An RSVP is a request for someone to respond to an invitation. Usually, invitations that include RSVPs will offer response cards so the guests can send back their response. With RSVPs, it’s easier for the party planner to know how many people are coming so they can plan for food, seating, and more. An RSVP card is most commonly used for big events like weddings.

What Does RSVP Stand For?

RSVP stands for “Répondez s’il vous plaît,” which is French for “Please respond.” Some invitations might say “please RSVP,” which is actually repetitive since the RSVP acronym already includes the word please. When guests see RSVP on an invitation, it usually comes with a date as well so they know when they need to respond.

When to Use RSVP Cards

RSVP cards are usually considered more formal and mostly used for large events like weddings. It’s especially helpful to include RSVP wedding cards if you’re having a destination wedding where you may need to prepare travel arrangements for several people. You can always include an RSVP for smaller gatherings as well where it would still be helpful to know how many people are coming.

Consider using RSVP cards for birthday invitations and baby invitations while you’re planning a baby shower. For wedding cards and invitations, RSVPs are especially helpful to be mindful of your event budget and only purchase the amount of food or seating required. For your special day, having an RSVP deadline can also help you arrange the seating chart easily.

RSVP Card Wording

For your RSVP wording, you can say “RSVP by…” and include a deadline for your guests. Instead of using the RSVP acronym, you can also just say “Please Respond,” though most guests will know what RSVP means. If you send a wedding invitation with RSVP, your wording might include a request to mark a plus one (if applicable), as well as a menu choice. Wedding RSVP cards come separate yet tucked into your invitations so your guests already have an easy way to send back their responses and choices.

How to RSVP

If you get an invite in the mail that includes an RSVP, first make sure to mark down the deadline. Keep in mind that the event planner is including an RSVP to make planning easy, so sending in a late RSVP can make things more difficult for them. Keep in mind how the planner wants you to respond as well. They may have included a response card in the invite, or if not they may have written down their email or phone number so you can send your response. Whichever method they include, be sure to send your response in a timely manner.

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