How To Make Your Own Baby Shower Invitations in 2024

With a baby on the way and a baby shower approaching, it’s great to have options. With the right combination of creativity and personalization, you can create DIY baby shower invitations that celebrate the joy and anticipation of welcoming a little one into your family in spring, summer, fall, or winter. Whether you’re planning a gender-reveal shower, a party celebrating a baby boy or girl, or a twin-themed brunch, you’ll have everything you need.

Find the Best Baby Shower Invitation Templates

The theme or style of a custom baby shower invite goes a long way toward setting the tone of one’s shower, which is why most people look for cards that represent their event or their own personal inclinations. Explore these great examples and ideas to design your own baby shower invitations online:

Safari Baby Shower Invitations

Safari baby shower invitation with jungle animals like sloths, zebras, elephants, and more Baby shower invites with safari themes always bring an adventurous and playful vibe to the celebration. With adorable illustrations of jungle animals like elephants, lions, giraffes, monkeys, sloths, and alligators, these templates capture the essence of a wild safari. The color palette incorporates earthy tones and vibrant hues, creating a lively atmosphere for your baby shower.

Woodland Baby Shower Invites

Woodlands baby shower invitation in green huesAdding an sense of enchantment and wonder to one’s celebration, woodland baby shower invitations feature charming wild creatures like foxes, deer, bears, bunnies, squirrels, and owls. These whimsical cards feature warm autumnal colors and natural beauty—ideal for those who appreciate the serenity and charm of the forest and who want to create a magical atmosphere for their baby shower.

Coed Baby Shower Invitations

Couples shower baby invitation in a modern, minimalist designAs modern baby showers increasingly blend both the mom and dad-to-be (and, of course, their friends, both mutual and independent), coed baby shower invitations likewise embrace the celebration of the arrival of a baby with both parents and their respective crews. Couples shower invites from Shutterfly focus on creating a fun and relaxed environment where everyone can participate in the celebration.



Fancy Baby Shower Invites

Fancy baby shower invitation with gold foillExuding elegance and sophistication, our decidedly fancy baby shower invitations feature metallic foil and glitter and luxurious card stock—each creating a distinctive sense of refinement. These cards—including our personalized foil baby shower invitations, foil-stamped baby shower invites, glitter invites, and baby shower invitations printed on high-end paper—are perfect for those inclined toward a stylish and classy event.

Explore Baby Shower Ideas For Boys and Girls

One of the most popular ways to create DIY baby shower invitations is by browsing options online for boys, girls, and gender neutral cards. Making custom baby shower invitations has never been so fun and easy. Take a look at these great options:

Boy Baby Shower Invitations

Custom boy baby shower invitation in classic blueCelebrate the arrival of a precious baby boy with boy baby shower invitations that capture the incredible joy and excitement of this occasion. Choose from our assortment of animal-themed invitations along with other motifs perfect for baby boys (including plenty of blue designs). Welcome your little prince into the world with cards that reflect your unique vision.

Girl Baby Shower Invitations

Beautiful girl baby shower invitation template in pink with an animal themeFor those expecting a beautiful baby girl, celebrate with girl baby shower invitations that exude sweetness and charm. From delicate floral patterns to cute plaids and polka dots in pink and other appealing colors. Whether you envision a soft pastel aesthetic or a bold, vibrant design, Shutterfly has a nearly endless assortment of design ideas at your fingertips.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitations

A gender neutral baby shower invitation template with watercolor designWhen the gender of the baby is a surprise or when you simply prefer a gender-neutral approach to your shower stationery and décor, gender neutral baby shower invitations offer a versatile and inclusive option. Embrace themes and designs—in green, yellow, and more—that celebrate the joy of welcoming a precious little one without focusing on specific gender stereotypes.

Customize Your DIY Baby Shower Invite

Once you’ve chosen a style of card, set about personalizing your baby shower invitation to make it unique to you. Choose a trim, design color, and even the type of paper you’d like your invite to printed on. Our design tools help you add the honoree and host’s names, the date, time, and location of your party, contact and RSVP information, and registry details. You’ll even be able to customize your envelopes to match your card design, should you choose. And that’s it—you’re ready to order. 2024 is the year to make baby shower invitations in style with Shutterfly.