8 Creative Birth and Pregnancy Announcements

Whether you’re expecting a baby or just welcomed one into the world, bring your loved ones into the celebration with pregnancy and birth announcement cards. Using Shutterfly’s custom photo greeting cards for your announcement, you can share the love no matter where your loved ones are. Use your professional photos from a pregnancy or newborn photo shoot, or have fun sending out sweet candid photos. When you can’t have all your family and friends with you during such a wonderful time, a custom photo card can help them feel like they’re there. Our eight pregnancy and baby announcement ideas are perfect for baby girls, baby boys, and neutral announcements.

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Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If you’re expecting a baby, it’s a big announcement to get to tell your friend and family. While you’ve probably already spilled the news to those closest to you in person or over the phone, a formal announcement helps you keep everyone in your life informed. Beautiful pregnancy announcements can also become a lifelong keepsake for whenever you want to look back on your pregnancy and relive the time in your life. When you’re expecting, you can have fun adding pregnancy photos to your announcement cards along with the baby’s gender and name, if you know it already or feel like making the announcement ahead of time. These four pregnancy announcement ideas are perfect for different seasons and different types of reveals.

1. Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

If you’re several months pregnant and the winter holidays are coming up, a Christmas pregnancy announcement can be fun and festive for everyone. Prepare with a Christmas-themed pregnancy photoshoot where you can be wearing seasonal colors like red, white, and green. Inside the announcement, there’s so many fun plays on words and quotes you can include, such as “Can’t wait for the best present of them all!” If you’re religious, include a bible verse about children or birth to show that you’re looking forward to celebrating the upcoming holidays along with your beautiful new baby.

Birth announcement cards for new born baby

2. Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement

If you’re expecting, your pregnancy is surely one of the biggest things you’re thankful for this year. Share your gratitude with family and friends by designing a Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement to send in the mail. Your pregnancy reveal can include fall colors to match the season, including an orange, red, and yellow color palette. Consider setting up a Thanksgiving-themed photoshoot where you can pose in a fall setting as a couple or on your own as the expectant mother. Your Thanksgiving announcement card will make your whole family feel thankful for the new baby that’s on the way!

Pregnancy announcement showing baby shoes that says out of difficulties grow miracles

3. Funny Pregnancy Announcement

A pregnancy announcement is a joyful time in your life, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be funny! With a photo announcement, you can make your loved ones smile and laugh as they look forward to meeting the new baby. Stage a photoshoot as a couple with signs you can hold up to poke fun about your fears surrounding new parenthood. Many of your loved ones will likely share the same sentiments and enjoy a pregnancy announcement that’s funny and honest.

Funny pregnancy announcement showing woman's baby bump and man's stomach that says baby on the way

4. Surprise Pregnancy Reveal

A surprise pregnancy reveal will likely take more planning than a standard reveal. If you really want to surprise everyone in your life, you’ll need to keep a big secret until your announcements hit the mail! If you can do it, the effect will be fun for all your friends and family to hear about the surprise all at the same time. If you’ve been hiding a small baby bump, take the time to add photos to your announcement card so everyone can see what’s on the way. A surprise announcement is fun for everyone, and it makes the announcement feel even more special.

Personalized birth announcements with four different designs and styles

Birth Announcement Ideas

After the baby is here, let everyone know about the new addition to family with custom baby announcement cards. Include candid photos of your new family or use a professional photoshoot to show off your newborn’s photos. Your baby announcement cards will be especially important for the friends and family who are too far to meet the newborn in person. By putting together a beautiful baby card, everyone can get to know the little one and feel like they’re right there with you too. Choose from these four birth announcement ideas to put together a cute and sweet card.

1. Christmas Baby Announcement

Just like a Christmas pregnancy announcement, you can put together a festive baby announcement to send out during the holidays. Whether you had your baby recently or it’s baby’s first Christmas, your loved ones will enjoy seeing a unique Christmas card that doubles as a sweet announcement. Take new family photos that celebrate how your family has grown the past year, and include sweet messages about your new baby, including their name, age, and personality.

bundle of blessing birth announcement with snowflakes and a rustic background

2. Rainbow Baby Announcement

A rainbow baby announcement pulls from all the fun of childhood with an exciting and colorful design. Whether you had a boy or a girl, a rainbow announcement is suitable for both as a more gender neutral announcement. A rainbow design symbolizes that you’re getting ready for a new adventure as a family, and your loved ones will enjoy sharing that with you. On your colorful announcement, include facts about your newborn including their name, weight, and age.

baby girl birth announcement with rainbow illustration and sleeping baby photo

3. Pumpkin Baby Announcement

A pumpkin baby announcement is always cute and perfect to send out during the fall. Dress your baby up in a pumpkin-themed outfit so you can take pictures and add them to the card. Everyone will adore how cute your baby is and how small they look next to real pumpkins! Add a cute saying to your announcement, such as “Welcoming our little pumpkin!” If you had a baby that was born at the end of summer or during the fall, a pumpkin announcement is the perfect way to celebrate the season as well as their birthday.

4. Hospital Birth Announcement

Newborn baby photos are a more intimate way to introduce your loved ones to your new family. Seeing a new baby snuggled in the pink or blue hospital blankets can make your friends and family feel like they were right there with you to welcome the baby into the world. After you’ve had the chance to rest and bond with your family, take some shots in the hospital that you feel comfortable sharing with the closest people to you. They’ll love seeing the very first days in your baby’s life and celebrating with you even from far away through a hospital birth announcement.

Baby boy tri-fold birth announcement with hospital photo of baby in blue blanket and blue letting on the card

When to Tell People You Are Pregnant

Before sending out pregnancy announcements, many people wonder when to announce a pregnancy. It’s important to know that everyone’s pregnancy is different, and it’s all up to you, your family, and your comfort. Many couples wait until after the first trimester to send out pregnancy announcement since there’s less chance of miscarriage after that time. After the first trimester, you and your partner also would have had plenty of time to bond together and may feel more ready to share the big news with the rest of your friends and family. Along with an announcement card, some other baby reveal ideas include a surprise party or a simple round of phone calls with those closest to you.

Follow Up With a Baby Shower

Once you’ve sent out your pregnancy announcements, follow up with a baby shower to celebrate in person before the baby is due. It’s customary for someone close to the new mom to host the baby shower for them, so you may not need to do any planning if you’re pregnant. The party host will typically plan everything from sending out the baby shower invitations, planning decor, and selecting a venue as well as party activities. Most baby showers are relatively small, and you can hold them out at a restaurant or at someone’s home to share lunch or snacks and play some baby-themed games.

Women at baby shower holding balloons and baby gifts for pregnant woman

More Ideas for Welcoming a New Baby

Having a new baby is one of the biggest, most exciting changes in anyone’s life. Celebrate properly with custom baby gifts and home decor that you can use to put your nursery together. As parents, you should be happy with all your baby products that help you care for and enrich your child. Your babies will also develop their own preferences quickly, and they’ll enjoy fun toys and activities like art kits and story books. As your baby grows, don’t forget to save all your photos and add them to a personalized photo book. With a professional photo album, you’ll have a special way to look back at memories and keep all your photos as keepsakes.

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