Creative Graduation Announcements During Times Of Uncertainty

No matter how you celebrate, share your grad’s achievement with personalized announcements. Whether graduating from elementary, high school, or college, close friends and family love to be informed of major life accomplishments. One of the best parts about achievement is getting to share your success with others.

As the COVID-19 outbreak is changing the way the world connects, celebrates and communicates, we want to share with you that, together, we can figure out how to move forward during these uncertain times. Graduation may look different this year, but our commitment to grad hasn’t. We’ve put together tips on how to make custom graduation announcements, like grad photo inspiration ideas, announcement wording and etiquette, and our Date-Change Promise so that you can order graduation announcements with confidence.

How To Make Your Own Graduation Announcements

Graduation is more than just a day, it’s about honoring years of hard work and dedication. It celebrates not only how far the graduate has arrived, but the excitement of a new journey to start with. This milestone is worth sharing with those who have cheered you on since Day 1. So, share your achievement with custom graduation announcements. In this guide, you’ll find the tools you need to make your own graduation announcements.

1. Choose Any Design You Like

shutterfly graduation announcements

We offer a diverse array of styles, designs, and colors for grad announcements, ranging from bold and striking to elegant and classic, so you can find a theme that fits your personality perfectly. We also specialize in high-quality photo graduation announcements that can really showcase your achievements and how far you have come.

Take advantage of all the custom borders, colors, and other enhancements to transform each announcement into a one of a kind product. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to celebrate your accomplishments is to design graduation announcements that you and your loved ones will cherish as mementos. Graduation gifts like photo books, personalized phone cases, and more are also great ways to create a personal and meaningful keepsake of this momentous occasion.

2. Personalize Your Graduation Announcements Wording

After you’ve settled on a theme, you’ll be prompted to personalize the wording. Graduation announcement or college send off invitation wording can vary whether it’s celebrating a graduation from high school or college. Here are some details to include:

  • The graduate’s name: Display your name somewhere prominent – it’s your time to shine!
  • School name: Include the full name of the school you are graduating from. For high school graduates, consider including the name of the school you are attending next.
  • Degree type or area of study: For college graduates, highlight the field of study and degree you’ve earned.
  • Class year: While Shutterfly graduation announcements will typically declare the class year of 2020, the exact date is optional. If the exact date is included in a particular design and plans are uncertain, it can easily be edited out or written over to something less specific such as “Spring 2020.”
  • Additional details: Opt for a design that features a backer, where there’s space to include your passions, sports teams, and special honors. It’s also a great place to give a personal thank you to all those who helped you along the way.

If you already sent graduation announcements and need to change the date or details of your event, Shutterfly will reprint any event-based cards you create with us for free, honoring our Date-Change Promise.

3. Upload Your Photos

boy graduation portrait

Every recipient is going to want to see your senior portraits, so be sure to add several to your custom graduation announcements. If you don’t have any senior portraits yet, plan for a graduation photo shoot that showcases the incredible person you have become. Your big news deserves to shine, so whether you want a formal theme with impressive photos or something more casual and fun, your grad announcement can reflect your personality. Go with a simple announcement that features just one photo or a collage-style that adds some depth to the card.

4. Preview Your Custom Graduation Announcement

After you’re done designing your completely personalized graduation announcement, preview it on the screen to make sure it’s exactly how you want. You’ll have a chance to go back and make edits if needed and then you can add a few more options if wanted. When you’re ready to purchase, simply add the announcement to your cart.

You can always store your graduation announcements, graduation cards, and other keepsakes from your journey inside a graduation photo book pocket. A keepsake photo book is a great way to preserve your photos and tell the story of your achievement.

Date Flexible Graduation Announcement Designs

Whether you know your grad’s commencement ceremony date or not, there are several ways you can customize your graduation announcement.

Graduation Announcement With Event Date

Add the date of your commencement or virtual ceremony to your graduation announcement if there’s one set in stone.

Graduation Announcement With Semester + Year

If the graduation ceremony details are up in the air, leave out an exact date and add the semester and year to your grad’s card.

Graduation Announcement With Name + School

To play it safe, design a graduation announcement with just the grad’s name and the name of their school.

Creative Graduation Announcement Ideas

Choose the perfect graduation announcement idea that celebrates you. You can subtly drop some hints about how loved ones can support you in your new endeavors. After all, this is the ideal opportunity to prepare for the future, thank those who were part of this accomplishment, and create a meaningful memento.

shutterfly graduation announcements

Then And Now Photos

Show how far you’ve come with a then-and-now collage style graduation announcement, whatever illustrates your journey to the diploma. Tell a story of your graduation by incorporating pictures of your transformation from a student to an adult. Your recipients will be smiling at how much you have changed from year to year.

A Design To Remember

If you have artistic talent, then invest some of it into your graduation announcement design. While Shutterfly may have a lot of ready-to-use templates, we also make it easy for you to upload your own design. Take your time and make this the perfect graduation announcement with whatever meaningful photograph, text, and colors your heart desires.

Photoshoot At Home

creative graduation photo

Since it’s a difficult time to get outside and take pictures, take this as an opportunity to give your graduation photos an intimate and personable feel with an in-home photoshoot. Capture shots on the steps of your front porch, near a tree you love to study under, or the backyard you grew up with. You could even create some DIY decorations or order them online to make an exciting photo backdrop. Set up some 2020 balloons with fringe and star garland and start snapping some fun photos.

The Next Milestone

shuttefly graduation announcement

There’s no better time than now to talk about your ambitions than when you graduate. When choosing the right graduation announcement idea, show off your pride. In addition to highlighting your upcoming graduation, add some depth to your grad announcements with a fun folded card design that has a collection of your favorite photos and announcement of what your next steps are. This might gently influence your friends and family to consider how they could support you.

A Fantastic Thank You

From parents, to impactful teachers, to generous relatives, to fellow students, you probably didn’t reach this point all by yourself. Your graduation is the ideal opportunity to say thank you and show your appreciation for all the help you received along the way. Thanking all those who supported how hard you worked will remind your friends and family that you will never forget their part in your success.

Graduation Announcement Etiquette

Here are some graduation announcement etiquette tips and tricks that will make your graduation planning remain stress-free. To help you, we’ve answered some common questions about graduation correspondence you may come across while creating, addressing and sending your formal graduation announcements.

When To Send

Graduation announcements can be sent within a wide time frame – you can send them out before or after the actual graduation. If you’re sending them before graduating, we suggest you send them at least two weeks before. If you plan to send out graduation announcements after graduating, you can send them up to six weeks afterward.

Who To Send Them To

Family members, both immediate and extended, will of course be thrilled to receive a graduation announcement. Parents and other important family members will have probably already been informed of all the details. Still, they sure wouldn’t mind hanging up personalized graduation announcements on the fridge for all to admire. Extended family like grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, family that you may not see every day but still have a great impact in your life, will want to hear about your accomplishments. Though, not necessary to send to friends in the same year as your grad, it’s a good idea to send to childhood friends who have stayed in touch. And last but not least, anyone who may have helped you along the way, from math tutors to basketball coaches, or even favorite teachers from elementary school.

Final Thoughts

Announcing your graduation is not something you get to do every day. Take pride in this moment, and share the news in a way that’s meaningful to you. Whether you opt for the formal, thankful, artistic or any of the other styles described above, the important thing is to get the word out so the people in your life can celebrate with you.

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