Key Chain

What is a Key Chain?

Key chains can be a great tool for keeping all your keys in one place and to have a special charm on you all the time. They are used for being practical and offer an extra style that can suit your style. Key chains also are called key rings and key fobs, offer a small metal ring that keeps several keys attached at the top. The key chains allow your keys to be easily accessible and keeps the keys from being tangled and lost.

Types of Key Chains

There are many types of key chain styles and designs that are more useful to different people. Some are simpler than others but they all serve the same purpose in keeping your keys from getting lost and tangled in your pocket or purse. Here are a variety of key chain styles that would match any style and functionality.

Personalized Key Rings

Personalized key chains come in a variety of sizes and styles that allow you to fully customize to match your style and personality. Shutterfly’s personalized key chains come in sizes of 2” X2” and 1” X3” and offer a variety of styles that you can include on the front and back of your personalized key chain. Depending on the key chain’s style layout, you can choose as many photos to display or customize your key chain style.

Pewter Key Rings

Another type of key chain is the Pewter Key Ring, this type of key chain showcases its charm with a metal casing and can feature a photo, monogram, or message. It’s finished with a UV-resistant glossy coating that protects and permanently seals the custom image featured.

Various Types of Key Chains

Key chains come in a variety of styles and types, from souvenirs to bottle openers to GPS tracking fobs, key chains are helpful in a variety of ways. Many times when you go on vacation, buying a souvenir key chain of the location is a great way to remember your trip and think about your loved ones while vacationing in that place. Having a bottle opener key chain will allow you to open bottle top cans with ease and possibly help you in situations where you need it in emergencies. GPS tracking key chain fobs can locate your missing items in a breeze, you could put them on your keys, pets, and other items you lose to quickly find them with your mobile device. Key chains are useful products to have in your everyday life and discover which key chain best fits your style and functionality.

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