30 Best Friend Picture Ideas You Haven’t Tried

You and your bestie have been friends for years—and have all the classic pictures to prove it. That one time you dressed up together as PB&J for Halloween, embarrassing school photos that are hidden in a yearbook and the classic smiling picture for mom and dad.

Although these pictures are great, you want cool best friend picture ideas—photos you can post on social media or hang up in your room. Whether you’re looking to get adventurous or just lounging around, these best friend picture ideas are perfect for you and your best friend to share.

1. Capture an afternoon of laughter

Friends laughing together
Encapsulate your inseparable bond with a picture of you two in your natural habitat—aka cracking up. Write whatever it is you both were laughing about on the back of the picture to remember the joke for years to come.

2. Show off your secret handshake

Friends shaking hands
For as long as you can remember, the two of you have had a secret handshake. Without revealing your secrets, snap a photo of you and your partner in crime.

3. Share your adventures

Two friends on car ride together
Maybe you’re going away for the weekend or on summer vaca exploring. Whatever the reason, your journey should be shared. With your favorite photo captured, create a canvas print to hang above your bed.

4. Savor that pizza night

Friends eating pizza
It has become your ritual to eat pizza together every Friday night. Use this goofy best friend picture idea and snap a pic mid-slice.

5. Give each other mustaches

Group of friends playing with hair
Your bestie brings out your silly side and you want a fun photo for your locker. Trade hair pieces and say cheese (or try to!).

6. Share your summer fun

Friends at beach
You’ve been wanting wall art to go above your bed and this is the ultimate cool image to frame. Try our three panoramic spread wall art spread and have your bestie’s peace sign be the centerfold.

7. Celebrate a birthday

Friends at a party
Whether it’s you or your best friend’s birthday, you’ll obviously be celebrating! Capture the day with a picture you can use as your next profile picture.

8. Take a selfie with a polaroid

Friends taking photos
It’s selfie time! Grab a polaroid camera (so old school, we know) and take a front face photo. Not only will it look vintage, but it can also easily be decorated in a locker or on a corkboard at home.

9. Share a love for food

Friends eating together
You both love to eat and spend a lot of your time together finding new places to try. Take an Insta of the two of you chowin down on a burger and let the comments commence.

10. Try out temporary tattoos

Friends wearing temporary tattoos
You go together like pizza and hotdogs! Okay not exactly, but you do complement each other to the tee. Have a friend snag a photo of you two and your adorable tats.

11. Piggybacks!

Friends on piggyback rides
Take turns giving piggyback rides and snap a photo when you’re both laughing (candidly!). Have your BFF take you around the block, then switch spots.

12. Soak up the sun

Friends jumping on beach
Have a beach day and catch some rays with your bestie. Take a photo mid-jump with the ocean in the background.

13. Second generation besties

Pregnant friends together
Pregnant at the same time as your bestie? Capture a photo that guarantees the two little ones will be next generation best friends! Collect photos over the course of your pregnancy to add to a touching photo book.

14. Reenact an old photo

Friends on swingset
You both have changed so much since that first day on the playground together. Now that you’re both grown, take a picture in the exact spot as the old photo and hang them side by side.

15. Take turns being a model for the day

Friend posing together
Capture you two taking photos of each other. It’s a nifty way to be in a picture together without looking too posed.

16. Try twinning!

Friends in matching outfits
Twinning is a fun, unique way to show off your inseparable friendship. Wear the same outfit, style your hair the same and show off just how alike the two of you are!

17. Use confetti

Friends tossing confetti
Throw confetti in the air for the perfect New Years pic or for a special occasion like a birthday. Additional tip: personalize a frame for a Christmas present she’ll love!

18. Explore new places

Friends in a city
You both want to go on an adventure, so jump in the car and go! Head to the nearest city and snap photos of your day out on the town.

19. Throw up a peace sign

Friends throwing peace signs
Take a ride in a vintage vehicle and look back at it for a sweet vintage look. Switch off taking the wheel so you both can have blog-worthy photos.

20. Play with bubbles

Friends blowing bubbles
For a fun prop with sweet visual effects, play with bubbles. They look amazing on camera and bring back great memories of childhood!

21. Visit your favorite place

Friends with ice cream
Whether it’s a vintage record store or the adorable ice cream shop that the two of you swear by, have a fun photo shoot there. That way, you’ll have photos to have when you’re reminiscing later on.

22. Take holiday photos

Friends outside during winter
Admit it. You both are ride or die when it comes to holidays. Capture your obsessions by heading to a pumpkin patch or playing in the snow outside.

23. Frame your friendship (literally)

Friend holding a chalkboard sign
Take a basic chalkboard and write the year you and your bestie came to be with chalk. Have you both hold it up and create prints for the both of you to frame.

24. Ride bikes side by side

Friends on a bike ride
Take a ride through town on bikes and find the most picturesque scenery. Then ask a friendly stranger to take a photo for your photo sharing apps.

25. Share a bear hug

Friends hugging
Have this photo as a reminder of the love and support you have for one another when you’re feeling down. Ask a loved one take a snap when the two of you are mid-hug.

26. Use the outdoors

Friends posing outside
Whatever the season, get outside, dress up in your favorite clothes and place your camera on self timer. Then immerse yourself in nature and begin snapping away.

27. Make duck faces

Friends posing in a selfie
Put on your best kissy face for the camera! Share on social for National Best Friend day to show off you and your BFF’s fun side.

28. Capture an action shot

Friends jumping into lake
Jump off the dock of your favorite lake or grab a picture as you come down a waterslide for the ultimate action shot. Create a canvas print and hang in the lake house or your bedroom.

29. Visit an amusement park!

Friends at theme park
The ultimate best friend picture idea? Go to an amusement park and snap away! You’ll both look back on how yummy that cotton candy was.

30. Create a B&W photo

Friends in black and white photo
To capture a timeless moment, take a black and white photo—smiles encouraged. It’s an adorable picture idea and shows off your pearly whites!

Photos last a lifetime, and best friends can too. With these best friend picture ideas, you can share, customize and frame them for any occasion. Surprise your bestie with a personalized blanket for their birthday or print out the photos for them to hang in their dorm room. Cherish your memories and create new ones as your friendship continues to grow.