25 Baby Shower Games for Any Type of Party

When there’s a baby on the way, a baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate. Between the decorations, the food, the drinks and invitations, you want to make sure you don’t miss the most fun part of the big day—the games! Since there are so many great ones to choose from, we highlighted the 25 best baby shower games for everyone to have some fun. From the classics to some modern twists on old favorites, there is a game for everyone on your guest list.

Here, you’ll also find a collection of free printable baby shower games to make it that much easier to have fun when it comes down to party time. Along with your favorite game choices, find an equally fun and unique baby shower invitation so your guests can’t wait to RSVP.

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Instructions for each game can be found below. There’s also the option to download all at once. Have fun!

Art Games

Art games allow your guests to show their creative side. Decorating items for the new baby, creating funny diapers and using fun printables to make an adorable keepsake will keep your loved ones busy for hours.

1) Onesie Decoration

Mom can never have too many onesies for her new baby. Help decorate them with a fun message or colorful design.

Instructions: Everyone gets to decorate a onesie for the new baby with washer-safe markers and paint. Stretch a onesie over a piece of cardboard and decorate away.

2) Baby Block Decorations

Blocks are fun, easy decorations to make for the baby’s room. Design your own for a great baby shower game where everyone can take part.

Instructions: Have everyone decorate a blank block with some markers!

3) Diaper Notes

A decorated diaper makes for a nice laugh for a soon-to-be tired mom and dad.

Instructions: Have each guest write a funny saying, special message or fun quote onto the outside of a diaper using amarker.

4) Clay Baby

Channel your inner child and get creative with some molding clay.

Instructions: Grab some different colored packs of molding clay and give your guests ten minutes to create the cutest baby they can. Then have everyone vote on the best looking baby or have mom-to-be pick her favorite.

5) Baby’s First Book

baby photo book.

This fun printable activity lets everyone get involved with creating baby’s first book. Bind the pages when everyone is done for a sweet keepsake for the mom-to-be.

Instructions: Write the alphabet onto sheets of paper, with one letter to a page. Then, during the party, invite all guests to chose a few letters to color in using colored pencils. By the end of the party, you will have a finished personalized book for baby.

6) Baby Sketch

Try drawing a baby on a paper plate—but keep the plate is on your forehead.

Instructions: Using a paper plate and marker, have each guest draw what they think the baby will look like. The twist is that they have to draw it onto the paper plate with the plate on their own forehead.

Team Games

women at baby shower.

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? These team games are great ice-breakers for your party, especially since they involve making adult diapers and chugging milk from a bottle! If you are looking for some fun and lots of laughs, these games are for you.

7) Adult Diapers

Trying to create a diaper with toilet paper sounds crazy—and loads of fun!

Put guests into teams and give them five minutes to create makeshift diaper for a team member using only a roll of toilet paper. The “best” diaper wins!

8) Bottle Chug

Chugging through a bottle like an infant could get messy, so you might also need a bib!

Instructions: Break everyone into teams. Each team has to “chug” a liquid (of your choice—it can be water, milk or even beer) from a baby bottle through the nipple. Whichever team finishes first wins. Make sure no one tries to cheat by unscrewing the top!

9) Feeding Time

Trying to feed each other blindfolded is hard enough. Now try it with a time limit. This classic baby shower game can also make a mess, so be prepared.

Instructions: Have the shower guests partner up and blindfold one member. The other gets to wear a bib. The blindfolded one then has one minute to feed her partner a whole jar of applesauce. Then switch! Whichever team can successfully feed both members under two minutes wins.

Large Group Games

women at baby shower.

If you are worried about keeping a large crowd entertained, these group games will allow for the whole party to interact and mingle. After all, tasting baby food and smelling chocolate from a diaper should never be done alone.

10) Baby Bag

Can you guess what is in a baby bag just by feeling with your hands?

Instructions: Fill up a diaper bag with some baby items, like a bottle, a diaper, a bib, rattle, etc. Then, without looking, each guest has one minute each to feel inside the bag and write down on a piece of paper what they think is in the bag. Whoever gets the most items correct wins!

11) Baby Bump

A classic baby shower game, try to see who can guess the size of the mom-to-be’s belly!

Instructions: Passing a ball of yarn around the office, have each guest cut off a strand that is long enough to fit around the mom-to-be’s belly. After everyone is done cutting their strands, take turns measuring the mom-to-be’s belly with the strands. Whoever has the closest measurement wins!

12) Baby Food

You feed your baby this food, but have you ever tasted it yourself?

Instructions: Have guests do a blind taste test of 10 baby foods—each with a unique flavor. Whoever correctly guess the most flavors wins!

13) What’s That Smell?

This one can get a bit messy, but is a classic. Fill a diaper with chocolate and see if your guests can tell which kind of candy bar you chose.

