Easter is a Christian holiday in Spring celebrating Jesus’s resurrection. Though it is a religious holiday, it’s also celebrated with secular traditions such as Easter egg hunts and the popular image of the Easter bunny. To celebrate Easter, festivities might include going to church, hosting a brunch with family, gifting and sending Easter cards, and crafting with kids.

What Is Easter?

Easter marks the day when Jesus was resurrected after being buried for three days after the crucifixion. The Easter background also includes Good Friday remembrance, which is when Jesus was crucified. Easter is observed in Catholicism as well as Western and Eastern Christianity. Easter also has ties to Judaism since its observance is timed to be at the same time as Passover. Leading up to Easter, many Christians also celebrate Lent, which is a 40-day observance that begins on Ash Wednesday, which usually occurs in February or March. 

Along with the religious significance of Easter, there are also secular Easter traditions that many families celebrate in the U.S. Easter is commonly represented by the Easter bunny, which is depicted carrying Easter eggs in an Easter basket. Similar to Santa Claus on Christmas, the Easter bunny tale includes giving gifts on Easter morning inside decorated Easter baskets.

When Is Easter?

The Easter date changes annually since it’s always on the first Sunday after the Spring full moon. Easter day in 2020 was on Sunday, April 12, and Easter day in 2021 is Sunday, April 4. Though the date changes, it will always fall on a Sunday, just like the Good Friday before will always fall on a Friday.

Sending Easter Cards

Many families celebrate Easter by sending Easter greetings in cards. Happy Easter cards are a great way to reach out to family and friends in the springtime and share fun Easter photos as well. With Easter photo cards, families can send custom greeting cards that show fun memories from Easter egg hunts or other get-togethers. 

Inside each greeting card, you can include Easter blessings to commemorate the religious meaning behind Easter. You can also share fun Easter quotes that celebrate the holiday and the season. Other Easter card messages might include family updates about what your family will be doing this spring. After the winter holiday season, Easter cards offer a great opportunity to stay in touch with loved ones who are far away.

Easter Crafts and Activities

Easter is a holiday with a lot of fun crafts and activities for kids. Traditionally, each child in your household might get an Easter basket that they can decorate on their own. Inside the Easter basket, the Easter bunny will leave delicious Easter candy and other small goodies for the kids to enjoy. Easter egg hunts are also one of the most popular activities for families and friends. The day before Easter, the adults in the family will hide Easter eggs all over the home or yard for the kids to find. Sometimes there’s a prize for the most eggs collected, or each egg has a special surprise inside.

Other Easter craft ideas include decorating Easter eggs. Using food coloring, kids can create fun multi-colored eggs to leave out just for the holidays and add to their Easter baskets. Kids might also have a great time using Easter coloring pages that show the Christian story of Easter or the Easter bunny.

Easter Gift Ideas

Easter gifts are usually small and might be similar to stocking stuffers during Christmas. Some Easter gifts for kids might include small personalized keychains or custom notebooks they can bring with them to school. Easter is all about sweets too, so you can’t forget the Easter candy. If you’re giving simple Easter gifts for adults, you might consider beautiful wall art like photo tiles so you can give your home a fresh look for spring. 

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