How to Make Mason Jar Candles in 10 Easy Steps

Do you have extra mason jars hiding in the back of your cabinet? An easy way to repurpose those jars is to make them into beautiful personalized candles. Whether you go the traditional route with a soy wax candle or get fancy with gel wax, the process is simple and the result is stunning.

We’ve created a step-by-step mason jar candles tutorial so that you can follow along and make your own candles. When you feel confident with the basics, try adding some unique touches like shells or glitter. For a personal touch, try pairing your candle with other mason jar decor created with custom mason jars.

Creating mason jar candles is a unique way to personalize your home decor. We walk you through a 10-step mason jar candle tutorial with tips that will make the process even easier.

candle making supplies on marble table

Supplies You’ll Need

  • Mason jar
  • 1 pound soy wax flakes
  • Burner
  • Candle pouring pot
  • Wooden spoon
  • 1 wick
  • Wick holder
  • 1 inch square of wax dye
  • 2 to 3 drops of essential oil
  • Scissors

How To Make Mason Jar Candles

Step 1: Measure Wax

Before you begin, protect your workspace by putting down newspaper or paper towels. This will make the cleanup process easier and prevent unwanted drips of wax on your counter space.

You will then measure out the soy wax flakes. Fill your mason jar twice and pour the contents into your candle pouring pot. If you decide to use a different candle container, you can still apply the same rule of filling it twice with wax flakes.

There are a variety of waxes that can be used when making candles. If you want a natural candle with no dye, beeswax will work. For a solid color candle with scent, use soy wax flakes. If you’re looking to fill your candle with accessories such as flowers or shells, the gel wax is the only one that will be transparent enough.

Wax being poured into a melting pot

Step 2: Melt Wax

Place the candle pouring pot over low heat. Stir the flakes until they turn completely liquid. This should take about 10-15 minutes. It’s important to make sure that the wax does not come to a boil.

wax flakes melting in pot
Step 3: Add Dye

The natural state of the wax will be an off-white color. There are a two main dyes that you can use to color your candle: wax and liquid. These can both be purchased at your local craft store. Another option is to use old crayons from your craft cabinet.

When using these dyes, a little goes a very long way. Add a few drops or shavings to produce a vibrant color. Another thing to keep in mind is that even though the liquid may look dark, the wax will dry significantly lighter.

Pink dye melting in a pot

Step 4: Add Scent

Similar to the dye, a little goes a long way when it comes to scent. Choose your favorite essential oil and add two or three drops.

Drops of essential oil

Step 5: Place the Wick

Once everything is melted, remove the pouring pot from the heat and let it cool for 5 minutes. While this is happening, place a glue dot on the bottom of the wick and center it in the middle of the mason jar.

Wick is placed in center of jar

Step 6: Pour Wax

Slowly pour the liquid wax into the mason jar, while gently holding the wick in place. Be careful not to pull up on the wick or it will come undone. Fill the mason jar until the wax is about one inch below the brim.

pour wax into the mason jar

Step 7: Secure the Wick

To make sure the wick stays centered in the drying process, secure it with a wick holder. If you do not want to purchase a wick holder, this step can also be done by securing the wick between two chopsticks or pencils.

securing the wick in wick holder

Step 8: Let Cool

Let your candle cool at room temperature. It will take about 4 hours for your candle to completely solidify. If the top of the candle becomes cracked or has a sinkhole, reheat the wax and pour a thin layer over the top to fill in any imperfections.

pink candle drying

Step 9: Trim the Wick

Your wick is most likely very long. Shorten it to a length that’s safe to burn. This is usually less than half an inch. If the flame is still too big, cut it down again.

pair of scissors trimming a wick

Step 10: Enjoy!

Display your masterpiece in your home. Place your candle on a shelf or coffee table where it will complement your wall art. These mason jar candles also make great personalized gifts for any occasion. Just personalize it by adding a color or scent that’s unique to the recipient.

candle sits on shelf

Creative Candle Concepts

Once you’ve mastered the art of the basic soy candle, get creative by trying some other styles and wax types. We’ve created three unique mason jar candles that can be wrapped and given as personalized gifts or made a part of your home decor.


candle with glitter in it
The simple addition of a shimmer can make all the difference in a candle. Add glitter of your choice to the liquid wax once it’s been poured into the mason jar. Sprinkle with glitter until the top has a thin layer of sparkles. Use a fine glitter that isn’t as heavy to prevent it from all falling to the bottom.

Natural Look

candle with rose petals and leaves
To achieve a more natural look, try combining rose petals and greenery in gel wax. Melt the gel wax over low heat, avoid bringing to a boil. Center the wick in the mason jar and add the petals and leaves. Pour in the gel wax and let cool.

Prevent everything from falling to the bottom of the jar by pouring the gel wax in layers and letting it cool. Then, add more natural elements and wax until the jar is full.

Beachy Vibes

candle with shells in it
This candle utilizes both the soy way and the gel wax. Start by melting the gel wax as instructed. Center the wick in the jar and then add shells. Pour a layer of gel wax until the shells are completely covered. Let dry for four hours, then complete the look by adding another layer of colored soy way on top.

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Making candles is a fun way to personalize your unique home decor. The candles that you’ve designed will complement any room layout. Even better, share your masterpieces with others by giving them as gifts to your friends and family. And if you’re looking for more inspiration, make sure to check out our DIY candle holder ideas or create a customized candle with your favorite photo.