Create Personalized Mouse Pads to Decorate Your Desk

In a technology driven society, most of us spend a great deal of time at computers these days, whether we’re gamers, students, or remote workers, and it’s always important to have good mouse pads. Naturally, you’ll need mouse pads on hard surfaces for good ergonomics, and designing custom mouse mats is a great way to show off some of your creativity and personality. From a work desk mouse pad that reminds you of home to durable mouse pads for hours on end gaming, you’ll find high-quality, stain-resistant, high-density foam mouse pads at Shutterfly. Here are a few of our top suggestions for custom mouse mats to decorate your desk.

Make working from home or at the office a blast with personalized mouse pads. Enjoy working on company projects even more so when you have your favorite photos to look down on while you chip away at your work. Whether it be photos of your children at the beach or a picture of you and your significant other on a hiking excursion, you can guarantee the creation you made at your fingertips will bring a smile to your face.

Family Photo Mouse Pads

Family photos are always a great choice for custom photo products, and it’s the same with custom mouse pads. These are especially great for a home office or work desk since seeing family photos whenever you look at your mouse pad will remind you why you’re working in the first place. Our mouse pads are excellent choices as you can add your favorite photos and change the text to reflect your personal preferences. Drag and drop one to 10 family photos onto these photo mouse pads and choose from a wide selection of solid colors and patterns to make cool mouse pads that you’ll be proud to display. These make great gifts for coworkers, too, so save some ideas for the next big office party to impress everyone at work.

Personalized family mouse pad and mouse featuring a mother and father and their two sons

Calendar Mouse Pads

If you sometimes find yourself forgetting what day it is or just need a quick reference for how many days are in an upcoming month, then our calendar large mouse pads are for you. Our custom size mouse pads have standard measurements of 7.75×9.25, and can be customized with different photos that make working more enjoyable. Our calendar design mouse pad are also perfect for displaying a number of photos and memories you cherish. These durable mouse pads are great for keeping your week organized or for inspiring daydreams about the upcoming weekend (we won’t tell). Never forget an important date or appointment again when you can conveniently glance at your new calendar mouse pad.

Personalized 2022 calendar mouse pad featuring three photos of a mother with her child a scuba diver and a father with his child

Funny Mouse Pads

Mouse pads make great opportunities to show off your sense of humor, and funny mouse pads make delightful gifts as well to friends and family. If you’re a pet lover, consider showing off your funniest sleepy cat photo with our cute mouse pads featuring black and white X&O borders around the photos. If you’re looking for a more colorful mouse pad, try out one of our mouse pads with three of your silliest dog photos. We even have text-only mouse pads that you can make unique with a favorite joke to keep your spirits up all day long. These make for great gaming mouse pads since you’ll always have something funny to say during the more intense sessions.

Personalized mouse pad featuring a sleepy cat and the word love with a black and white border

Graduation Mouse Pads

If you or someone you know has just completed the milestone of graduating high school or college, then it’s likely you’ll be moving into a new place soon, and graduation mouse pads are fine trophies to take with you to celebrate. Consider shopping for personalized mouse pads and design it with a stylish monogram, your graduation year and school, as well as four of your best photos. Choose your favorite photos of you hanging out with friends at a pep rally, playing sports at the park, or participating in fun club activities. Choose your design color to match your school as well, so you can show school spirit, even as an alumnus or alumna.

Pick Top Tech and Travel Accessories to Go With Custom Mouse Pads

We have a wide selection of the best mouse pads that can fit any personality or occasion. Whether you’re purchasing some for yourself or as gifts for someone else, they’re even better with some of our popular tech accessories. Wow your tech lover friends, or anyone you know who frequently works at a computer, with a personalized gift they’ll be sure to use each day they log on to surf the web. From computer accessories to travel tech gear for those on the go, here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Personalized tech accessories featuring a mouse pad notebook wireless charger iphone case sticky notes and pencils

Laptop Cases Pair Perfectly With Photo Mouse Pads

Lots of people prefer using a full mouse with mouse pads over the standard touchpad when using a laptop, and if you’re planning to give a personalized mouse pad to a laptop owner, then pairing it with a matching Shutterfly laptop case is a great idea. Our neoprene cases feature edge-to-edge canvas with personalization on the front, and they’re secured by a top-loading zipper with two pulls, convenient for easy opening access. Our cases are available in 13 inches and 15 inches, so they’re ideal for carrying small, personal laptop notebooks. If you just got your dad a unique mouse pad for Father’s Day, then match it with a World’s Coolest Dad laptop case, so he’ll always feel close to home even on the go (of course, this goes for Mom, too).

Match Custom Mouse Pads With Custom Wireless Phone Chargers

Speaking of fun computer and tech accessories for people on the go, they often carry smartphones in addition to their laptops, so you can pair their new mouse pads with a customized wireless phone charger. Smartphones drain relatively quick for as much as they get used which is why it’s always convenient to have a phone charger at hand in the event your battery loses its charge. Our phone chargers work with Qi-enabled devices and will charge with most phone cases attached, including our own, so your recipient can stay on the grid wherever they’re going. Fit up to four photos on a single charger, or give them a special message with our text-only option.

Personalized worlds coolest dad mouse pad featuring a wireless phone charger

Keep the Computer and Phone Safe From Spills With Custom Travel Mugs

If your recipient is going on a long road trip or flight across the country, there’s a good chance they’ll be drinking coffee, and you can protect their mouse pads and other accessories from spills with our personalized stainless steel travel mugs. Our travel mugs are a top pick for caffeine enthusiasts, and come available in 16oz and 20oz sizes. Personalize it with up to six pictures that complement their photo mouse pads, as well as a unique design color. They’ll be overjoyed when they receive a creative gift they can fill their favorite beverage with whether it be coffee, water, or tea.

Make Decorating Your Desk Fun With Personalized Mouse Pads

Whether you’re decorating your desk in your home office, at work, or in need of a gift for someone else, make it a fun activity when you personalize mouse pads with Shutterfly. Our wide variety of unique designs and templates make it easy for you to pick, choose, and upload your favorite photos all while enjoying the creation process. Power through your workday when you have your precious memories right beside you to look at when you need a quick break or need something to smile about.