Coupons let you redeem discounts and free products in most retail and online stores. You can use printable coupons or paper coupons inside stores as well as digital coupons online. Online, you’d use coupon codes or promo codes that you can enter before checking out to take the discount off your cart. In-store, a retail associate will either scan your coupon or enter the code as they’re scanning your items. Coupons are usually more prevalent during sales periods, including Cyber Week and the holiday season.

How to Get Coupons

If you like using physical coupons, you can usually sign up to receive a manufacturer’s free coupons or company coupons in the mail. Printable coupons might also come to you via email if you’re signed up with a company’s rewards program. You can also find free coupons online – usually on each company’s website. For instance, there may be a special offers page that tells you exactly what promo code to use for specific deals.

How to Use Coupons

To use coupons, first, decide what you’d like to use them on. You can find general coupon codes that take a percentage off of your cart or more specific coupons that apply to certain products. The best way to use coupons is for the products you know you’re already going to buy – that way you’re saving the most money. With printable coupons, just cut them out and bring them with you to the store. Show your coupon to the cashier as you’re checking out, and they’ll make sure the coupon is applied to your purchase. 

When using coupons online, it’s up to you to enter the correct promo code as you’re checking out. There’s usually a coupon code field where you can enter your code on the same page where you would enter your payment information. While using any coupons, be sure to check the expiration date.

Shutterfly Coupons

Shutterfly coupons are available year-round, yet some offers expire after a certain period. Bookmark the Shutterfly promotions and deals page to keep an eye on how you can save throughout the year. During the holidays, you can find a free shipping coupon that’s available if you spend a certain amount on Shutterfly products. You can also redeem coupons on specific products, like photo book coupons and Christmas card coupons. At times, Shutterfly will also implement deals and savings that don’t require coupons – you can see the discounts in your cart before you check out.

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