An anniversary marks the date each year since a relationship. Couples can celebrate wedding anniversaries or anniversaries based on when they started dating. Some couples celebrate monthly anniversaries, but it’s more common to celebrate an anniversary once a year. Couples spend time together and give each other an anniversary gift to commemorate another year together.

A typical anniversary gift might include flowers and a card. Popular anniversary gifts for her also include engraved jewelry like necklaces and bracelets. Ideas for anniversary gifts for him might include a special photo book with memories together or a framed print. If you’re celebrating a happy wedding anniversary, one great gift idea could be a canvas print of one of your wedding photos that you can easily turn into wall decor. Some couples don’t give gifts and choose to just focus on spending time together by going out for a nice meal or planning a special date.

Anniversary Gifts by Year

If you’re married, wedding anniversary gifts have themes for each year of marriage. Using each theme to purchase traditional anniversary gifts can make gifting easier and also more fun to see what your partner comes up with. Some of the bigger milestone anniversaries are listed below with ideas for each themed gift.

  • 10th Anniversary – The Tin Anniversary. Tin or aluminum might not seem like fun gifts, but there are plenty of options to make your 10th anniversary extra special. Consider creating a metal print with a photo of you and your partner or gifting aluminum kitchen supplies like a flask or cocktail kit.
  • 25th anniversary – The Silver Anniversary. For the men, choosing an anniversary gift for her during the 25th anniversary should come naturally. For the silver anniversary, you can choose engraved silver jewelry to include her name and your wedding date. 
  • 30th Anniversary – The Pearl Anniversary. For the pearl anniversary, a traditional anniversary gift would be a pearl necklace or bracelet. As an anniversary gift for him, you can offer a set of mother of pearl buttons or cufflinks. 
  • 50th Anniversary – The Gold Anniversary. The 50th anniversary is a big milestone, which is why it’s the gold anniversary. For her, gift gold plated jewelry that she’ll love. For him, you can also gift gold jewelry in the form of photo charms and keychains with pictures together throughout the years.

Anniversary Cards and Messages

Along with an anniversary gift, it’s also customary to give an anniversary card. Though you likely talk every day and share your love all the time, your anniversary is a special time to tell them what you’re thankful for and explain how much you still appreciate them. Within your happy anniversary message, you can include anniversary quotes to help summarize your feelings easily. Choose happy anniversary quotes about your partnership, parenting, romance, and much more. You can also include anniversary wishes in your card to let them know what you’re looking forward to in the upcoming year together.

More Anniversary Ideas

Other than gift-giving, another way to celebrate a happy anniversary is by sharing the experience with family and friends. Especially if you reach big milestone anniversaries like 25 years or 50 years, you can throw an anniversary party for everyone to come celebrate. Send out wedding anniversary invitations with personalized photos as well as a unique party theme that everyone will love. If you wish to celebrate just the two of you, you can always plan a special trip or vacation.

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