How to Make Custom Decorative Pillows

Here at Shutterfly, we know the importance of a comfortable yet stylish home decorated according to your preferences and style. This is why we have many personalized gift ideas and custom products that can make your living space extra cozy and easy on the eye, such as our range of decorative pillows. Therefore, if you have a photo you think would look amazing as part of a throw pillow, or you’d just like to choose a pillow that lets somebody know how much they mean to you, be sure to browse our whole selection of decorative pillows. Create a piece of decor that is versatile, practical, and comfortable.

Our custom decorative pillows are a fantastic gift idea for any person, no matter their preferences. If you want to create your decorative pillow from scratch, we have plenty of customization options to assist you. With Shutterfly’s help, you can create the perfect one for everyone in your life.

Best Decorative Pillows

We have plenty of decorative pillows that are great for all sorts of occasions. If you are looking for an adorable Valentine’s present or a tasteful way to commemorate a loved one who has passed, we have a ton of pillow designs that lend themselves to various situations. If you cannot find a template dedicated to a specific event or holiday, simply take one of our designs and personalize it until you’ve made one that does.

Decorative pillows stacked up with a custom design

Custom Throw Pillows in Various Sizes

Shutterfly pillows are available in numerous sizes, making them one of the most versatile gift ideas around. From a smaller 12×16 to a larger 20×20, you can design throw pillows in the perfect size for you. Whether you want to spruce up a small chair or add a new dimension to a sectional sofa, we have plenty of sizes to suit your requirements and needs. When designing your pillows, choose the size you need, and add your favorite photos and text for that finishing touch.

Beautiful Decorative Pillows for Your Home

Shutterfly has many custom pillow options to complement any room in your house or apartment. If you are looking for a stylish accent that matches your living room decor, or something funky for your bedroom or man cave, we give you the tools to customize any accent until it matches your current design choices and style. So jump into our personalization process and see what unique designs you can create.

Customized Pillow Accents for Everyone

Pillows are a daily necessity that everyone needs to use. You can have them as accents to any room or even use them as a functional statement when you sleep. Decorative pillows can be customized to any person including kids, adults, and pets alike. Explore all the ways to customize these decorative and practical statements that can elevate any room or space you decide to put them in.

Personalized Decorative Pillows for Kids

If you intend to purchase a pillow for your kid’s bedroom, we have several designs specifically for your little ones as well. These are available in numerous themes and are designed with cute graphics. You can also upload your child’s face and customize the product with their name. We are sure they won’t be able to sleep without their new kids pillow once they receive it!

Pillows for kids and adults decorated on a chair in a baby room

Accent Pillows for Moms

If you are buying a decorative pillow for your mom, you should browse our collection of mom-centric decorative accents. We have plenty of designs that will put a smile on your mom or mother figure’s face. Plus, every accent  can be customized until it is just right for that special lady in your life.

Custom Decorative Pillows for Dads

We also have a good selection of pillows for father figures as well. There are plenty of Shutterfly pillows that are designed for Father’s Day. They also lend themselves to birthdays, Christmas, and any other time of year, especially if you customize the message to suit your ol’ man. Add your favorite photos to your Shutterfly account, include your personalized text, and create a gift your dad will love.

Unique Accents for Grandparents

As well as offering decorative pillows for your mom and dad, you can also design these for your grandparents. All you need to do is upload a photo that best symbolizes your relationship with them, include an adorable message, choose your pillow size, and customize your design until it is just right. Have fun adding your favorite photo or styles to make one of our traditional throw pillows. If you are looking for a comfortable gift for one of your loved ones, Shutterfly’s decorative pillows are a great place to start.

Personalized Decorative Pillows Gift Guide

Shutterfly should be one of the first places you ship if you want to buy personalized decorative pillows, either as a gift or for your home. We have so many designs and styles available; you’ll have a great time crafting the perfect cozy item. To help you make your purchase, we’ll cover everything you need to know about our decorative pillows, and we’ll also be recommending similar home accents and gifts that can be bought alongside them. Check out all the information below.

Best mamas ever pillow with regular patteren pillow on a chair

Personalized Decorative Pillows FAQ

If you’d like to know the ins and outs of our custom decorative pillows, feel free to browse the following FAQ, where we’ll cover all information you need to know.

What sizes are available in Shutterfly decorative pillows?

