Cute Save the Date Ideas That Will Make Everyone Say “Aww”

You and your partner are adorable, therefore, you need a card that sends your recipients into cuteness overload. Exchanging glances, giving one another a smooch, holding hands and strolling arm in arm are just a few darling photo ideas for you to try. If you’re searching for adorable save the date ideas look no further, we have got you covered with the following 20 ideas. After you have the perfect photo selected, pair it with a save the date card that’s equally sweet.

1. Coffee & You

Couple at coffee shop“This morning, with her, having coffee.” This Johnny Cash inspired save the date, truly showcases the beauty, love, simplicity and commitment that takes place everyday and that will continue to hold up after the wedding ceremony is long over.

2. Sweet Glances

Couple in sweet embrace save the dateExchange sweet glances with one another during your photoshoot to showcase the intimate connection you share. The pictures will give your save the date recipients a glimpse at how you will both look at each other on the big day.

3. Cheek to Cheek

Couple posing cheek to cheekTwo heads are better than one. So put both of yours together in this adorable photo idea. Whether you press cheek again cheek to smile for the camera or if you are dancing cheek to cheek under the moonlight these are wonderful moments to capture and use for your save the dates.

4. Black Tie Affair

Couple in formalwear in snow on save the dateGet all dolled up and dress to the nines for a black tie affair look and feel in your photos. Your fancy photo should be paired with a fancy save the date card that includes glitz, glamour and elegance. Your wedding will surely be an affair to remember.

5. I Want to Hold Your Hand

Couple holding hands in field on save the date cardIntertwine fingers for this simple but super cute announcement photo. Other hand holding ideas to try during your photoshoot are pinky promising one another as a sign of your upcoming commitment or even a high five to show excitement and playfulness.

6. Christmas Wish

Couple outside under the blanketAll I want for Christmas is you. Even though using Christmas presents as props can be cute to capture for your save the dates, you both know that the best gift you have ever received is one another. The gift of love and your soulmate is the best gift of all them.

7. Sunshine Kisses

Couple outside in the sun on save the date Let the sun shine as bright as your love. Be sure to capture these sweet moments when the sun is at it’s peak and there is not a cloud is in the sky. The sun streaming through your photos only adds to the beautiful look of the save the date.

8. Over the Shoulder

Girl peaking over shoulderTake a peek over your shoulders and give a quick glance to the camera as if the photographer just caught a special and intimate moment between the two of you. Save the date recipients will be able to see how you truly delight in one another’s company.

9. Sitting Pretty

Couple sitting in field on save the dateFind a good spot and take a seat. Whether that is in a field on the ground, on a bench in city center, on a blanket on the beach or on your front porch steps, this card is simple and super adorable.

10. Sweep Them Off of Their Feet

Man picking up girlfriend on save the date cardSweep your partner off of their feet…literally! Pick them up and spin them around for an endearing and playful moment to capture in a save the date. It is a cutesy and playful way to show how you will always be there to pick each other up when the other is down.

11. Sunset Magic

Young gay couple in a meadow.Sunsets give off the vibe or romance, beauty and relaxation. With you and your partner included in this photo, it will bring such awe to your save the date card that people will not be able to take their eyes off of it.

12. Simply Elegant

Couple in simple backdrop on save the dateIf your wedding day is all about elegance, then your engagement announcement has to match this level of sophistication. From photo to font to design, everything should look elegant. Choose a bold but lovely photo, contemporary type font and a simple but classy card design.

13. Family Time

Family on the beachMost of the time, a save the date announcement is a pretty big to-do in a setting that you are not normally in. Instead, dare to be different and showcase a scene that you and your partner partake in everyday, like hanging out on the couch or going on a family stroll.

14. Flower Power

Couple with girl holding bouquetBouquets are not just for the wedding. You can also incorporate flowers into your photos and then continue the flower theme on the save the date card design.

15. Back Shot

Couple embracing from behind on save the dateIf you or your partner is a bit camera shy, then turn your back to the camera and play coy. With both of your backs facing the camera, be sure there are other unique and cute elements surrounding you for your recipients to fawn over.

16. Arm in Arm

Couple posing arm in armStroll arm in arm down a boulevard, in a park or on a beach for your save the date photos. Clinging to one another showcases how you are always there for each other and can’t bear to be separated.

17. Perfect Background

Couple kissing in front of heart wallWhether it is graffiti art on an abandoned building, a brightly colored door or a picturesque mountain range, find the perfect backdrop for your photos. Mirror your save the date card details to the background in the photo for a seamless and cohesive look.

18. Fairytale

Couple kissing on save the dateThe love you have for one another and the wedding you will have will be a fairytale. Your announcement should reflect this magic. Choose a whitewashed card and an adorable picture that takes your guests to faraway lands.

19. Kiss and Tell

Kissing couple on save the date cardThis card idea is for the couples who are not shy about expressing their love and giving each other some smooches while having them captured on camera. So pucker-up and plant a wet one on your partner.

20. This Seat is Taken

Gay couple sitting on benchThis seat is taken…for the love of your life. You and your partner can find a unique spot to take a seat together, whether it’s a bench in a park or a couple of school desks, this is truly a darling way to design your save the date.