Create Funny Mother’s Day Cards to Make Yours Laugh

You’ll need to thank your mom for all the hard work she’s done for you when Mother’s Day comes around. One of the best ways to make Mom smile is with funny Mother’s Day cards. We have all kinds of Mother’s Day cards available on our finest cardstock and plenty of designs with puns, jokes, and funny pictures to make her laugh. Of course, we’ll also help you design the perfect Mother’s Day card using your own photos, original artwork, and jokes, so you can give personalized Mother’s Day cards that will hold more meaning for her than generic Happy Mother’s Day cards found in stores. Here are just a few of our best suggestions for Mother’s Day card ideas that will bring a smile to her face and give her a good laugh.

It is said that laughter is the best medicine. This Mother’s Day, put your mother in a great mood with funny Mother’s Day cards with your best photos of you and her that’ll keep her laughing for years to come every time she goes to read it.

Photo Gallery Funny Mother’s Day Cards

If you’re really looking to make her bend over sideways laughing, one of the best ways to do it is with your own funny pictures. You probably have some cute pictures from your childhood of the two of you making funny faces. Perhaps you still have that funny photo of when you took a tumble on the sand at the beach. You can upload your own designs to our printable Mother’s Day cards with up to 13 photos of funny events, Mom’s face, or even Mom laughing with a bottle of wine in her hand. Furthermore, you can personalize our Happy Mother’s Day cards with some of her best mom quotes, a sweet message, or an original joke for funny photo gallery cards. Remember to pick your choice of trim to match your funniest sentiments you’d think she’d like most.

radiant collage with six photos with daughter and mother on a white card happy mother's day mama

Funny Mother’s Day Cards From Kids

If there’s one thing that brings a smile to a mom’s face more than anything else, it’s her beloved children. You can rest assured she’ll love our designs for funny Mother’s Day cards from kids. We have loads of beautiful landscape floral designs that are perfect for smiling kids’ photos and funny pictures from the previous year. Choose one of our “year in review” designs to collect all of the kids’ funniest moments into Happy Mother’s Day funny cards that will make Mom laugh. If you’ve ever wanted to give a homemade crayon-drawn Mother’s Day card a professional design, you can upload children’s artwork to your own card and pair it with a funny Mother’s Day joke like “Why did the cookie cry? Because his mother was a wafer so long.”

Funny Mother’s Day Cards From The Onion

If your mother enjoys reading funny magazines like The Onion, then we have some great news for you: We have multiple designs for funny Mother’s Day cards made in our partnership with The Onion. Explore our full selection of The Onion Mother’s Day cards, each of which features a mock article title based on Mother’s Day and similar special occasions. When you’re giving one of your best Mother’s Day gifts, pair it with a card with a message like “Mother rearranges rankings of children while opening Mother’s Day gifts.” We also have funny cards for Mother’s Day with humorous messages that’ll put a smile on her face from ear to ear. Pair each mock article headline with an appropriate photo, and remember to personalize the back with a unique message for Mom or even fun Mother’s Day poems.

the onion email from mom sent at 532 AM mothers day card

Funny Mother’s Day Cards for Grandma

Of course, Grandma deserves a Mother’s Day card that’ll make her chuckle as well, and we have plenty of funny cards for her on this special day. Try out a simple card with a funny pun, like a Mother’s Day card featuring pictures of donuts and a message that says “Donut Worry.” We have loads of portrait cards designed just for grandmas that you can load up with some of the funniest photos of you and the grandkids, and we also have plenty of cute designs featuring teddy bears, flowers, and more that will bring a smile to her face. You can pair these with funny grandma gifts as well, such as a pair of our pink stripe personalized grandma socks she can proudly show off.

we dont know what wed do without you mom mothers day card with donuts

Combine Funny Mother’s Day Cards With These Mother’s Day Gifts

A card that’ll make mom smile and laugh (in addition to a homemade breakfast) is a great way to start her day, and she’ll continue having a great time when you get her some gifts from our Mother’s Day gift guide. Here are a few of our suggestions.

Make Her Morning With a Funny Mother’s Day Mug

Coffee mugs are classic gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and your mom will love her funny Mother’s Day mug paired with her hilarious card. Check out some of our funny ceramic mugs and latte mugs you can personalize with your own funny messages or one her best photos. Our ceramic mugs are available in 11oz and 15oz sizes, and you can select your preferred design color for the handle, rim, and interior to match her style.

Funny Mother's Day mug that says Mom Fuel and a photo of a mother and her daughter

Create Cool Mother’s Day Barware

If you’ve loaded your card with so many corny puns or jokes that she may need a stiff drink after reading them all, you can pair your cards for Mother’s Day with some cool mom barware for partying or other Mother’s Day activities. We have stylish stemless wine glasses that you can etch with messages like “Mommy Juice” or fill with funny pet photos for our paw print designs. If she wants to take her party on the go, we have some great Mother’s Day wine totes as well with witty messages.

Personalized pilsner glasses, stemless wine glasses, and beer stein

Touch Her Heart With Special Mother’s Day Jewelry

You can touch your mom’s heart with a hilarious Mother’s Day card this year, and then you can ensure you make a lasting impression with unique Mother’s Day jewelry. We have locket necklaces, charm bracelets, bangles, and pins that make ideal gifts for Mom, and you can personalize each piece of silver, gold, or rose gold jewelry with funny photo charms. We also have birthstone and initial charms that you can load onto her jewelry to celebrate your special bond. Design an initials bracelet for her with initial charms for you both or a birthstone necklace with each of your gemstones.