Guide to Ordering Photo Prints

Adding a personalized photo print to any wall or home decor can be the missing piece to any home or office. Customizing different photo print products on your walls can make a room more inviting and colorful with the different images you can include. Create an environment that you want to feel welcomed in with different photo print products such as panoramic prints, canvas prints, metal prints and more. Once you start designing your personalized photo prints, you’ll find that these products will bring your space to life and want to continue creating more.

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Explore all the amazing photo print products that Shutterfly has to offer and learn of the different ways to personalize them to make your print fit your style and personality. Adding personal touches such as adding a photo print will elevate your space making your house into a home. Learn more about the different photo print options below and bring photos to life by getting them printed on these unique photo print products.

Panoramic Prints – NEW

Panoramic prints are a must have for displaying landscapes, nature scenes, cityscapes, wildlife, and more. They also do an excellent job displaying group pictures for family events, weddings, and family reunions. Personalized panoramic prints are a dynamic and spectacular way to use the pictures you’ve taken to decorate your home or office space. Perfect for any large empty wall space, you can organize your personalized panoramic print to be a horizontal orientation or a vertical orientation. Make your beautiful panoramic print the center of attention in any room.

Picture hanging next to potted plant.

Collage Poster Prints

Collage poster prints are the perfect way to tell a story of your past in a unique and fun way. Collect all the memories of your story and showcase them in an easy to view collage poster print that will be the focal point of any room. These personalized collage poster prints can show up to dozens of photos in one piece making each photo more memorable than the next. These collage poster prints come in a variety of designs and templates that will be perfect for decorating an empty space on your wall. Create one for yourself or as a gift for a memorable one-of-a-kind keepsake item that will make anyone smile.

Premium Posters

Create an eye catching personalized premium poster print that accents your style and your walls with your most cherished pictures and designs. Premium poster prints measure 22”X28” and are printed on a high quality premium matte paper, making them durable and long lasting. Creating a premium poster print is an affordable way to design wall art decor for your home and office. You can also choose to have your premium posters printed in portrait and landscape options to fully utilize the space on your wall.

Graduation collage full of beautiful pictures and images of friends hung above study desk

Premium Cardstock Art Prints

Turn your most treasured images into stunning premium cardstock art prints that will look great on any home wall art decor. Printed on our signature cardstock paper, the featured colors on this matte finish paper will give each picture a smoother and sharper image print quality. In addition, you can choose to have your photo printed on a pearl shimmer cardstock which will feature your image with a pearlscent finish giving your photo a fancy luminous look. Decorate your premium cardstock art prints to include a custom frame in colors featuring black, white and a rustic brown.

Metallic Art Prints

Add a touch of style to your premium cardstock art prints in a different light by adding a touch of metallic accent to your premium cardstock print. These real foil accents will add a luxe touch to complement any photo and design you choose to print. Printed on a matte finish, these personalized metallic art prints are glare free which makes the picture more vivid and improves the look of each custom print. Choose between the regular premium Shutterfly cardstock or a pearl shimmer cardstock to give each print a pearl iridescent finish.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a great eye catching statement piece that would look fantastic in any home or office space. With a variety of canvas prints designs – gallery wrapped canvas prints, framed canvas prints, and hanging canvas prints; there are endless options of what kind designs you’ll create for your wall art and home decor. Decorating with personalized canvas prints will create an inviting environment and brighten up your space with vivid colors and designs. Bring your space to life with different high quality canvas prints.

canvas prints perfect for photo prints and wall decor

Metal Prints

Add a touch of modern and industrial look to your wall art and home decor pieces with a personalized metal print. Metal prints are great art pieces that can be displayed both inside and outside of the home. These sleek and contemporary pieces of wall art displays each color in its most vivid form, perfect for displaying your most memorable pictures. Prone to being scratch resistant, metal art prints are the best option to designing your home both inside and out.

Acrylic Prints

Add a bit of a contemporary touch to your home design with a personalized acrylic print. Acrylic prints offer a sleek design that adds a touch of modernism to any home, office or dorm room space. Displayed on a mounted aluminum brushed post, your polished acrylic print will give your photos a high definition printed look and feel. Use your most treasured pictures, add special messages and text to make your acrylic print to stand out from the rest, it will bring your print to life as well as adding a modern touch to any space.

Personalized Photo Tiles

Perfectly stick, rearrange and restick your favorite pictures with Shutterfly’s light weight metal personalized photo tiles. These exclusive products allow you hang your memories easier without damaging tools such as hammers and nails. Perfect for places where you don’t want to add holes in the wall, these personalized photo tiles can change with each season, holiday or when you want a new picture displayed. Photo tiles make great memorable gifts for people moving into a new home or dorm room, offices and more. Transform any space with these easy to install personalized photo tiles.

photo tiles perfect photo prints for wall art and home decor

How To Order Photo Prints

Now that you’ve learned about the different prints you can personally customize, you can start creating your own one-of-a-kind photo print. Once you have a general idea which wall you want to decorate, you’ll be able envision which print products you want to have for your wall art and home decor. Be creative with mixing and matching the different prints to achieve a custom and unique look for your home or office.

      1. Choose a photo print product that you want featured in your home. Things to consider during this process is the size, shape and colors you want to be accented on your wall art and home decor.
      2. Now that you choose the print product you want to customize, think of the different picture or pictures you want to have displayed on the print. Browse through the different styles and layouts and select the one you like the best for your style and personality.
      3. As you add your photos, think about if you want to include special text or embellishes for decoration. Some things you can include in your designs might be names, last name monograms, dates, and inspirational or meaningful messages. There are also different embellishments that you can include to make your print more personalized towards you.
      4. As you go through your final checks, you can get a good view of the personalized print before finally adding it to your cart for check out.
      5. Once your customized print arrives at your doorstep, follow the simple instructions to set up and install your one-of-a-kind photo print.

Closing Thoughts

As you start decorating your home or office, you’ll see that adding some form of photo print will enhance the space making it feel more inclusive and welcoming. No matter what image you choose to be featured on your custom photo print, there will be a great design and layout that will perfectly accent your most treasured photo. From premium posters, to metallic prints and acrylic prints, the options are endless of how to design your wall art and home decor.

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