14 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. The time that you can bite into a warm molasses cookie, plan a Christmas party, put on your most festive onesie, and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas on repeat. But there’s no better way to get into the true Christmas spirit than making your own Christmas tree decorations with your family and friends. That’s why we’ve pulled together the following DIY Christmas ornaments to help spark your creativity during this holiday season. Creating your own personalized Christmas ornaments will add an extra touch to your Christmas tree and will feature all of your most cherished photos within your Christmas ornament collection. Whether you’re customizing a beautiful sparkly glass Christmas ornament or creating a metal ornament, there are plenty of ways to add DIY elements to your Christmas tree.

With our easy steps to create an ornament, you’ll be able to create an ornament that will be a show-stopping piece for your annual Christmas tree. Explore all the different kinds of ornaments that you can personally DIY and create your own personalized photo ornaments each and every year.

How to Create Custom DIY Ornaments

Creating a custom DIY ornament is easy with a few simple steps. Personalized Christmas ornaments make perfect gifts for the holiday season and come in a ready-to-gift box that will be simple and easy to give to your loved ones this year. These custom ornaments will make great gifts each year for your friends and family and you’ll be able to have the year and a memorable photo on each one.

Group of personalized Christmas ornaments with different styles

Simply add the photos you want to incorporate within your DIY ornaments onto your Shutterfly account and choose from the options below to see which ornament style best suits your Christmas tree this year. When you find the custom ornament style you like the best, you can start incorporating your photos within and choose any color embellishments that you like the best. Each of your ornaments will reflect you, your style, and your overall vision of your holiday and Christmas decorations this year.

Jeweled Ornaments

Add a touch of sparkle to your Christmas ornaments by creating personalized jeweled ornaments. Each photo you add to your jeweled ornament will have a sparkle around the photo and is attached to the tree with a beautiful red ribbon. Choose from a heart shaped style or a snowflake shaped option and incorporated any other festive colors within your ornament to have it match or stand out against your other ornaments on your Christmas tree.

Custom photo Christmas ornament with picture of a couple kissing

Metal Ornaments

An interesting ornament to have on your Christmas tree this year is photo metal ornament where all of your images are printed on your DIY ornament. There are a variety of metal ornament shapes to choose from, ranging from a circle, a rectangle bracket, a square bracket, or a gift tag shape. These metal ornaments also allow you to incorporate multiple photos within one metal ornament. For an extra special touch, you can use these metal ornaments as gift tags as an additional touch to a present you’re going to give to your loved ones.

Glass Ornaments

For a more elegant DIY Christmas ornament, consider creating a glass ornament using one of your favorite photos. Not only will it reflect light off the tree, but it’s a keepsake that will last a lifetime. When you receive this glass ornament, it will come in a silk pouch that will double as a safe place to keep it while it’s in storage or a handy and convenient way to present as a gift. Glass ornaments come in shapes such as circles, squares, and hexagons. With a variety of colors and designs, you’ll be able to create beautiful glass personalized Christmas ornaments in no time.

Glass Christmas Ornaments to Celebrate Special Years and Moments

Keepsake Ornaments

A great way to start a new tradition is to create a keepsake ornament each year. Ways to elevate these keepsake ornaments are to include an annual charm that attaches to the red ribbon of the ornament that displays the year. Each year you create these keepsake ornaments, you’ll be able to reflect on the photo memory within its scalloped-shape and the year you created the custom ornament. In addition, you can have a personalized message engraved on the back of these keepsake ornaments to make things more customized towards you and your family.

Ceramic Ornaments

Upgrade your favorite family photos by uploading them into these beautiful ceramic ornament designs. Whether the photo is from a recent family trip or a studio portrait session, this DIY ornament project will make the photos pop. These ceramic ornaments come in both circle and square shapes and can feature photos on both the front and the back. Whichever way you decide to display your ceramic ornaments, you’ll be able to cherish the photos you’ve included within design.

Two ceramic ornaments from Shutterfly.

Luxe Frame Ornaments

Showcase your most unforgettable moments and milestones with personalized luxe frame ornaments. Choose between a gold or silver-tone luxe frame ornament that will best match the luxe vibe of your tree and which setting best matches the picture set within. As you create this fantastic luxe frame ornament, you can include a special keepsake charm of the year, that way you can remember the year and the photo memory within your personalized ornament.

