How to Choose the Best Baby Shower Gifts

With the little one in mind, design a custom gift that’ll be cherished for the first year and beyond. 

When a little one enters the world, it’s an opportunity to shower the family with love and support. Personalized baby shower gifts show extra thought and care and are likely to become a keepsake in the family. Custom baby gifts can be practical too, from night lights to blankets to nursery decor.  Our guide to newborn gift ideas offers you personalized gifts for whoever is expecting.

Beyond a baby registry, there are plenty of items to make their world debut extra special at the baby shower or after the little one’s arrival. When choosing the perfect baby shower gift, there are some tips that can be considered.

How to Choose the Best Baby Shower Gifts

When a family member or friend is having a baby, you’ll want to choose the best baby shower gift possible. With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect baby shower gift can be overwhelming. Use these tips to help you choose the best baby shower gift for the parent-to-be in your life.

  • Ask if there is a registry. A baby shower registry or wish list is an easy way to determine what the future parents need, what they want, and their taste. You can purchase your baby shower gift directly from their registry or use it as inspiration to create a personalized gift.
  • Consider the gender. If the couple knows if they are having a girl or a boy, you can take that into consideration when choosing the colors and designs of your baby gifts. If they’re having a surprise, look for baby toys, decor, and clothes that are in more gender colors and patterns.
  • Think about the season. Consider the season that the baby is due when choosing your baby shower gift. If they’re going to be a winter baby, consider personalized ornaments with their name, such as baby’s first ornament. For a baby born during the warmer seasons, consider lightweight onesies or adorable sunhats.
  • Go practical. Gift the new parents something that they can use for years to come. Infants grow out of clothes in a matter of months. The couple will appreciate a functional gift or a special keepsake that they can use even as the baby grows up.
  • Think outside the box. Make the new parents smile with a unique baby shower gift that stands out among the rest. Make a personalized gift like canvas wall art, framed prints, jewelry, keepsake boxes, photo books, and more from Shutterfly that they will treasure forever.

The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Shower the parent-to-be in your life with love, excitement, and a personalized gift made just for them. Whether you’re searching for a baby shower gift for a baby girl or boy or you don’t know the gender—you’ll find adorable and unique baby shower gifts at Shutterfly. With newborn essentials like baby blankets to custom nursery decor and personalized items for Mom or Dad to show off their favorite pictures of their little one, we have the perfect gifts that will touch their heart. You can make a baby shower gift for before the baby’s arrival, or you can create something special for the new parents after their bundle of joy is born. Whatever you decide, you’ll have personalized baby gifts to give that they will treasure for years to come.

The best baby shower gifts are often personal and unique. With Shutterfly, you can find the perfect personalized baby gift designed with a special picture or their little one’s name. Include the baby’s initials and birth date to make a one-of-a-kind baby gift they’ll treasure as a keepsake as they grow up. Follow our guide for the best baby shower gift ideas that will make your recipients smile.

30 Personalized Baby Shower Gifts

From personalized gifts for Mom and Dad to personalized gifts for the newborn, we’ve rounded up 30 of the best baby shower gifts you can add your personal touch to. Get started customizing baby shower gifts with 30 of our favorite baby shower gift ideas below.

Personalized Christmas ornament for baby's first Christmas

1. Personalized Ornaments

Consider the season of the baby’s birth. If they’re a winter baby, a personalized ornament may just be the perfect gift. Commemorate baby’s first holiday season with a custom ornament designed with a photo of your newborn or holiday-themed maternity photos. It will be hung this year, and every year to come. 

Custom canvas wall art for a baby shower gift

2. Canvas Wall Art

Home decor is a great baby shower gift option. Add to the nursery decor with custom wall art, like a framed photo or canvas print of the family or newborn with their siblings. Choose an embellishment or phrase like “family” to add a finishing touch to your artwork. After all, the best baby gifts come from the heart. 

Personalized necklaces, bracelets, and charms for a custom baby shower gift

3. Personalized Jewelry

Looking for baby shower gifts specifically for the new mom? Design custom jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and photo charms. Choose a photo of the newborn or mom and baby together to make this a keepsake that’ll be worn close to the heart. 

