Books. Here we’ll share some of the most unique ideas for quick photo books that celebrate the wonders of every day spent with our loved ones.

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Everyday Photo Book Ideas

A collection of custom everyday instant photo books with pictures of a family
It’s the simple pleasures that make up the magic of life and meaningful memories. So, craft a fully personalized photo book online with Instant Books and celebrate the real, everyday moments that are constantly unfolding. Here we’ll share some of the most creative ideas for an everyday photo book.

Moments At Home

If you have been documenting bits of your daily life at home with loved ones – whether it’s as simple as making breakfast together on a weekend morning, your weekly family game night, or even capturing your nightly bedtime routine – moments in your day might seem mundane now, but they are something you will want to remember as things change and time passes by. Create a quick photo book with moments at home so you can hold on to your fondest memories.

Our Backyard

You don’t always have to travel far to find yourself somewhere photo-worthy. The neighborhood, the hills behind the house, and your favorite stretch of road all deserve their place on the page. So why not celebrate the place you call home by creating a memory book that you can look back on wherever you go?

Embrace The Chaos

Life can be a little messy but sometimes disorder is part of the story! In those instances, don’t be afraid to put the chaos on display in your personalized photo books. An image doesn’t have to perfect to perfectly capture a moment. Now you can hold all of those not so perfect, weird, silly moments that are worth capturing, just as they are.

Weekend Adventures

A collection of quick photo books with pictures of weekend adventures
Weekend getaways, whether a simple staycation or a few days of travel, often have a way of filling our spirits and our camera rolls. No matter how small the trip, it’s worth revisiting in a simple photo book that brings you right back. Think: scenic views, selfie outtakes, food shots – those small moments of joy and adventure make it all worth remembering.

Everyday Hobbies

Life is comprised of special, little moments like everyday hobbies – so we urge you to celebrate your passions by creating an Instant Book. You can create a themed book that follows a specific journey of your hobby or make one that covers all your special creations. We consider these memories as moments to be grateful for and they deserve to be memorialized.

Staying Connected

Reuniting with loved ones through Zoom or at a distance can yield an astounding number of photos on our camera rolls. From group shots to long strings of candids, it’s these pictures that remind us of connection and all that comes with it. Looking back on a time you were all together, make a family photo book to keep close by — and even order copies as gifts for parents, siblings, and extended family.

Baby Photo Book Ideas

A collection of baby photo books with pictures of the baby month by monthCreating a baby photo book is one way you can preserve every moment and document all the minuscule changes that take place as your baby grows. If you’re overwhelmed by the number of photos you have or are just wondering where to start, we’ve put together some of our favorite baby book ideas to inspire you.

All Your Firsts

From those first steps to their first bites of solid food, every new experience is special when it comes to your little one. Document them all in a quick photo book you can look back on often and even hand down when the time comes.

One Month At A Time

As your little one grows, they change so much from one month to the next. Yet, when we’re with them every day, we don’t always realize just how much change there’s been. By putting photos from each month in an album and seeing them side by side, it truly puts into perspective that age-old saying: They grow so fast!

My Favorite People

An instant photo book with pictures of a mother and her baby
Keep the little one close to faraway family with a custom photo book that celebrates those who will soon become their favorite people. Fill it with photos of loved ones, and flip through the pages together to build recognition of their names and faces. Our Instant Books offers pre-designed layouts that make it refreshingly simple to create pages of family and friends.

Anniversary Photo Album Ideas

A 6x6 anniversary photo book with a picture of a couple on the cover
A special anniversary deserves a memorable keepsake like a personalized milestone anniversary photo book. Whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary or your 50th, creating a photo book that honors the love you share is something you’ll forever cherish. Find inspiration below on what to showcase in your anniversary Instant Book!

How We Got Here

Honor the story you’re writing together by looking back at the chapters that started it all. This exercise in reflection is the perfect means of giving permanence to the many moments worth reliving. Simply gather the shots that mark meaningful milestones as a couple — then, organize them as you see fit.

The Many Years of Us

As the years go by, it becomes easy to lose track of where we were at a specific place or time in our lives. Put your past together into perspective by gathering photos for every year. The result is a chronological trip down memory lane that you can return to by the year, together.

Reasons Why I Love You

When we think about what makes our partners so special, it’s often the unique little quirks that come to mind. Whether it’s the way they laugh, a favorite phrase, or something else altogether, all of these traits are worthy of acknowledgment. Pair these traits with photos to create a thoughtful anniversary gift, or build an Instant Book with a section for each of you.

Then And Now

Every couple has those iconic photos they hold near and dear. Revisit them in a unique way by recreating the photos and pairing them with the originals in an instant photo book. Pay homage to the couple you once were, while celebrating the relationship you now have. Plus, it can be fun to return to those places that meant so much.

Best Photo Book Themes

Shutterfly instant books for easy photo book making online
No matter your personal style, you can add character and life to your pages by choosing a creative theme and our quick photo books make page design extra easy. Whether it’s on your computer or our mobile app, simply upload your favorite images and we’ll instantly make you an affordable hardcover photo book that’s fully customizable. Make a lasting impression with the best photo book themes below.

  • A recipe keepsake
  • Adoption portfolios
  • Travel journals
  • Blooper reels
  • Moment-by-moment wedding album
  • Seasonal photo books
  • A decade in review: 2010 to 2020
  • Pet celebrations
  • Landscapes and cityscapes

Wrapping Up

From your favorite imperfect moments at home to remembering all the good times from over the years, a personalized photo book is a great place to reminisce. Having tangible memories to hold in your hand and share among loved ones, that is what Instant Books is all about. Find ways to preserve the memories that mean the most by making the best photo book for yourself and your family.

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