Customize Your Photos In Fun Ways With Our App

Transform your photos with the tap of a finger by using our newest app feature, Moments! Our app now allows you to easily add a custom background, stickers, and text to your photos so that you can save, share, and use them to personalize products. We’ll show you how to turn your grad, prom, and spring picture day photos into one-of-a-kind creations so that you can keep celebrating big moments and special occasions, as well as the small moments of joy that arise during our daily routines.

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Why We Love Moments

As people are confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are missing out on important life events, such as spring picture day, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, vacations, and more. So, we wanted to create a tool to help recreate those missed moments in the comfort of your own home.

Along the way of adjusting to this new normal, we discover new hobbies and develop new skills, host virtual parties and plan staycations, and never stop celebrating life in some way, however small, every day. Taking photos helps keep us in the moment and stay thoughtful about the precious things that happen in life. That’s why Moments makes it easy for users to get creative and have fun with the memories and celebrations they want to share so that we can find togetherness and stay connected during these unprecedented times.

How To Use Moments

Using Moments to edit your photos is fast, easy, and fun! This four-step process is simple enough so that both kids and adults can enjoy replacing the background of a photo with a custom background and adding fun stickers and text. Here’s how to make unforgettable edits to unforgettable moments:

Step 1: Download The Shutterfly App

Our app is fast to download, convenient to use, and comes with great perks. Once downloaded, you’ll find Moments immediately on the homepage as well as special app-only offers such as unlimited free prints and a free monthly photo book. Find it on the app store and download to get started.

Step 2: Take A Photo Or Choose One

You have the option to either take a photo directly through the app or pick from one of your favorite pictures already on your device.

Step 3: Add Backgrounds, Stickers, And Text

After you take or upload a photo, the app will then automatically remove your original background and replace it with one of our preset backgrounds of your choice. With many designs to choose from you can replace your background for something bold and shiny or something more rustic with nature.

Once your background is chosen, you have the freedom to decorate your photo with all the available stickers and text to your heart’s content. The best part is that you don’t need any specific skills or professional software to create an image perfectly the way you want.

Step 4: Share Or Create Products

The last step is to share your beautifully created moments with your loved ones! You can also invite your classmates, your family members, or your friends to create a collage that will be treasured forever.

Additionally, you have the option to turn your photos into personalized gifts, cards, home décor, and photo books. Fill your home or a loved one’s home with favorite shared memories that tell stories of important milestones and life journeys.

Creative Photo Ideas And Techniques To Try

Nothing captures the passage of time quite as well as a series of images, especially when they showcase the unique personality you and your close ones. Here are simple yet creative ideas for interesting backgrounds and editing styles to capture the little and big moments that make life worth celebrating.

Spring Picture Day

Spring photos don’t have to follow the traditional composition of posing in their new outfit. Capture their excitement and that big smile with unique backgrounds and fun stickers for a combination of both sweet and silly images.

Virtual Prom

Prom is a springtime tradition that plays an important role in solidifying friendships, celebrating good times, and commemorating the end of the school year. As high school seniors are making the transition to a virtual prom, commemorate this special moment and glam prom outfits by editing your photos with sparkly backgrounds!

Graduation Glory

To all graduating students out there looking to savor this important moment in life, our app can help you make commencement ceremony edits that’ll have you look back with starry-eyed nostalgic smiles. Document your graduation story with graduation themed backgrounds, stickers, and text! Make edits that revel in your accomplishments and send them out as graduation announcements to share your success with others.

Staycation Abroad

Create a virtual vacation with our app by placing yourself in front of the Red Rock Canyon, Statue of Liberty, or Golden Gate Bridge. These effects are a fun way to lift the spirits and entertain those who are staycationing!

One With Nature

You don’t need a special occasion to decorate your photos in our app! Create fun projects and play around with the various backgrounds and effects that showcase your love for nature.

Final Thoughts

You can create awesome, custom photos with our app’s free-to-edit stickers, text, and backgrounds. We hope this photo editing tutorial inspires you to do something extra special with your graduation, prom, or just casual pictures so that you can keep celebrating and cherishing life’s special moments.

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