80+ DIY Christmas Wreaths for the Holidays

Everyone loves traditional holiday decor, but if you are more of the daring type, why not try something different? Instead of sticking to the typical garland wreath we are familiar with, find a way to add your family’s personality to your decor. By creating one of our DIY Christmas wreaths, you can show off a style all your own!

While you’re sipping hot cocoa with family, suggest taking on a festive craft. It’s one sure way to get into the holiday spirit while making a lasting memory. Curious to see what we have in mind? Check out the Christmas wreath ideas we made below. And if you’re looking to add unique accents to your decor, browse our personalized Christmas ornaments.

Highlight Family with a Photo Wreath

DIY Christmas wreath materials

One of the most important parts about the holiday season is family. By making a photo wreath you’ll get to bond over some of your favorite memories throughout the years. To add a little glitz and glam that appeals to any modern decor, we opted for a stylish DIY Christmas wreath idea that you can display as cheery wall art.

To make a wreath similar to the one we created, you’ll need:

  • Photos or Christmas cards 
  • 12” gold macrame hoop
  • Cardstock paper
  • A decorative accent like a sparkly eucalyptus branch
  • Hot glue gun
  • Strong quick set glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Diy photo christmas wreath

Step 1:  Choose the photos you want to display. One way to do this is by making it a family affair. Ask everyone to select a photo that takes them back to one of their favorite memories. When choosing, make sure to mix up the sizes of photos to add variety. Next, you’re ready to begin crafting!

Step 2: Place each photo on cardstock paper to get a nice border. For this particular design we opted for a deep forest green and black, but you can get creative and choose any colors that match your decor. Once you have the measurements, cut the paper and glue it to the back of each photo.

Step3: While the photos are drying, attach the eucalyptus branch, or any other greenery you choose, to the macrame hoop. Fasten with floral wire to help keep it in place.

Step 4: Take your hot glue gun and attach your photos to the macrame hoop. You can group photos together or spread them out depending on what style you would like to go for.

Step 5: Allow the macrame hoop and photos to dry overnight. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll have a beautiful photo wreath to adorn your wall.

Get Festive With an Ornament Wreath

materials to make ornament wreath

If you’re looking for a wreath idea that guests will be impressed with, the ornament wreath is it! While it combines a holiday staple we’re all familiar with, the shape is unlike anything we envision when we hear the word wreath. This makes it ideal if you’re looking for Christmas decor that makes a statement and also matches your Christmas card display or mantel ideas. Not to mention, this wreath idea is a favorite because it requires very little prep time and can be made by almost anyone.

To make a wreath similar to the one we created, you’ll need:

  • One 16” brass tube and two 24” brass tubes
  • Copper tubing cutter
  • Twine
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors
  • Garland
  • Ornaments

triangle garland christmas wreath

Step 1: Cut the brass tubes to measurements of your liking using the tubing cutter.

Step 2: Tie the twine to the floral wire and string through each of the brass tubes. To keep the triangular shape in place, tie the twine tightly once strung through all tubes.

Step 3: Wrap your garland around the tubes and fasten with floral wire. We opted for an asymmetrical look to leave one of the brass tubes visible. If you’re not a fan of garland, you can make a bouquet of fresh tree trimmings, eucalyptus and juniper as an alternative option that is just as fitting for the holiday season.

Step 4: Once you’re done adding the garland, turn on your favorite Christmas playlist and grab the ornaments. You can mix and match different styles and even include personalized ornaments to make your wreath truly stand out. If you’re looking to add one final festive touch, string fairy lights throughout for a very merry look.

Step 5: Hang in your favorite spot and light up the walls with your unique Christmas decor.

diy christmas wreath ideas

80 More DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

If you’re still seeking more wreath ideas, check out the ones we’ve compiled below. From minimalist modern to bountiful and classic, find a wreath style that fits your overall winter home decor. Scroll down for inspiration across classic, modern, simple and truly unique.

Heirloom Hankerchief Wreath by Brittni Mehlhof

Rustic Burlap and Woodland Silhouette by The Crafting Nook

Natural Greens and Citrus by Nest of Posies

Pom Poms and Pinecones by Make and Do Crew

Keepsake Wedding Bouquet Wreath by Make and Do Crew

Elegant Bundle of Family Photo by Positively Splendid

Gathered Burlap and Soft Lace by Amanda Formaro

Natural Cotton Holiday Duo by Liz Marie

Festive and Simple Holiday Door Swag by Hearth and Vine

Upcycled Flannel Christmas by Hearth and Vine

Elegant Winter Foliage by Erin Lepperd

Hand-Woven Holiday Eucalyptus by Treasures and travels

Frosted Evergreen and Jingle Bells by Lovely Etc.