Instructions: Gather as many different kinds of chocolate candy bars that you can for this game. Smear or melt each candy bar into a different diaper. Then have the guests take turns smelling each diaper to try to determine which type of candy bar was used. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

14) Baby Price is Right

Baby Price is Right

A great baby shower game idea for fans of the classic game show, guests will try to guess the price of some standard baby items. Print out these price tags and attach them to the gifts when it comes time to reveal the price for the full game show experience.

You will need to purchase 5-10 different baby items (like a rattle or pacifier). Arrange them all on a table with their prices written on a notecard that is placed next to the item. Be sure to place the note card upside down so that the price is hidden. Using rules similar to the popular TV show, each guest will get a chance to guess the price of one of the items.

15) Baby Bingo

baby shower bingo with stars confetti all around.

Everyone loves bingo—and when it’s baby themed, it’s even better. Use these printable bingo cards to get the party going when the mom-to-be opens presents.

Instructions: Print out bingo cards and hand out to all the guests at the shower. Each gift that the mom-to-be opens at the shower becomes a clue for bingo.


16) Mommy Trivia

Baby Shower Games Mommy Trivia
Learn some things about the soon to be mother that you might not have known with this fun trivia game. Use these simple printable cards with fun questions about the mom-to-be!

Print out and have guests fill out the list of questions. Then Mommy will reveal the answers to the questions one by one as guests keep score.

17) Baby Ice Cube

For this fun game, you’ll need to plan ahead. Buy small baby figurines and freeze them in ice cubes the night before.

Instructions: The night before the shower, freeze plastic baby figurines so they can be used as ice cubes. The next day, give every guest a ‘baby ice cube’ to add to their first drink at the same time. Whoever’s ice cube melts first has to yell out “My water broke!” to win this game.

18) Baby Face

Have each friend bring a baby photo and see if you can all figure out who is who!

Every guest needs to bring a photo of themselves as a baby. Then arrange them all on a pinboard or on a clothesline. As a group, have everyone try to guess which photo corresponds to which guest. Whoever can get the most correct wins!

19) Don’t Say Baby

Try to guess how many times the mom-to-be will say the word “baby.”

Instructions: Have each guest write down the number of times she thinks the mom-to-be is going to say the word “baby”. Then secretly assign a “scorekeeper.” Whoever gets closest wins. The trick to this game is making sure the mom-to-be doesn’t know you are playing!

20) Don’t Say Baby

Don't Say Baby

Different from the game above, in this game, you and all of the guests will try to keep yourself from saying any words from the list below. If you hear someone say any of the words, you can steal their ribbon. (It’s best to set a time duration for this game—like during lunch or until presents are opened.)

Instructions: At the beginning of the shower, give everyone a colored ribbon to wear. Then give them the printed card with a list of words they are not allowed to say for the duration of the game. If you catch someone else saying one of the words, you can take their ribbon. Whoever has the most ribbons at the end wins!

Games For The Table

white boxes with gold stars on them as party favors.

If your party is divided into tables, a good way to have all your guests interact is by using table games. Make sure to have a bunch of pens handy because these involve lots of printables. Baby shower guests will have fun unscrambling words, completing nursery rhymes and saying nice things about the mom-to-be.

21) Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

Can you remember all of the words to classic nursery rhymes? See if your baby shower guests can with these printable fill-in-the-blank cards.

Instructions: Test your guests on their nursery rhyme skills. Give each guest a card with popular nursery rhymes written on them with words missing. Have each guest try to fill them out to the best of their memory of the actual lyrics. Compare at the end and see who got the most right!

22) Place Card Mystery

All guests are used to seeing their name on a place card when they try to sit down. But what if their names were replaced with fun nicknames that the mom-to-be came up with? Print out these blank name cards and get to work coming up with names that will hit their funny bone.

Instructions: Before the shower, think of fun nicknames or inside jokes for each guest attending and write that on their place card. Then write their actual name hidden on the other side of the place card. Then, when guests enter, they will have try to decide who is who based on the made up nicknames.

23) Things I Love About the Mom-To-Be

baby shower card box.

Give mom some valuable advice or simply tell her how much you love her with these printable fill in the blank cards.

Instructions: Print and place one of these cards at every place setting and have the guests fill them out. At the end of the shower, collect and save so Mom can enjoy some fun memories.

24) Mommy Scramble

Everyone loves a word scramble. See who can find the most baby-themed words in this simple, printable baby shower game.

Instructions: Print out the word scrambles. All of the words listed at the bottom of the sheet are hidden in different directions in the top section. Whoever finds the most words is the winner!

25) Baby Stats

Baby Shower Games Baby Stats

This printable card is perfect for those who love guessing games. It is full of questions about the baby like gender, weight, eye color and more! You won’t know who won until after the baby is born!

Instructions: Have each guest fill out a card with questions about baby, like predicting the gender, weight, eye color and due date. Place the completed cards in a jar for safekeeping. Then after baby is born, Mom can go through the cards and find out who was closest.

Can’t decide which game is your favorite? Download all of our free baby shower game printables below and get started on planning a memorable day.