Home Decor

Home Decor

Home decor—sometimes referred to as interior design, home furnishings, home accents, and home accessories—complete your home by bringing warmth, dimension, style, and texture to your space. For instance, large windows can feel cold without window treatments, but drapes warm up and draw the right attention to this beautiful feature of your home. A living room feels welcoming once you add throw pillows and cozy blankets that invite guests to sit down and make themselves at home. End tables and bookshelves become interesting additions to any room in your home when you complete them with framed pictures, wall decor, and candles.

What Is My Home Decor Style?

Home decor is as important as the furniture in your home, and it’s also a very personal style choice. Before decorating your home interior, it’s important to determine the style and aesthetic you’d like to see. Consider different home decoration ideas like modern home decor and rustic home decor. Each style expresses your taste while creating a welcoming environment where you feel comfortable inviting family and friends to gather. Whether your space is large or small, make the most of it with custom home decor that fits your lifestyle while conveying warmth and self-expression.

Home Decor Ideas

If you’re stuck trying to decide which style is best for your interior design and decor, consider the following home decor ideas. The best part about home decoration is that it’s easy to make any theme your own. Get creative and include decorations that make sense for your family and home. You can keep things minimalistic or go all out with wall art, furnishings, and more.

Rustic Home Decor

Rustic home decor is usually made of warm tones and natural textures like wood and rope. Overall, rustic decorations tend to create a homely atmosphere. Rustic decor can also include farmhouse decor, which usually includes a lot of reclaimed wood and wrought iron pieces.

Modern Home Decor

Modern home decor is more minimalistic than other styles. Modern decorations tend to focus on shape and color rather than texture. Compared to rustic design, modern styles include more cool tones. Overall, modern decor is excellent if you’re looking for elegant interior design ideas.

Boho Home Decor

Boho home decor is usually colorful and eclectic. It can also include more beachy and laidback styles. Unlike modern decor, boho styles also tend to incorporate more texture like woven rugs, beaded pillows, jute fabric, and more.

Seasonal Home Decor

If you don’t want to commit to a single home design style, you can always swap out your decor each season. Decorating by season helps keep your home feeling fresh and vibrant. By matching the tones and styles to nature, it can help your family feel invigorated throughout the year. Consider changing up your decor for the following themes each year:

Christmas Home Decor

Christmas home decor is one of the most popular types of styles, and it’s also the most fun! Decorating for Christmas means you get to put up lights, Christmas ornaments, themed wall art, and more. Christmas decor has many different styles within itself that you can take advantage of, including vintage Christmas or white winter.

Fall Home Decor

Fall home decor usually includes warm tones like orange and brown. With fall decor, you can decorate with fake or real plants like pine cones and fall leaves. For fall, it’s especially a great time to customize your house with personalized candles. There’s nothing like fireside scents to signal that it’s fall inside and out!

Spring Home Decor

Springtime is an excellent time to swap out your home decor, especially after spring cleaning. Make your home feel fresh with more floral prints as well as fresh flowers throughout. Spring is characterized by bright, pastel colors, so consider swapping out your wall art or other accessories throughout the home.

Make Home Decor Functional For Your Space

Adding home decor elements also means making your home functional for everyday use. If you’re an avid cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you may want to have a steady supply of home furnishings that aid your culinary arts. Tea towels to quickly dry a dish or mop up a mess, trivets to let your hot cookie sheet rest, and a favorite recipe within sight on a canvas print are great ways to add home decor that are equal parts functional and beautiful. The right pieces of home decor make a room both more practical and more interesting, and popular functional home accents include:

Choose Unique Home Decor From Shutterfly

The best home decor is personalized so it makes your home feel even more special. At Shutterfly, you can create custom wall art using your favorite family photos. Even decorating for the seasons gets a personal touch with photo ornaments. Make your home look its best while also creating a unique environment for your entire family.

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