How To Create The Best Prints On Canvas

If you’re looking for a trendy, eye-catching way to showcase your best family photos, your favorite travel photography, a creative photo collage, or a beautiful piece of art that perfectly matches your home decor, look no further than custom prints on canvas. Not only are they an artistic way to update your space, but they also make thoughtful photo gifts.

Hung alone as a bold statement piece or artistically displayed within a gallery wall, canvas prints are extremely versatile—fitting equally well into a traditionally decorated home as they do into a more contemporary style. They’re high quality, easy to hang, and, with a little bit of planning, very easy to create.

If you’re wondering where to get started, we put together a guide to explain just how you can create the best canvas prints for your home.

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Wall Decor Ideas For Your Prints On Canvas

They’re more than just favorite photos you hang on the wall—canvas prints can be artistic statement pieces that set the mood or pull together the look for any room’s decor. Small rooms instantly appear larger when a canvas print of your favorite landscape photo hangs on the wall. A boring office is transformed into a place of color and creativity with the addition of a fine art print on canvas. You can even add more whimsy to a child’s room by hanging a canvas print of their favorite drawings on the wall. Canvas photo prints add personality and style to any of your home decor.

Canvas hanging on wall above shelf with plants.

Here are some ideas:

  • Family portraits: Show off your family with a portrait printed on canvas. Hung in your entry, it’s a warm and inviting way to welcome people into your home.
  • Wedding photos: Relive memories of your big day with a canvas of the happy couple hanging in the bedroom.
  • Nature photos: Canvas photo prints from the great outdoors, like flowers, animals, the beach, or a mountain scene are a perfect way to add a beautiful touch of color and calm to a bathroom or laundry room.
  • Family rules: Using text instead of a photo, create a custom print on canvas that displays the rules of the house in a creative way. Then, hang it in your family room for every member to see.
  • Photo collage: If you’ve got a lot of photos you want to display but you’re short on space, a photo collage is a great option, allowing you to combine multiple images onto one canvas. A photo collage will look great among other prints on your gallery wall or as a standout piece of decor in your office.
  • Kid-friendly: If your kid’s room is decorated with unicorns, superheroes, mermaids, racecars, or anything in between, you can create canvas wall art that will match it perfectly.
  • Black and white: Keep your kitchen clean and modern by hanging a collage of black and white prints on canvas.
  • Geometric: Don’t limit yourself to only photography on canvas. If your style trends toward high design, why not create art prints on canvas with a geometric pattern in colors that match your house perfectly?

Sizing And Placement

The options are endless when it comes to decorating with custom prints on canvas—and depending on where and how you want to hang your prints, you’ll have a few choices to make. A gallery wall or similar wall display can create an eye-catching display that shows off lots of photos and artwork. One large print on canvas makes a striking statement in any space. Let’s explore the importance of choosing the right size canvas and what to consider when it comes to arranging and hanging your canvas art on the wall.

Canvas Sizes

Where do you plan to display your beautiful new canvas photo prints? Will you design a gallery wall of several photographs, do you need a large print on canvas over a fireplace or sofa? Are you looking for an easel-backed canvas that would fit on a bookshelf or desk? When it comes to personalized canvas prints, size matters. Fortunately, there’s a huge variety of custom sizes available to you when it comes to choosing your canvas. Here are some places you might choose to hang a specifically sized photo canvas:

  • 8×10: great for fill-ins on a gallery wall or as a desk or bookcase accessory
  • 10×14: great for guest bedrooms, kitchens, small collage prints
  • 12×12: great for small living rooms, bathrooms, gallery walls
  • 16×16: great for dining rooms, gallery walls, large hallways
  • 16×20: great for offices, game rooms, family rooms
  • 20×30: great for over the sofa, over the bed, large living rooms, photo collage
  • 24×36: great for over the fireplace, large rooms, large entryway
  • 30×40: great for over a crib, over the sofa, large rooms
  • 36×36: great for over the fireplace, the centerpiece in a gallery wall, photo collage prints, bold art prints on canvas

Entryway bench with canvases hanging above.

Canvas Arrangement And Placement

Hanging canvas prints in your home is a definite way to transform your space but, depending on the environment you want to create and your unique decorating style, it’s important to take a few things into consideration. These include room size and decor, wall size, and number of prints you want to showcase.

A smaller room, like a half bath or small bedroom, likely has smaller walls and limited space for decorating overall. It’s important to not overwhelm your wall space with too many canvas photo prints. Think about the decor you already have here as well: a smaller space can quickly feel cramped and crowded if it already has bold wall decor. Keep this in mind when picking your canvases so you don’t make the space feel any smaller than it already is.

When it comes to larger spaces, you have a little more freedom. Create a massive gallery wall, play with sizes, and have fun with color. Be sure you fill in the space appropriately—you can surprisingly make it feel smaller if you leave too much open space. This is a great way to have fun and change your canvases out more frequently.

Regardless of room size, think about the purpose of the space. Are you decorating your office? Your child’s bedroom? A communal space? Keep this in mind when you’re planning which ones to print out and how to coordinate colors. We’ll cover more tips for personalizing in the next section.

Tips For Personalizing

When it comes to creating a print on canvas, you’re only limited by your imagination. The ability to customize and personalize them is one of the reasons canvas prints are as great as photo books for both decorating your home and giving as gifts. There are so many options that you can find something that works with your style and budget.

Start with a theme, especially if you’re planning to hang more than one in a particular space. Travel memories, wedding photos, family snapshots, black and white prints, and more—a theme will help you customize your cohesive collection. Your theme doesn’t have to be the end all be all of your canvases. You can easily change them out with the seasons and try new looks as the year goes on. Whether you’re showcasing a particular event or paying tribute to a loved one, canvases are easy to transition when inspiration sparks for something new.

Canvas prints hanging on pink wall.

The overall look of your canvases can asl evolve and be creative. You can embellish your printed canvas by attaching a trinket. For example, attach your wedding veil to the corner of a canvas photo print from the big day. Hang a collar or tag from a print of a pet who has passed on. Or, attach dried flowers to a nature photograph. Mix and match trinkets with different sized canvas photo prints, plus include framed prints and other items, like clocks, mirrors, skeleton keys, or plants. The possibilities are truly endless.

Whether you’re looking for a single statement piece, want to create a bold gallery wall, or want a unique personalized photo, create a custom print on canvas and you’ll end up with stunning decor that’s sure to impress everyone who enters your home.