The Best Family Games To Play At Home

Family game nights are a chance for the whole family to bond, build relationships, and make memories. If you’re looking for some family game inspiration to keep your kids entertained, we’ve pulled together some of our favorites. From classic board games to active games for the younger kids, there’s something in this list for the whole family. Keep reading to plan a fun family game night that will be remembered for years to come.

Family Game Ideas

Happy family playing chess together at their home

1. Card Games

No family game night is complete without a card game that gets everyone involved. Games like Spades, Spoons, Egyptian War, and Crazy Eights are classic card games that the whole family will love. Fun games like Go Fish, Memory, and Slapjack are perfect for playing with younger children. Apples to Apples is another hilarious game to add to the queue and is fun for everyone from the little ones to the grandparents. 

2. Board Games

Bring out your family’s competitive side with a fun session of traditional family board games. Enjoy a technology-free night with games like Life, Monopoly, and Clue. For more fun, kid-friendly games, you can’t go wrong with Operation or Candy Land. Board games will keep your brains active, and the whole household will be laughing all night long.

3. Free Games

You don’t need to buy games and materials to have a successful game night. Games like Would You Rather, 20 Questions, and Never Have I Ever will help you learn so much about your family members while having a great time. Some fun Never Have I Ever examples you can use with your family are “Never have I ever worn my sibling’s clothes without permission” or “Never have I ever faked sick to stay home from school.” Get creative and enjoy a few laughs in the process.

4. Dice Games

With all of the latest game consoles and smartphones taking over, it can be easy to forget about simple activities such as dice games. Dice games are not only simple but are actually a lot of fun, regardless of what age you are. Games like Bunco, Yahtzee, and Beat That! are popular games to teach at your next game night. Dice games teach social skills like losing and winning gracefully, teach numbers to little kids, and introduce kids to strategic thinking and planning.

5. Classic Games

Family Sitting On Sofa At Home Playing Charades

What do Pictionary, Charades, and Telephone all have in common? They’re all classic games that will never go out of style. Bond with your family with these traditional games that even the youngest family member will enjoy. Other classic games such as Scrabble, Connect 4, and Checkers are more favorites that come without a long explanation of instructions and rules. These games teach creativity and cooperation and are always winners for family game night. 

6. Active Games

Games like Twister, Musical Chairs, Hide and Seek, and Simon Says are all fun ways to get physical at your game night. If you have enough space in your house or backyard, make DIY obstacle courses, or play a friendly game of soccer with your family. Props like hula hoops and jump ropes will get kids moving and excited to participate.

7. Puzzles

An alternative indoor activity the family will enjoy is a puzzle. Use puzzles as an opportunity to talk and catch up with your family. Make your own puzzle with a family portrait or picture of the family pet to make puzzles even more fun. 

Tips for Hosting a Fun Family Game Night

Whether you’re a regular at hosting game nights or you’re a novice, you can always make your festivities more memorable. Use these tips for a game night full of family fun.

Extended Family Group Playing Board Game In Living Room At Home

Pick a Theme

Choose a fun theme that the whole family can enjoy and use it to plan your game night. Encourage your family members to dress to the theme, and choose a prize for the best dressed. If your family’s favorite game is Candy Land, for example, deck the room with jars full of candy for cute themed treats.

Choose Teams

Sort yourself into teams to make the night more competitive. Switch teams halfway through to make it even more interesting, but make sure to decide on how the switching will work early on so everyone is clear.

Turn Off Technology

Turn off the tv and phones so everyone can tune in and focus on the games. Give your kids undivided attention during the games to make game night a special time for the family to bond.

Capture the Memories 

Take your photos of your game night adventures and turn them into a custom photo book or framed print you can look back on forever. 

Final Thoughts on Family Games

Games are a priceless way to interact with friends and family while creating lasting memories. Choose from one of the games the above or make up your own for a budget-friendly night of entertainment.