31 Too Cute Baby’s First Christmas Ideas

There are endless ways to make your baby’s first Christmas memorable for both baby and you. And with the following fun and easy to create ideas you can enjoy a special experience with your newborn.

Your baby’s first Christmas is one of the most special moments you’ll treasure in your heart for a lifetime and while preparing for their first Christmas photo may seem like a lot of pressure, it really is easy and rewarding, especially when you have the perfect picture for your Christmas cards. Your baby is the main subject and he or she is already the cutest little being to ever exist. All you have to do is choose from a wide selection of Christmas themed settings, dress your baby in holiday wear and feel confident your creativity will shine through and your baby is sure to enjoy the fun along the way.

1. The Sweetest Christmas Gift

No matter what Santa brings, your baby is the sweetest Christmas gift of all. That’s why this is the best opportunity to photograph your baby in a gift box that shows just how excited you are. Add a Santa hat on your baby and lay ornaments around the box for color in the photo.

2. Too Cute in a Tutu

Tutus serve as a prop of their own; if your baby is celebrating her first Christmas, dress her up in a red tutu with a contrasting background so she really stands out. Hang glitter ornaments or our other personalized Christmas ornaments all around for a fun outcome. For a boy, use a cozy beanie and red bottoms for the same effect.

3. Knit Outfits

Anything knit sends off warm fuzzy vibes, especially if it involves a baby in a cute animal. Newborns are perfect for these photos and even if your little one is asleep, you can still expect to have the cutest photos to share.

4. By the Chimney with Care

With much care, take full advantage of your chimney as the perfect backdrop for a baby’s first Christmas photo. Decorate the mantel with the family’s stockings and poinsettias, wrapping your baby in a big red bow over a white cushion in the center of it all.

5. Wrapped in a Wreath

The Christmas wreath is one of the easiest, yet most creative DIY photo projects you can use for any Christmas setting. Find one at a craft store or create your own using fresh greenery. our newborn can be perfectly nested in the middle. Don’t forget to pick up a few pine cones next time you take a stroll at the park to perfectly complement the wreathe.

6. Twins’ First Christmas

Prepare your twins for a double shot of charm when you place them over a basket layered with a soft fleece blanket. They’ll instinctively cuddle, make sure they’re wearing matching Christmas jammies.

7. The Bright Red Wagon

For a classic Christmas photo the red wagon is your best go-to prop. Find a nice spot at your local park where the beams of the sun peek through nicely between trees. Not only will you love how it turns out, but your baby will have a wonderful time enjoying the ride.

8. World’s Cutest Reindeer

Using a furry rug, lay your baby down in a cute reindeer outfit that goes from head to toe and shoot the photos overhead. This way you’re sure your baby will be looking up and straight into the camera, capturing every cute gesture they make

9. Bundled Up for Snow

Snow or not, you can always dress your baby in warm winter clothes Hang paper snowflakes from the walls for a complete visual effect. If you are using a professional photographer, have them use filters to add the final touches that create the snowy outcome you want.

10. Christmas Wonder

Lights, camera, action! While everything is still new for your baby, something as simple as holiday lights will get you merry results. Using a Santa hat for an upmost Christmas look, let your baby feel the wonder of the season through lights. Just make sure to not get the baby too close to the hot lights!

11. The Best of Christmas

If your thinking is that less is more, than you’ll love this stand alone photo of your baby. For best results, use an all white background with only a hint of dark for highlight and let your baby look straight into the camera, zoom in for a closer shot.

12. A Taste of Snow

For a more natural outcome, gather safe-for-baby toys and make  them feel at ease in a playful environment. Wooden, plush and even paper props will fit nicely.

13. Christmas Morning Giggles

Let your baby safely play around the tree area, capturing all the cute laughs and giggles. Allowing them to play freely, will surely set the tone for a natural and candid shot.

14. A Christmas Kitty

Does your baby love furry animals? Consider dressing up as Santa to deliver a kitty (or puppy) to your baby as they’re sitting by the tree. The expression will be priceless.

