50+ Lavender Wedding Color Ideas

Lavender is a color that adapts to every season and style. It can be carefree and whimsical or classic and serene. No matter your wedding vision, use lavender to bring your love story to life. To help in creating a beautiful celebration that’s just right for you, we’ve compiled a gallery of over 50 lavender wedding ideas. You’ll find inspiration for your cake table, bridesmaid dresses, centerpieces and more.

View the full gallery at once or sort by season and style to narrow down what you see. Once you have an idea for your dream day, make it a reality by designing your wedding invitations.

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For a timeless yet cheery vibe, choose lavender bridesmaid dresses that have a little flair. Consider gifting your ladies with pouches or wristlets.

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Booklover? This table decor might be right for you. Stack your favorite stories alongside a lavender bouquet for visual diversity and aesthetic appeal.

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Your invites offer a glance into your wedding festivities. If you're going for a whimsical theme, consider pastel lettering and floral designs.

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Layering colors and textures adds an extra dimension to your tables without much work. Choose lavender napkins as your design foundation.

Photo By: Allie Lindsey Photography

A vibrant lavender bouquet adds life and energy to your reception. Be sure to place vases on the tables where you'll have dessert, gifts and your guestbook.

Photo By: Allyson Wiley Photography

Bring lavender into your finer details. Offer a tinted purple cocktail decorated with real lavender.

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When you create your ceremony programs, keep your main color in mind. Consider a design that uses several shades of lavender.

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Want this gorgeous look? Find bridesmaids dresses that incorporate both light and dark lavender tones.

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Choose lavender dresses for your bridal party and pair them with bouquets of white, pink and lavender. Consider letting your ladies pick the dress style that's best for them.

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Drawstring bags can hold your wedding favors—anything from chocolates to coasters to loose leaf tea.

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Let guests know where they'll sit with simple place cards tied to a lovely bunch of lavender.

Photo By: Caught The Light

Use a green garland lengthwise on your tables with lavender flowers sprinkled throughout. Tie it all together with lavender napkins and a colorful menu card.

Photo By: Dmitri & Sandra Photography

Accent your entire reception with touches of lavender from your centerpiece arrangements to your napkins.

Photo By: Dmitri & Sandra Photography

Create a cozy setup for your newlywed photo shoot. Use lavender pillows and blankets alongside other accent colors for a well-rounded scene.

Photo By: Gagewood Photo

Set your tables with a lavender backdrop, like this sheer tablecloth. Use napkins and other simple details for a timeless look.

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For a whimsical look, tie in other pastels with your lavender hue. The color combination on these invitations is beautiful and not overwhelming.

Photo By: Jaime Davis

Complement the lavender blooms in your bouquet with unique additions, like succulents, thistles and silver brunia berries.

Photo By: Jaime Davis

Choose a cake that is simple yet plenty stylish, like this one with a smooth lavender finish adorned with carefully frosted details.

Photo By: Jenna Joseph Photography

Use a darker shade of lavender against a crisp white background for an easy-to-read invitation.

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Toss in other colors to your lavender bouquet—like white, pink and blue—for a vibrant mix.

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Lavender makes for elegant bridesmaid dresses—no matter the style. Pair your dresses with bouquets that incorporate a variety of colors.

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Add extra personality to your wedding day with flower crowns for your bridesmaids or yourself.

Photo By: Julie Paisley Photography

Design a wide whimsical bouquet using fresh lavender, large blooms and green fillers.

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Opt for a pastel lavender wedding by choosing bridesmaid dresses that are on the lighter side. Coordinate your bouquets and add in white accent blooms.

Photo By: Kaylie Nicole Photography

Via: The Floral Cottage Florist

Match the flowers in your boutonniere to those in your bouquets. Use lavender-colored ribbon for a cohesive look.

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Via: The Floral Cottage Florist

Design your entire dessert display with lavender in mind—from cookies to candy to cake.

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Lavender roses pair perfectly with cream-colored roses. Accent your bouquet with small berries and greenery.

Photo By: Kristen Weaver Photography

Want a bouquet that will turn heads? Build your bouquet with a spectrum of lavender shades.

Photo By: Lara Lam

For an alternative to tossing rice or blowing bubbles, have your guests throw flower petals as you exit your ceremony!

Photo By: Laura Lee Photography.

Decorate your ceremony seating with flowing lavender ribbons. This is a simple way to add big flair to an outdoor celebration.

Photo By: Lisa Leigh Photography

Let your bridesmaids choose lavender dresses that flatter them most. Give them a sample color, so they all choose dresses of the same shade.

Photo By: Maria Grace Photography

Give your cake a fancy, whimsical edge with lavender details like these edible beads and decorative discs.

Photo By: Marissa Lambert

Beautiful table number signs can be made with white cards and lavender markers or paint.

Photo By: Mary Dougherty Photography

Surround yourself in lavender with bridesmaids decked out in this heavenly hue. Create bouquets of contrast, using darker blooms and white roses.

Photo By: Michael And Carina Photography

Connect your groom's wear to the lavender theme through a simple, colorful boutonniere.

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A lavender wedding doesn't mean your centerpieces must be bursting with just one color. Create a balance by tossing in white, pink and green to your floral arrangements.

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Fasten all-natural boutonniere with twine using fresh lavender and a bit of greenery.

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No matter the message, whether it's for your wedding hashtag or drink menu, use lavender lettering and graphics.

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For classic lavender wedding centerpieces, create a simple bouquet of purple, white and green filler flowers.

Photo By: Shannen Natasha Weddings (From The Wedding Artists Collective)

Even your flower girl can flaunt lavender. Choose a dress that corresponds with the rest of your bridal party.

Photo By: Shannen Natasha Weddings (From The Wedding Artists Collective)

Use a lavender tie dye fabric for your menu and other signage. Choose a dark lavender pen for the lettering.

Photo By: Shauna Veasey Photography

Accessorize your cake with lavender-colored flowers and accents. Use a frosted white cake as your base or opt for a colorful design.

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Set the stage for a gorgeous photo shoot. A bench, couch or chair decorated with lavender pillows ensures your signature color never leaves your side.

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Incorporate lavender on the edges of your invitations for a timeless and stunning look.

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Top your white frosted cakes with a pale lavender flower for a lively summer look.

Photo By: The Gathering Season By Leo & Kat

Offer cocktails with a lavender touch. Decorate the glass with an all-natural stem.

Photo By: The Happy Bloom

Using specialized frosting, have your lavender cake painted with floral designs.

Photo By: This Modern Romance

Hosting a fall, winter or early spring wedding? Warm your guests with lavender-colored blankets.

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Yes, you can even wear a lavender bridal gown. Consider a lacy lavender top with a whimsical white skirt.

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