Christmas Table Decoration Ideas to Brighten Up the Holidays

Throughout the holiday season, family and friends travel near and far to spend time together and build special memories. And gathering around the table is a natural part of those festivities. By creating a beautiful space for your loved ones to come together and share in each other’s company, you’re giving them one of the best gifts of the season. From cheery decor to earthy-inspired vibes, we have Christmas table decorations for every style and celebration. By using our guide, you’ll have a room bursting with festive spirit and plenty of love.

Christmas table decorations with cups, placemats, and tableware.

To help get you ready for entertaining and celebrating, we’re sharing three Christmas table decoration ideas that will spark your imagination. And once you’ve reviewed the Christmas table decorating ideas below, check out our personalized home decor to give your decorations a custom look and feel.

Bold and Beautiful Table Setting

Heighten the mood with bold and beautiful Christmas table decorations. Involve cheerful colors to make the whole room burst with energy. Follow our style tips to entertain in style this holiday season.

Style Tip 1: Include Fresh Greenery

Let your greenery take center stage. Place garland or branches along the center of your design to build on structure and allow for plenty of colorful accents.

closeup of colored ornaments and branches

Style Tip 2: Paint Your Ornaments

Gather a collection of paint colors to coat your plastic ornaments. To help with choosing colors, think about your other table items, like plates, silverware, and placemats. Tie your decor together by using similar tones.

painted ornaments red blue gold

Style Tip 3: Choose a Neutral Tablecloth

With a colorful scheme, you’ll want to select a tablecloth that’s neutral like white or cream. This softer background color allows your candles, ornaments and metallic accents to be the main focal points. A neutral tablecloth is versatile, too—it can be reused when hosting other holiday celebrations.

white table cloth with gold ornaments

Style Tip 4: Remember To Add Accent Pieces.

Ensure your table decorations have character by incorporating unique, small details. Consider including delicate accents like a flower petal on each place setting. Other stunning accent items? Metallic utensils, patterned placements, and colorful glassware.

gold silverware with red petal on napkin

Vibrant colors almost instantly boost the mood. Go bold this holiday season and let your table make a true impression.

Earthy Inspired Table Decor

Natural and elegant, green and gold decor offers your table an earthy feel. By incorporating a few of the key elements, you’ll create a gathering place that’s both warm and inviting.

patterned table runner and gold plates

Style Tip 1: Begin With a Table Runner

Place a table runner down the middle of your table as the foundation for your decorations. Table runners build cohesion and add an artistic feel. Consider a table runner that’s personalized with a photo or name initial.

letter J on textured table runner

Style Tip 2: Include Atypical Pieces

Within your green and metallic color palette, incorporate pieces that are not typical to Christmas decorations (think: giraffes—instead of trees and reindeer). Unique decor items bring in your personality and add a bit of festive fun.

gold giraffe with gold house and branches

Style Tip 3: Accent With Candles

If you’re decorating a Christmas table, candles are nearly a must-have. They bring in a warm component and add dimension to your design, especially if you use ones of varying sizes and styles. Add personalized candles to make your decor extra special.

green gold and white candles

Style Tip 4: Add in Pieces With Texture

Amp up the texture in your arrangement by adding unique utensils, pops of color and patterned napkins. These pieces infuse style and personality into your decor. Consider items you have around your home or have fun shopping for pieces that perfectly match your decorative vision.

green gold and white candles with blue glasses in back

As an alternative for building texture, slide a patterned placemat under each setting (instead of using patterned napkins).

table setting with patterned table cloth

With your table runner pulling your decorations together, have fun adding eclectic pieces to your design. Keep them in the green, gold and metallic color scheme to maintain cohesion.

Merry and Bright Table Decor

Brighten your entire table with beautiful, festive decor. But no need to overcomplicate: simple designs ensure your table doesn’t feel too cluttered. Recreate these merry and bright table decorations by incorporating traditional elements while still accenting with unique details.

over view green and red table

Style Tip 1: Incorporate Traditional Christmas Colors.

Create a foundation for your table decor by pulling in the traditional colors: red and green. But don’t be shy to put your own spin on them, like with a lighter shade of green or a softer red. Simple items, such as fresh flowers and dusty miller, make for rich decor that’s not overpowering.

pretty red flowers

Style Tip 2: Add Dimension With Vases and Jars.

Build dimension into your Christmas table decorations by using varying jars and vases. The size variation helps to create a visually appealing spread. Mix and match your shapes, too, by including pieces like circular jars and taller stemmed vases.

snow dusted Christmas trees

Style Tip 3: Accent With Metallics

Give your decor a sophisticated look by incorporating metallic details in your placemats and plateware. The shimmery touch brings in a classy feel. Even a gold-trimmed glass or plate adds a bit of zest to your decorations.

gold table setting with black and white napkin

Style Tip 4: Include Finer Details

Sometimes the tiniest details add the most life to a table. Consider smaller accents like a twig of eucalyptus and sweet Nutcracker ornaments to adorn each place setting. Your guests will appreciate the little things you added to make the table feel extra festive.

snow dusted trees with glass

Style Tip 5: Create a Snowy Scene

Design your own winter wonderland by filling jars with fake snow and frosting tree figurines with snow spray. For beautiful glasses to use in your display, be sure to personalize your own glass jars.

jar filled with white christmas trees

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No matter how you decide to incorporate each piece of decor, you’ll end up with a festive table that’s ready for every holiday meal. After all, entertaining during the holiday season is a special opportunity. You’ll create beautiful memories for years to come, perfect for sharing on your annual Christmas cards. And for additional holiday inspiration, make sure to visit our resource on Christmas decoration ideas.