15. With Big Sister

They’re soon going to be each other’s best friend, so why not capture the special bonding of sisterhood during your newborn’s first Christmas. Dress them in matching outfits by a lit Christmas tree and be confident this is a photo that’ll go down memory lane for generations to come.

16. Smile for Santa

A baby’s first Christmas photo can be as easy as playing dress up over a set of white sheets. Use decorative pillows that set the holiday theme and your only focus will be getting smiles from your baby as you click away.

17. In Her Christmas Best

Take out your baby’s best Christmas wardrobe and sit tight for the perfect pose. A good idea is for the baby to wear the outfit he or she will be dressed in on Christmas eve so that their first Christmas outfit can be remembered for years to come.

18. White Christmas

baby white outfit

Source: Photo Baby

If your theme is a white Christmas, add as much furry accessories as an elegant photo allows. Your baby should be dressed in white from head to toe. You can use a sleigh or basket for the shot. Include their favorite white stuffed animal.

20. Footie Pajamas

You may only be able to get away with using footie pajamas on your baby during their first year, so make it a lasting impression. For the cutest photo of all, allow their cute tooshie to slightly peek through and lay them tummy first.

20. Christmas with Mom

There’s no one quite like mommy and your photos will always reflect that special bond. Not much posing will be needed as you enjoy each other’s company all whilst the photographer clicks away. Wearing soft colors and adding cute props will make the pictures that much sweeter.

21. Baby’s First Snow

You’ll definitely want to capture every moment of your child’s first time in the snow — after all, snow is so fun. Bundle up in the coziest of clothes that keep you warm during winter and don’t forget  to add colors to contrast the white snow. Natural light is the best, especially in the snow!

23. Sleepy Santa

Oh, Santa Baby! Dress your baby up in your own little version of Santa and catch your baby during nap time. For the full effect, be sure to put the baby to sleep wearing the outfit. The Santa hat may need to wait until right before the shot is take nor a baby girl consider using a bow or flower headband over the Santa hat.

24. Cuddles in the Snow

Snow calls for cuddles and who better than mom and dad to cuddle with! Your baby’s joyous expressions will come naturally from all the love he or she gets from you. For a family Christmas photo try to wear similar colors.

25. Pretty in Plaid

Plaid is always a fun idea! Girls can wear plaid dress and a plaid shirt for boys.et your baby giggle away with a Christmas banner hanging in the background. You’ll find it can really be as simple as 1, 2, 3!

26. The Magic of Christmas

Dad holding up baby to the lit tree will give you the most candid baby reactions you can ask for. Turn off all the lights (except the Christmas tree lights) for a truly magical feel.

27. Santa’s Fire Truck

Is dad a fireman? Offer a fire truck toy for your baby to play with during the photoshoot. Dad and his firefighter colleagues will get a kick out of this one!

28. Decorating the Tree

The tree is such a staple in Christmas photography. Snapping photos of your child decorating the tree will seem like they’ve come right out of a Christmas story. Let the Christmas tree lights set the tone and let them naturally place an ornament on the tree.

baby rudolph beanie

Source: Jen Photo

Let Rudolph the red nose reindeer cuddle your little one’s head. You can opt to have them wear clothing or not, but a cozy blanket underneath is a must. Naptime is always cute and it makes for a great photo opportunity.

30. Stealing Santa’s Cookies

Bake or buy cookies and using a glass of milk, make your baby the subject of the cutest stealing Santa’s cookies picture. Use holiday decor to surround your baby in and for a most Christmas themed glass of milk, add a red and white striped straw.

31. The Adorable Snowman

Whimsically adorable, your baby snowman will have the photos to remember just how fun their first Christmas was. In a snowman costume, let your baby sit inside a bright-colored bucket in an all-white room to make it snow-themed.

More on First Christmas Photos

With so many photo options nowadays, it’s hard not to want to take multiple photos of your baby. Their first Christmas photo, however, is one you’ll remember always. Considering your baby’s personality, choose the one you feel most comfortable with having the best outcome and send it off as a personalized Holiday card to your family and loved ones!