21 Best Parenting Blogs and Parenting Websites

‘It takes a community to raise a child: luckily, communities are more available than ever with the best parenting blogs and forums online. Whether your focus is the early stages of pregnancy, fostering, raising teens, green parenting, or anything between, there’s a community for you. And if you’re looking for the best parenting blogs, look no further. The following blogs have some of the largest communities and resource libraries available, and provide everything from video tutorials to guides on children’s story books. That means that they’ll likely have the answer to any question you might have, along with those you didn’t know to ask. Find them below.

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Popsugar Moms

Website: https://www.popsugar.com/moms/

Known For: Most Popular Parenting Blogs

What’s it about: Popsugar Moms features a wide collection of entertainment for all moms. This is combined with resources covering topics from pregnancy to toddlers, from back to school to back to work, and family-friendly recipes to fill the gaps. And while it’s not a dedicated parenting site like most of the resources below, it’s still worth a look.

Parents.com best parenting blog


Website: https://www.parents.com/

Known For: Most Popular Parenting Blogs

What’s it about: Parents is one of the oldest and largest resources in industry. There’s few subjects they don’t tackle, and they pffer plenty of resources outside of their blog. The website also features video resources, newsletters, and more.

Alpha Mom

Website: https://alphamom.com/

Known For: Most Popular Parenting Blogs

What it’s about: Alpha Mom focuses on Mom’s side of parenting and pregnancy. Yes, it still has plenty of resources specifically on children. But it also includes content focused on Mom’s physical, financial, and mental health. All content is organized well so anything you’re looking for is extra easy to find.


Website: https://www.bundoo.com/

Known For: Most Popular Parenting Blogs

What’s it about: Bundoo is one of the industry’s leaders and a central authority on baby health for good reason– it’s run by doctors. They’ve developed a robust library of child, baby, and prenatal resources. They also give readers the ability to connect to real doctors for personalized advice.


Website: https://www.parenting.com/

Known For: Most Popular Parenting Blogs

What it’s about: Parenting is owned by the same people who operate Parents, and for that reason, they have very similar categories and topics. Thanks to a bigger brand, they have access to plenty of resources, and that expertise shows.


Website: https://www.babble.com/

Known For: Most Popular Parenting Blogs

What’s it about: Babble is a baby and parenting resource powered by Disney. For that reason, it has a more light hearted and happy tone than most of the other blogs. Content is diverse, ranging from entertainment to childcare advice, and definitely worth a look.

Scary Mommy

Website: https://www.scarymommy.com/

Known For: Most Popular Parenting Blogs

What’s it about: Originally a private blog written by a Mom with a sense of humor, Scary Mommy is now one of the largest and most popular parenting sites with plenty of resources and content for new mothers and mothers with grown children alike. This website is perfect for those who want a laugh as much as they want insight.

working mother best parenting blog

Working Mother

Website: https://www.workingmother.com/

Known For: Most Popular Parenting Blogs

What it’s about: Working Mother is for those Moms that are doing it all: work, family, and more. It helps connect a community that otherwise can feel unappreciated or overwhelmed. It also provides plenty of research, career resources, and events for its readers.

Baby Center

Website: https://www.babycenter.com/

Known For: Best Pregnancy Blogs And Baby Blog

What it’s about: Baby Center is a dedicated hub for the pregnancy and baby experience. It strives to personalize its readers journey on site, and even asks for the date of your due date from the start in order to customize content. Thanks to its robust library of multi format resources, community, and offered products, Baby Center remains a fantastic site for those entering the parenting world.

What to Expect

Website: https://www.whattoexpect.com/

Known For: Best Pregnancy Blogs And Baby Blog

What’s it about: What to Expect focuses on the pregnancy journey. For that reason the site is a must visit for those looking for educational resources while expecting a child. Having said that, they still have plenty of resources on raising infants, toddlers, and caring for a family. And with an active community, there’s plenty of support along the way.