Personalized photo mugs for a baby shower gift

4. Photo Mugs

With a newborn, Mom and Dad are sure to indulge in a bit of coffee! Fill up Mom or Dad’s cup with a little extra love. Create a custom mug designed with family photos or newborn snapshots for a unique baby shower gift. As the parents care for their little one, they’ll have a beautiful way to enjoy their coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.

5. Custom Night Lights

Another great nursery decor gift that’s both cute and functional is a custom night light. Design a custom night light with a photo, design, or the baby’s first name for a creative baby shower gift. A soft light brings lumination to the nursery so the parents can see where they’re walking in the middle of the night for feedings and diaper changes. As baby grows, it’ll also bring the little one comfort in the dark. 

6. Wall Crosses

Whether you’re looking for the best gifts for newborn girls or boys, a beautiful custom wall cross is bound to garner some “oohs” and “ahhs.” Include a photo of the baby and a special prayer or message for a personalized piece for their nursery. Our wall crosses make great gifts for baby showers, christenings, and baptisms. 

7. Step Stools

In choosing a unique baby shower gift, plan for the future by gifting the baby something that they will need later on in life. As the little one grows, they’ll need to reach new heights, like the bathroom sink or kitchen counter. A personalized step stool with their name and a playful design is one of the best baby shower gifts that will be a treasure throughout their younger years. 

Personalized cotton tote bag for a baby shower gift

8. Personalized Cotton Tote Bags

There’s lots to carry around with a baby in tow. Help Mom and Dad by providing them a gift to hold all their baby necessities. Design a cotton or water resistant polyester custom tote bag for everything from books to blankets as a thoughtful baby shower gift. Gifts for the new mom are sometimes just as important as gifts for the baby. 

Personalized story books for kids with their photos

9. Personalized Story Books

If you want to give a unique gift option, impress the soon-to-be parents by giving them a thoughtfully designed personalized story book. Create a wonderland of fun for the new baby and parents with a personalized story book. Choose from a collection of custom stories for a book that’ll become part of the family’s special bedtime routine. 

Custom notebooks designed with photos for a baby shower gift

10. Custom Notebooks

With a newborn, there’s sure to be a lot more planning and list-making. Give the soon-to-be parents a notepad they can keep in their office or kitchen to keep track of memories, grocery lists, and to-dos for a custom baby shower gift they’ll use daily. Personalized notebooks with family photos make for unique baby gifts that are also practical. 

Personalized desktop photo plaque for a baby shower gift

11. Desktop Plaques

For a desk, office, or shelf, design a desktop plaque with photos of the baby or family together to give as a thoughtful gift. Even when Mom or Dad are working, they’ll have a constant reminder of their little one whom they love so much. You can even include details like birth date, height, weight, and name for a post-baby shower gift they’ll cherish forever.

12. Personalized Towels

The best type of baby shower gift might just be a baby bath gift! Make baby bath time even more special with a custom towel made just for them. Choose a design and print a photo, name, or quote on the front. Each time the parents snuggle their little one after a bath, they’ll think of you. 

13. Keepsake Boxes

As baby grows, there are many keepsakes and personalized baby gifts to store. A beautiful personalized keepsake box with a soft felt inside allows you to save collectibles and jewelry safely. Imprint a baby photo on the lid for an extra special touch for a thoughtful personalized baby shower gift for new parents.

14. Baby Blankets

Give the soon-to-be parents something special to snuggle their baby in or place on the floor for tummy time. Embedded with a photo of the newborn or a special design, a personalized baby blanket is bound to become a keepsake. Our baby blankets are machine washable, so they’re easy to clean after spills and accidents.

Instant photo book with pictures of a family for a baby shower gift

15. Instant Photo Books

Creating a quick photo book for Mom and Dad could serve as a thoughtful gift that doesn’t require much effort. Gather meaningful family photos to create a 6×6 photo book for the family. Simply by uploading photos, the instant book service arranges the photos and pages. You’ll have a stunning gift for the family to commemorate the arrival of their little one.

Custom monthly planner for a baby shower gift

16. Monthly Planners

Life with a baby is busy. Help your friends organize all their appointments, activities, and to-dos with a personalized planner as a thoughtful baby shower gift. With a cover featuring up to eight photos, the planner can be custom-made for the family.