Slate Ornaments

For a one-of-a-kind, stone-made look, a photo slate ornament is what you want to include on your Christmas tree this year. With two different shapes to choose from – circle and square – you can choose a design template that will highlight your photo along with the accent of the slate material on the side. As you go about designing your slate ornaments, you’ll know each one is unique in its own special way because of the special natural material it’s made on. These slate ornaments create will give your Christmas tree a rustic natural look that is a popular theme for Christmas trees.

slate ornaments in circle and square shapes with red ribbon attached to the top

Glitter Ornaments

For a more sparkle and shine type ornament, our glitter ornaments are the way to go. Filled with gold glitter, your photos will be featured within the sphere of transparent ornament. Each photo you incorporate will get a playful sparkly decoration and will be the highlight of your Christmas tree. Incorporating glitter ornaments within your Christmas tree will set it apart from the rest and will be a classic timeless ornament that you’ll use each and every year for your Christmas tree.

Wooden Ornaments

For a more rustic look, create a circle or square wooden ornament for your Christmas tree this year. Our wooden ornaments are made with a mixture of birch wood and composite wood to create wooden ornaments in a square or circle shape. Attach your wooden ornaments with the red ribbon that comes with the wooden ornament for a cute and rustic look only achieved by personalized wooden ornaments. Select or design your own wooden ornaments each and every year for a more personalized Christmas tree ornament.

Two wooden photo ornaments from Shutterfly.

Cubed Ornaments

This stand-out ornament will be the accent ornament of your whole Christmas tree. With their unique shape, cubed custom ornaments allow you to personalize multiple sides of the cubed ornaments. Each cube ornament has its own unique style where you’re able to add photos and any different holiday embellishments possible. Hung with a white ribbon, it adds a touch of color that will accent your tree along with the cubed ornament displayed on your Christmas tree. Explore all the various templates you can create on your custom DIY cubed ornaments this year.

Picture Frame Ornaments

Showcase your special someone in this unique picture frame ornament. These picture frame ornaments double as an ornament as well as a stand up picture frame that you can utilize all year round. Attached with a red ribbon you can add these picture frame ornaments to your Christmas tree during the holiday season and during the off-season, you can put them on your desktop to look at the photos all day. Our rectangular-shaped picture frame ornaments can include a multitude of photos that you can add within a collage look or you can add one single picture.

framed ornaments displayed on a fireplace with holiday decoration

Framed Canvas Ornaments

Perfect for both your walls and your Christmas tree, a framed canvas ornament will add the perfect touch to you Christmas tree this year. As you create yours, you can choose between two color frames – rustic and gold –  that can encompass your framed canvas prints. Our square framed canvas ornaments design will allow you to add your most cherished photo and any messages you choose to include on the canvas part of your ornaments. Create your custom framed canvas personalized Christmas ornaments to ring in this holiday season.

Light Up Ornaments

Add an extra touch of color and light to your already festive Christmas tree with light up ornaments. With these unique DIY ornaments, you can include a photo on the front of your ornament and have the ornament light up from within. When your room lights are off and your Christmas tree lights are on, you can turn on these light up ornaments to add to the ambiance that your Christmas tree is giving off and have an additional light source from your tree. These light up ornaments have a color-changing LED blub within and can liven up any Christmas tree you put it on. The ceramic light up ornament comes in a bright red ornament color along with a red string to hang onto your Christmas tree.

light up ornament with a photo of on the front on a red ceramic ornament

Porcelain Ornaments

For your furry family members create a special porcelain ornament in honor of them in a special bone shape. These bone-shaped porcelain ornaments come in a variety of different designs and templates that can complement your four-legged family members. As you make personalized ornaments for each of your family members, you can’t forget to make a porcelain ornament for your protective K-9s who are some of the main members of your family.

personalized christmas ornaments in pink decorative boxes with christmas decorations around

Wrapping Up On Custom Ornaments

As you browse through our variety of custom DIY ornaments, we hope that you find your inspiration to create a personalized ornament each year for your Christmas tree. As you think about a theme and design for your Christmas tree, utilize the vast designs to create the best personalized Christmas ornaments for your family’s holiday tree. Personalized ornaments make amazing holiday gifts for your family and friends to include on their own Christmas tree as well.