Joyful Bird Ornament Wreath by The Beauty Dojo

Classic Country Holiday by Little Vinatge Nest

Elegant and Chic Layered Fabric by The DIY Mommy

Rustic Birch and Pine by An Extraodinary Day

Christmas Carol Welcome by Sincerely Sara D

Aromatic Pine and Eucalyptus by The Sweetest Occasion

Bay Leaf and Berry Holiday by Alice and Lois

Festive Christmas Trio by Decor and the Dog

Live Succulent Wreath for the Holidays by Needles and Leaves

Christmas Tree Trimmings by Inspired by Charm

Holly and Pine DIY by The New Craft House

Vibrant Green and Gold Trio by Making Home Base

Winter Garden Christmas by Natasha Cadman

Simple and Clean Pinecone by Tried and True Blog

Softly Woven with Pops of Green by Homemade Ginger

Asymmetrical Bounty of Flowers by Amelia Tatnall Lawrence

Minimalist and Geometric by Vintage Revivals

Playful Pom Pom Holiday by Nest of Posies

Bells, Pom Poms and Reindeed by Make and Do Crew

Joy Wreath with Holiday Star by Flaming Toes

Festive Mason Jar Lid Set by Sadie Seasongoods

Rustic Bundle of Winter Foliage by Erika Rax

Sparkling Embroidery Hoop by Sincerely Sara D

Whimsical Fox for the Holidays by Made in a Day

Olive Branch Holiday Bundle by Amy Merrick

Chic Holiday Paper Design by Lia Griffith

Crafty with a Joyful Message by Lia Griffith

Yarn Wreath for Retro Christmas by My So Called Crafty Life

Paper Mache Rudolph Wreath by She’s Kinda Crafty

Gold-Rimmed Wood Slice by East Coast Creative

Minimalist Pinecone Decor by Liz Fourez

Welcoming Chalk Paint Wood Slice by Princess Pinky Girl

Winter Branches and Birds by Made in a Day

Plaid Poinsetta Christmas by Marie at Blooming Homestead

Repurposed Tie Holiday Display by A Beautiful Mess

Glamorous Grapevine Wreath by Sweet Rose Studio

Natural Greens and Berries Holiday Wreath by Treasures and travels

Garden-Picked Holiday by The Marion House Book

Organic Twig and Pinecone by The Marion House Book

Simple and Homey Eucalyptus by Sostrene Grene

Multi-sized Evergreen Wreaths by The Beauty Dojo

Triangular Wreath with Simple Greens by Almost Makes Perfect

Modern Triangle Winter Wreath by Fall for DIY

Candle Window Christmas Wreath by Erin Francois

Natural Rosemary Kitchen Wreath by Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

Whimsical White Floral Wreath by A Beautiful Mess

Soft White Felt Wreath by Fall for DIY

Frosted Christmas Village by Jessica Kettle

Vintage Peppermint Candy Wreath by Courtney Sanchez

Festive Glam Christmas by Cheryl Sousan

Rhinestone Santa by Famingo Toes

Holiday Bucket Door Trio by Liz Marie

Cozy Pom Poms and Festive Bears by Twine and Table

Pink Poinsettia Felt Wreath by Six Clever Sisters

Cozy Home Nestled in Hoop by Made in a Day

Festively Joined Cookie Cutters by Inspired by Charm

Family Photos for the Holidays by Inspired by Charm

Tissue Paper Poinsettia by Lia Griffith

Shimmering Bow and Ornament Wreath by Positively Splendid

Abundant Holiday Wreath with Fresh Foliage by Claire Belle Makes

Cranberries for Christmas by A Beautiful Mess

Classic White Poinsettia by A Night Owl

Rustic Ornaments Framed in Wood by A Night Owl

Now that you know how to make a wreath, it’s time to add to the rest of your holiday decor. You can bring any Christmas party theme to life by matching your wreath design with the rest of your holiday decor. If you need a little inspiration, check out our Christmas decoration ideas. Whether you’re decorating your front door or mantel, you’ll find tons of festive ways to add some holiday cheer to your home.