The Moat Blog

Website: http://www.themoatblog.com/

Known For: Parents Of Teenagers Blog

What it’s about: The Moat Blog was started years ago by Kay, a mother of five. Kay built a community out of a need to connect with those also raising teens, and it’s grown exponentially in that time. Now, in addition to the blog, you can find a regular podcast and other media built around that same community.

life of dad best parenting blog

Life of Dad

Website: https://www.lifeofdad.com/

Known For: Dad Parenting Blog

What it’s about: There’s not nearly as many parenting resources solely made with Dads in mind as there are for Moms. Life of Dad aims to bridge that gap, and delivers funny, yet heartwarming and helpful content for Dads of all walks of life. From podcasts to memes, you can find all manners of resources for fatherhood on this blog.

Creating a Family

Website: https://creatingafamily.org/blog 

Known For: Foster Parent Blog And Adoption Blog

This blog is run by the National Infertility and Adoption Education Nonprofit. With their main aim to educate and provide resources, it’s a perfect resource for those struggling with infertility or adoption processes. The blog provides research, tools, books, and more that can help enable adoptive parents to build a family.

Stepmom Help

Website: http://www.stepmomhelp.com/

Known For: Step Parenting Blogs

What’s it about: Stepmom Help is run by a certified stepfamily coach, Jenna, who’s personal experiences combine with her professional training in order to provide the best advice possible for step parents. Along with the blog, Jenna runs a private support community, coaching services, and offers dedicated books on Stepmom advice.

Jen Hatmaker

Website: http://jenhatmaker.com/

Known For: Christian Parenting Blogs

What’s it about: Simply put: Jen Hatmaker’s a mother who focuses on the things that truly matter to her. She continues to write about her efforts to concentrate on her faith and family, and chronicles every part of her journey. She also offers home kit resources for those who want to try and follow her journey, along with an ongoing podcast.

mamavation best parenting blog


Website: https://www.mamavation.com/

Known For: Green Parenting Blog

What’s it about: Mamavation combines community, activism, and motherhood with one main goal: better food and nutrition for children. The blog is robust, and the website doubles down on helpful content with offered courses, private communities, a comprehensive book, and hosted events. If you’re looking for a resource to help you steer your family in a greener direction, this is a great place to start.


Website: https://www.mothering.com/

Known For: Green Parenting Blog

What’s it about: Mothering is a natural parenting blog and website that offers a wide variety of parenting resources in addition to its green parenting content. In addition to its community and forum, it offers a way for members to buy and trade supplies. Visitors can also read about recommendations on green goods for the home. This is the perfect website for mothers who are looking for a strong community rooted in natural parenting research.

Kids in the House

Website: https://www.kidsinthehouse.com/

Known For: Blogs For Teachers And Parents

What’s it about: Kids in the House focuses on multimedia parenting resources. With a collection of over 9000 videos from over 450 experts, it has plenty of content ranging from pregnancy to sending kids off to college. This means it’s a great resource for parents who’d rather watch videos than actively read content, and Moms everywhere know how important it is for hand free, easy content experiences.

PBS Parents

Website: http://www.pbs.org/parents/

Known For: Blogs For Teachers And Parents

What it’s about: PBS has a long standing reputation for deep, immersive, and educational content for kids. They believe in empowering parents and teachers to provide the best possible child care. This blog and website is poised to do just that. From printables, to videos, to games, to lesson plans: this website seems to have it all for the education focused caregiver.

teach mama best parenting blog

Teach Mama

Website: https://teachmama.com/

Known For: Blogs For Teachers And Parents

Amy Mascott founded Teach Mama in 2008. Amy, a lifelong reader and teacher, believes in empowering mothers everywhere to advocate for their children’s education. She uses her blog to lead children into a love for learning. She has a broad range of resources for almost any educational discipline. So, if you’re looking for practical and simple lessons or ideas, her website is worth the look.

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