Unique 20th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes

A 20th birthday party celebrates the end of your teens and the introduction to your 20’s. Make sure you celebrate your big day right with party ideas that highlight who you are. Check out our 20th birthday party ideas and themes for inspiration to get your party planning started.

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Fun Places To Go On Your Birthday

Often times what makes or breaks a party is the venue it’s hosted at. A 20th birthday party is a perfect occasion to take a trip elsewhere or to transform your home into a jaw dropping venue. If you’re not sure where to host your big day, check out our ideas below.

Beach Day

A beach day is the perfect opportunity to spend some time in the sun and have fun with your best friends. Break out that summer swim suit and make arrangements to carpool to the beach with all your guests. Consider bringing a barbecue set up, plenty of drinks (especially water to stay hydrated), and decorations to set your spot apart from the rest. For specific decoration inspiration, check out our summer party ideas.

Young fun party people having fun on the beach with balloons.

Concert/Sports Venue

Take friends or family with you to see your favorite band or sports team. This simple yet fun affair is guaranteed to create tons of special memories, and gives you an occasion to splurge on those tickets.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are relatively recent venues which owe their popularity to the incredible memories they create. Invite a group of up to 12 people to your local escape room venue and pick your adventure. Afterwords you can either throw an after party or go out to dinner to keep the energy going all night long.


This classic option stays popular for a reason. People love spending time with their favorite people while eating their favorite foods. Consider going out to your favorite restaurant or to something you’ve been dying to try for a guaranteed good time.

House Party

Sometimes there’s no better place to host a party than home, sweet home. In that case, make sure to put extra attention into your decorations and entertainment. For more ideas on what to do at a house party, check out our resource on party game ideas.

On an Adventure

Have you always wanted to kayak, skydive, bungee-jump, or parasail? If you’ve always had the desire but never the reason, use your birthday occasion as an excuse and throw an adventure party. Include your closest friends and family and schedule the excursion. Just keep seasonality and weather in mind.

Unique 20th Birthday Party Ideas For Anyone

Whether you’re throwing a party from a friend, family member, or significant other, it always helps to get a little extra planning inspiration. Check out our general 20th birthday party ideas to get your party planning on its merry way.

birthday cake

20 Years Ago Party

This party highlights the year the honoree was born. Use inspiration from that year for your decorations including popular food and drinks, TV shows, music, and more. This is a fun twist on a traditional party theme.

Puppy Party

Does the birthday boy or girl love furry friends? If so, consider throwing a puppy party. You can hire a company to rent out a group of adorable puppies for an afternoon or evening where they can become the center of the party. Include plenty of puppy related decor to carry out this perfect theme in style. Also, you can use these puppy-inspired birthday invites to showcase your theme from the beginning.

Food Truck Party

You can hire out a food truck to cater for your event, adding a perfect touch to a food lover’s party. Whether you love pizza or taco trucks, or  just want to add a sweet after treat with an ice cream truck, these mobile restaurants make perfect party centerpieces. Just make sure that you include plenty of additional decorations.

20th Birthday Party Ideas For Her

She’s not a teen anymore and you want to throw the perfect party to celebrate. Just make sure to include her unique personality when choosing a theme. For inspiration, check out our ideas for a girl’s birthday party.

Mocktail Party

The party doesn’t have to come to a halt just because she’s not drinking age. Instead of alcoholic drinks, throw a mocktail party to teach the birthday girl and guests how to mix the perfect drink without the added liquor. For inspiration, check out our resource on mocktail recipes.

1920’s Party

The roaring 20’s still make for a perfect party. Whether you’re going for a Great Gatsby-esque feel or a flapper fling for a theme, the 20’s make decorations easy. Include plenty of gold and silver, art deco, and ask guests to come dressed in theme.

Binge Watching Party

Does the birthday girl love a show that she just can’t get enough of? Then throw a binge watching party. Have all party-goers come dressed in PJ’s and ready for a night of relaxing fun. Include plenty of popcorn, snacks, and theatre-related decor.

20th Birthday Party Ideas For Him

He’s ready to celebrate two decades worth of growth and achievements and you need a theme to fit. Check out our birthday party ideas for that special guy in your life.

20 Rocks! Outdoor Party

Is the birthday boy a true outdoorsman? Does he love climbing or just have a need for adventure? In that case, throw a 20 Rocks! Party. This party takes place in a climbing gym or at an outdoors bouldering location, with plenty of surrounding rocks. As an added on-theme twist, give party guests pop rocks as party favors.

Gaming Tournament

If the birthday boy loves games, competition, and hanging out with friends, consider a gaming party for a birthday theme. Gaming parties can include any kind of electronics, board games, or other and are a great way to kick off a birthday. Include plenty of gaming decor like related posters, controller birthday cakes, and gaming snack foods.

Surprise BBQ Birthday Party

Does the birthday boy love meat and barbecue sauce? If so, throw him a surprise BBQ party he won’t forget. Have all guests arrive before the honoree and lead him to the backyard for the surprise. Decorate with his favorite color, grill up his favorite foods, and include his favorite people. He’s sure to love it.

Perfect 20th Birthday Party Decorations

Decorations make or break your party’s theme. Make sure that you prioritize the decorations early so that the big day looks its best. Here’s some ideas to keep in mind when ordering or making your party decorations:

  • Birthday sash for the honoree
  • Mylar Balloons
  • Banners
  • Streamers
  • Confetti
  • Personalized Signs
  • Party Favors
  • Photo Booth Set-Up
  • Chalkboard Signs
  • Themed Cupcakes or Cake

Young women blowing confetti from hands. Friends celebrating outdoors in evening at a terrace.

Things to Do for Your 20th Birthday

When planning either your own or someone else’s 20th birthday party, make sure to start off organized. Here’s a list of everything you should keep track of when party planning:

  • Make a Guest List. If the party isn’t a surprise, consult with the guest of honor who they want invited and how large they want the party.
  • Decide on a Theme. This is where your creativity is most needed. Picking the perfect theme is essential for any further party planning.
  • Pick a Venue. Is this a house party or a day at the park?
  • Send Out Invites. Invitations for a birthday party should be sent out three to five weeks in advance. If you’re having trouble knowing what to write in your invites, check out our resources on what to include in birthday invitations and party invitation wording.
  • Pick up the Party Supplies. Make sure all your decorations, food, and drinks are collected well in advance. There’s nothing like a little last minute planning to create panic.
  • Check Out Additional Resources. If you still want more help with your party planning, consider using our additional guides on Birthday Food Ideas, Birthday Party Quotes, and Birthday Wishes and What to Write in a Birthday Card.
  • Enjoy the 21st Birthday Party!