Personalized luggage tags with a photo of a baby for a baby shower gift

17. Luggage Tags

The new baby will have their own gear next time the family travels. Choose from our collection of custom luggage tags to find a style to dress up their suitcase or bag. With a luggage tag, the parents can easily spot their bag on a conveyor or be contacted if the bag gets misplaced. 

Custom pillow with a photo of a young kid and two dads

18. Photo Pillows

For another cute custom baby gift idea, a personalized pillow makes for a comfy addition to any room—whether it’s the nursery or living room. Choose a fun kiddo design and print a photo of the little peanut on the front for a special touch to your baby shower gift ideas.

19. Personalized Tumblers

New moms need to maintain their energy and hydration, especially if they’re breastfeeding. Give a late baby shower gift by creating a custom tumbler with photos of Mom, baby, and family. There’s no doubt this personalized gift will be used and cherished every day.

20. Custom Wine Glasses

Looking for the best baby shower gifts for the new mom? Consider her very own custom wine glass. Choose a phrase, photo, or design that’ll make her feel special every time she takes a sip. No matter if it’s filled with a red wine or a rosé, she’ll feel relaxed and appreciated with this custom wine glass in hand. 

21. Post-It Notes

There’s lots to keep track of with a little one at home. Prepare for the new baby and gift the soon-to-be parents a fun way to make notes and stay organized with custom post-it notes featuring a family photo and their last name. This helpful baby shower gift will get tons of use as their new baby keeps them busy.

22. Personalized Gifts for Mom

Designing a gift for the new mom is a special way to commemorate her journey into motherhood. With a custom mom gift, you can celebrate both her and her little one. Gifts for Mom can be just as important as gifts for baby. 

mother and baby reading



23. Christmas Stockings

Plan ahead by helping the family prep for the baby’s first holiday. Looking for the best Christmas gifts for newborns? Help the little peanut and parents be ready for the baby’s first holiday. Design a custom Christmas stocking that will adorn their mantel or staircase. A stocking is truly a Christmas or baby shower gift that keeps on giving: the parents can fill it with goodies every year to come. 

24. Custom Charms

As a late baby shower present, consider gifting a custom photo charm. Put the babe’s little face on a custom photo charm for a necklace, bracelet, or bangle. You can also choose a birthstone charm for the baby’s birth month. Personalized baby gifts like these are special, unique, and full of love. 

25. Wall Hook Organizers

As the family expands, there will be more and more things to keep organized. Help the family plan ahead by designing a custom wall hook organizer for their entryway, so that bags, coats, and other accessories can be kept tidy. Doubling as another home decor gift option, a wall organizer makes the perfect custom baby shower gift. 

26. Custom Nursery Decor

From hanging canvas welcome signs to baby posters, design custom nursery decor for your little one. When the family spends time in the space, they’ll be reminded of you and the joy you brought their home. One-of-a-kind nursery decor made with their favorite photos is one of the best baby shower gift ideas you can give to a new parent.

Family pictures hanging in baby nursery.

27. Wind Chimes

For the family that loves to spend time on their porch or patio, create a personalized wind chime with the new baby’s photo. Every time there’s a breeze, they’ll hear a beautiful melody that reminds them of the joy their baby brings. These custom wind chimes will be the perfect late baby shower gift once photos of the newborn have been taken.

28. Glass Prints

Turn newborn and maternity photos into beautiful home decor with a custom glass print. With its freestanding curved glass, it can be displayed in an entryway, on a shelf or desk. Set the glass near a light source for best effect, and this unique baby shower gift will look incredible in your recipient’s home.

29. Travel Mugs

New parents might need more coffee than usual, or be more on the go. A thoughtful baby shower gift idea might be to decorate a personalized travel mug with happy moments of the family, including photos of the newborn. Every time they head out the door, they’ll be reminded of your love and support for this custom baby shower gift.

30. Fleece Blankets

If the baby shower is in the winter time, help the family stay cozy together by gifting a personalized fleece blanket. Print a family photo on the front—maybe one from a newborn photo shoot or Christmas card. This personalized baby shower gift idea will bring joy to your recipients and warmth to their home.



Final Thoughts on Personalized Baby Shower Gifts

Welcoming a little life into the world is such a special time. By choosing a unique baby gift or baby shower gift, you bring a little extra love to the growing family. No matter which personalized gift you choose, know that what matters most is the thought you put into it. Custom baby gifts often become keepsakes that are cherished by the family for years to come. 

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