Shutterfly has various decorative pillow sizes available for you to buy. These include:

Rest assured, you’ll be able to find a decorative pillow that’ll fit any chair, sofa, or bed in your home. Whether you have too much space or not enough, our decorative accents will fit perfectly where you want them.

What are Shutterfly decorative pillows made from?

Shutterfly decorative pillows are made from different materials, depending on which you choose. These include:

  • Poly weave fabric with an ivory or black backing.
  • Plush fabric is made with an ultra-soft front and back.
  • Sherpa fabric pillows made with an ultra-soft front and comfortable Sherpa backing.

Also, our decorative accents feature a discreet zip, so you can easily remove the pillowcase when it needs to be cleaned.

How can I personalize a Shutterfly decorative pillow?

There are many ways to customize one of our decorative pillows. We let you personalize the front and back with as many photos as you want (though some designs will only permit a certain number of photos). You can also alter the design color to any shade you find in Shutterfly’s custom color palette. Finally, add some custom text for even more individual flair.

Can my decorative pillow go in the washing machine?

Just simply remove the synthetic-insert first by unzipping the case. You should wash your pillowcase on a cold wash and then dry it on a low-temperature cycle or let it naturally dry on your washing line.

Other Home Accent Ideas

Once you’ve created your ideal custom decorative pillow, you may want to think about buying some additional home accents to make your home feel more comfortable and personal. Luckily, Shutterfly has a range of home accent products that can transform any room in your home and make your living space come to life.


Custom pillow, desktop plaque and wall prints on a living room wall with green walls

Desktop Plaques

Shutterfly’s range of desktop plaques makes a fantastic addition to your own home or the ideal gift for your loved ones. They look great in the office, your bedroom, studio, or your lounge. They can also be customized in several ways, so you can purchase desktop plaques to commemorate any big holidays throughout the year. These desktop plaques are available in several sizes and various designs and templates. If you want to create the perfect ornamental plaque, add your favorite photos to your Shutterfly profile, select a plaque design, and get busy personalizing it for yourself or somebody else. When the plaque is ready, we’ll send it to you.

Personalized Candles 

If you are the sort of person who likes to light candles in order to relax, you may want to browse our selection of personalized candles. Take your pick from our glass or ceramic candle designs, and choose which scent you would like. We also offer unscented candles if that suits you better. Our candles are available in two sizes and can be customized with text and photos for added individuality. You may also want to choose a candle design from our Art Library – we have many tasteful artworks to choose from. Our candles also make fantastic gifts, especially for your daughter, mom, or gran.

Canvas Prints

Shutterfly has a massive selection of canvas print products to help you complete your home decor look. Our canvases come in numerous sizes, so they’ll fit any living space, no matter how big or small. Take your pick from our framed prints, gallery-wrapped canvas, or even our unique hanging canvas prints. We also have plenty of tabletop canvas prints if you’re looking for something more ornamental for your desk. All you need to do is upload a photo, choose your preferred canvas print style, and start adding your own unique flavor – designing your canvas can be so much fun!

Even More Cozy and Comfortable Product Ideas

So, you’ve purchased your decorative pillow, and now you want to browse some of our other cozy and comfortable products to make your home even more relaxing. Luckily we have plenty of additional items that can make your living space more inviting. Some of these custom products include:

Custom Fleece Photo Blankets

Our personalized fleece photo blankets range is exceedingly popular with many Shutterfly customers due to its versatility and comfortability. For one, these blankets can instantly transform your couch, armchair, or bed, bringing any room to life simply by being draped in the right way and can give an added touch to your accent pillow. They’ll also serve you well on a cold night when you want nothing more than to cuddle up with a good book and a hot chocolate. Take some time to personalize your fleece photo blanket with art, images, text, and other embellishments. They make fantastic presents for a loved one, but you may find yourself creating one just for yourself as well.

Fleece blankets with personalized pillows decorating in a festive living room

Personalized Bean Bag Chairs

If you want to buy a comfortable piece of bedroom decor for your little one, you may want to buy one of our personalized bean bag chairs. We know kids can be challenging to buy for, but we are optimistic your kids will get plenty of use out of their own bean bag chair. These chairs are made of top-quality polyester and come with an enclosed insert stuffed with polystyrene beads. They are also made with a handle so you can move them across the room easily. In addition, you can personalize our bean bag chairs with text and photos while also picking a design that suits your little one’s personal preferences. Throwing in a personalized pillow to match their bean bag chair will be an added bonus.