How to Address Wedding Invitations & Announcements

Send a one of a kind wedding invitation and wedding announcement to your friends and family for your special day.

Weddings are a special day to get friends and family together and celebrate the union of two people in love. Let your loved ones know about your upcoming wedding or marriage with personalized wedding invitations and announcements that include beautiful wedding designs. Make sure to invite all your friends and family and get them excited for the festivities with personalized wedding invitations, wedding announcements, save the date invitations, and more. Get started by exploring The Wedding Shop by Shutterfly.


What are Wedding Announcements?

Wedding announcements are meant to spread the great news of an upcoming wedding or a recent wedding. Wedding announcements can come in different forms, such as in personalized photo wedding announcement cards, and are sent to friends and family to celebrate the union of two people. Announcement cards are great for couples who got married in a small intimate wedding only with close family and want to announce it to their extended friends. With cards saying “Married Now. Celebrate Later”, “Just Married”, and more, these cards are perfect for any couple who wants to announce their marriage for the first time. Take advantage of announcing your engagement as well with an engagement card to celebrate the start of your lives together.

Wedding announcements with different variety of cards on a red background

How to Address Wedding Announcements

First, compile a list of all the people to whom you’d like to send your wedding announcements. You’ll want to include their most recent addresses so that they receive your beautiful wedding announcement cards on time. When sending out your wedding announcements, it’s important to remember to stay consistent with how you address your letters. Follow these tips on how to address your wedding announcements:

  • Use formal names, don’t use nicknames or pet names when addressing a letter to your guests.
  • It’s not necessary to include middle names, but spell out their full name. 
  • If using abbreviations, use the correct one (Mr. Mrs. Ms. Miss.)
  • When addressing to a married couple, put both names on the address line, but put the husband’s name first (ex: To: Mr. David Smith and Mrs. Jackie Smith)
  • If addressing to a couple who are not married, write their names on a separate line – list the guest who is closest to you first, then add their partner. 
  • Make sure the address label is easy to read for everyone – you don’t want your wedding announcement card to get lost in the mail. 
wedding announcement and invitation envelopes addressed to wedding guests

When To Send Wedding Announcements

Depending on if you want to send these wedding announcement cards as an engagement announcement or marriage announcement, the time to send each out will vary. For example, if you want to send your cards as engagement announcements, the best time to send them is before sending out save the date announcements. Things to include in your engagement cards can include pictures of your fiancé proposing to you, you showing off your new engagement ring, or a beautiful picture with the two of you embracing the moments after your proposal. If you choose to send wedding announcement cards after your wedding, you would want to send out the cards a few weeks after the wedding. Utilize photos from your small ceremony to include in your wedding announcements. Since most of the people you’re sending your cards to didn’t attend your big day, it’s nice to include some beautiful memories that was captured on your special day.

What Are Save The Dates?

Save the dates act as a pre-invitation that officially announces your wedding date and lets your wedding guests know to prepare for the wedding. Save the dates also let them know that they will be receiving their official wedding invitations soon. Save the date invitations will give your wedding guests more information about your wedding, such as you and your partner’s names, the location (if not decided yet, the town or city will be helpful for your wedding guests), the wedding date (or wedding weekend), wedding website links, wedding registries, and a formal invitation to follow. Save the dates will give your wedding guests more time to plan to attend your wedding and purchase a great wedding gift.

Sample custom shutterfly save the date cards with engagement photos

How To Address Save The Dates

Same as your wedding announcements, addressing your save the dates will be in the same format. To make things easier and simpler, consider printing custom save the date address labels or having your addresses made into paste-on mailing labels. Utilizing these tips will save valuable time and energy, and it will make all the cards look more professional. Additionally, this list of save the date addresses will serve as an official address list and guest list for your wedding invitations. While addressing save the dates, it’s the perfect time to double check guest information. Make sure all your guests will receive both the save the dates and invitations so you won’t have to scramble to get a new mailing address at the last minute. 

Save the dates on a pink background with a variety of different cards

When To Send Out Save The Dates

The best time to send out your save the dates is when you have a general idea and plan for all the wedding festivities that are happening. For instance, when you have a set date, venue and wedding registry, this would be a perfect time to send out your save the dates. Even if you have a general idea of your wedding plans, such as a weekend, your guest would appreciate the heads up to schedule travel and prepare for the day or weekend.

The basic rule of thumb is to send your save the dates roughly 4-6 months before your wedding. For destination weddings, send your save the dates roughly 8-12 months in advance. This will allow for your guests to find appropriate accommodations and plan any other things such as visas and airfare tickets.

How To Address Wedding Invitations

To address your wedding invitations, use the same address list as your save the date guest address list. This guest list has already received your save the date and is excitedly expecting your official wedding invitation card. When your personalized wedding invitation cards are delivered to your wedding guests, make sure the RSVP cards are sent back to your correct address by including decorative wedding address return labels that are fully customizable to include you and your spouses names and your address. Adding these wedding address return labels will be the perfect touch for your customized wedding invitations.

Wedding Invitation cards with different styles and different color customizable fonts

When To Send Wedding Invitations

Depending on the type of wedding you’re having, the best rule of thumb is sending your wedding invitations six to eight weeks before your wedding. For destination weddings, it’s best to give a greater time of notice to your guests so they have enough time to plan.

Wrapping Up

Your wedding is the one of the most important days of your life, so make sure all your friends and family are invited to see your big day. Sending wedding invitations to your loved ones will let them know that you are ready to make the next step with your spouse in starting a family and you want them to be a part of your magical day. Properly addressing your wedding invitations and announcements will make your wedding guest feel more welcomed in celebrating your wedding day.


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