A blanket is perfect for staying warm in the wintertime, cuddling up to watch a movie, or making your home cozier for guests. Though blankets seem simple, there are many options to choose from to make sure you have the best blanket for your needs. Blankets can be thin so you don’t get as hot, or they can be thick and made of warming materials like sherpa or fur. There are also different blanket sizes to choose from, including sizes for your bed or smaller options for throw blankets you can keep on the couch. 

When choosing the best blanket for your needs, consider what you’ll use it for. If you’d like to liven up your living space, consider a fleece throw that matches your pillows and rug. You can also choose a sherpa blanket or heated blanket if you’re looking for the most warmth when temperatures get too cold.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have gotten more popular in recent years because of their warmth and ability to relieve anxiety. Within weighted blankets, the weight is spread out evenly so it helps you feel snug and comforted when you’re underneath it. Weighted blankets are best for keeping on your bed to help prevent tossing and turning at night.

Electric Blanket

An electric blanket has thin wires running throughout that can produce heat through electricity. Heated blankets are padded enough so you don’t feel the wires inside, but you’ll enjoy a lot of added warmth when it’s on. An electric blanket is especially great for keeping on your bed to turn on before you get inside so it’s already nice and warm when it’s bedtime.

Photo Blanket

A photo blanket is a type of customized blanket that makes a great gift. With a picture blanket, you can print any of your favorite photos directly onto the blanket to celebrate memories and create a unique blanket that’s best for your style. Photo blankets can include a single large photo or multiple photos to create a collage blanket that’s just as fun to look at as it is warm and cozy.

Throw Blanket

A throw blanket isn’t always the most warm blanket. Instead, it offers a little more comfort and design for a living area. Most commonly, throw blankets look best on couches to match other interior decor. A throw blanket is perfect to keep nearby for when you have guests over watching a movie or you need an extra blanket that won’t make you too hot.

How to Make a Custom Photo Blanket

With Shutterfly, it’s easy to learn how to make a fleece blanket with your favorite photos and memories. You can purchase a photo blanket online and make it fully custom with a unique layout, background, and fun messages. Shutterfly’s fleece blanket options come in three different materials – regular fleece, plush fleece, and sherpa. Fleece is excellent for moderate warmth that you can use year-round even in the summertime. Plush fleece is a bit more soft and cozy, and a sherpa blanket is a nice fuzzy blanket that’s great for the colder months. All of Shutterfly’s blankets are machine washable, so you can even use the fleece blanket as a picnic blanket outdoors. 

Make your own custom photo blanket with these easy steps: 

  1. Choose the photo or photos you’d like to use
  2. Depending on the number of photos, choose a layout that fits all of them
  3. Choose your blanket size – 30×40, 50×60, or 60×80
  4. Choose a theme by occasion or color, or upload your own design
  5. Use the Shutterfly design template to arrange your photos in the layout, customize the background and colors, and add names or messages

Gift a Custom Blanket

Once you know how to make a blanket, you can gift a personalized blanket to your friends and family. Shutterfly has simple templates for occasions like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, housewarming, and more. With custom blankets, you can choose pet photos, anniversary photos, vacation photos, and anything else that you want to feature. Enjoy using your creativity to create a comfortable gift your loved ones will get plenty of use out of.

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