Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chair

A bean bag chair is a chair that looks different from regular chairs with legs. Bean bag chairs are made with a large fabric sewn into the shape of a bag, then it’s filled with polystyrene beads which is why the chair is named bean bag. These bean bag chairs are fully customizable in the way you can mold them in how you sit or lay down. Bean bag chairs come in a variety of colors and designs, and you can customize them to match any room or space. 

Customized Bean Bag Chairs

Making your own customized bean bag chairs is easy and simple with Shutterfly. Shutterfly offers you a variety of designs and styles to make your own personalized bean bag chair. Simply choose a design and customize it by including names, pictures, and designs to match any person’s style and personality. With a variety of designs, there is one that you will love to design and make as one of a kind just for you. 

How to Make Bean Bag Chairs

Start by browsing the wide variety of styles and designs to begin making your bean bag chair. Depending on the bean bag chair design, you can add text, names, pictures. Some designs have better designs to feature certain things, such as a bigger text area, a specific design just for names, and designs that feature the picture front and center. After you customize the exterior of your bean bag, you can continue to browse through the other bean bag designs Shutterfly has to offer and make another bean bag or add it to your cart.

Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

Bean bag chairs make the perfect accessory for kids’ rooms and their playrooms. These comfortable chairs never grow out of style and are functional to incorporate in your kid’s room layouts. Bean bags are fully functional for growing kids, as they mold to kids as they grow up and as they sit along with the bean bag chair. Having a bean bag chair helps with the ease of joints and can alleviate body pain for kids. In some children, when they sit in bean bag chairs, it can give them a sense of security along with ease and comfort. 

Bean Bag Chair for Health Benefits

Bean bag chairs may just look fun and interesting, but they actually have health benefits that help people of all ages; from kids, adults and seniors. Bean bags help with posture and back support, allowing the beads to form, cover and support all sides of your body. Bean bags help with molding around your body’s natural position allowing for a relaxed position. Sitting in bean bag chairs also gives you a sense of ease and security when you sit and relax in the bean bag chair.

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