15 Photo Collage Apps You Can Use for Free

Photo collages are useful for sharing multiple images in one post. With new advancements in smartphone technology and cameras over the recent years, it’s becoming even more appealing to show off your photographs on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Putting together a photo collage is easy, fun to do and the end result is well worth it.

We’ve put together a list of 12 photo collage apps compatible for photographers and photo enthusiasts at every level of expertise, plus 3 collage apps you can use exclusively on your desktop. Almost all of these fantastic apps are available for both iOS and Android, so there are plenty of options no matter what device you’re using.

Before showing off your collage-making skills, gather the perfect photos from your last photography project. You won’t want to wait to share your collage creations with friends and family on Facebook or create a family holiday card to send to your loved ones.

1. Ribbet

Developer: Ribbet
Price: Free (Basic), $4.95/month (Premium)
Features: With hundreds of unique layouts, users can make a collage for every occasion. Crop, resize and rotate your photos—don’t forget to add fun text and stickers for a personalized touch. Touch up any flaws in your photos as well. For added convenience, store uploaded photos to the cloud in order to edit your collage for multiple locations on different devices.
This is especially useful if you’re collecting images over time, like baby photos to show your child’s first year. Ribbet will also save your editing history, so no need to worry about losing your progress on your collage! Android compatibility coming soon.
Pros: Easy for novice editors to use
Cons: Free version has ads and includes only very basic features

2. Adobe Spark

Developer: Adobe
Price: Free
Features: No need to be intimidated by the Adobe name! This app is easier to pick up compared to other Adobe applications and makes your collages easily shareable via social media and email. Use professionally designed fonts and themes to create graphics, web pages and video stories. Plus, your projects automatically sync across the web and the iOS app (Android compatibility coming soon).
Pros: Can create web stories and animated video for free
Cons: Mostly limited to designs used on social media

 3. Canva Collage Templates

Developer: Canva
Price: Free (paid plans available)
Features: The most appealing feature of this app is being able to find the perfect collage format quickly and easily since they are categorized by theme. Users can download their designs in various formats as well, from PDFs to JPGs to PNGs. Another perk with Canva is that users have the option to upload their own photos or purchase premium stock images directly through Canva.
Pros: Excellent ability to customize designs
Cons: Have to pay for the coolest images in the app

4. BeFunky Collage Maker

Developer: BeFunky
Price: Free (Basic), $4.95/month (Plus)
Features: BeFunky is perfect for users who are looking for a quick fix to the their collage needs. This app will automatically make a collage for you, just choose your photos and voilà! Users can also customize their own collages using many template options. This app allows you to upload multiple photos at a time and supports full screen editing. Also, try using BeFunky’s free clipart images.
Pros: No registration or account sign-up needed
Cons: Not all features are free to use

5. piZap

Developer: piZap
Price: Free (Basic), $5.99/month (Pro)
Features: piZap is ideal for users who are social media savvy. Create memes using their stock images and hundreds of fonts. Edit photos directly from your social media uploads and use piZap’s Facebook banner templates.
Pros: Allows user to make banner and header designs for social media
Cons: Must pay for the pro version to get more fonts, stock images, templates and to download photos in super high resolution

6. Fotor Collage Maker

Developer: Fotor
Price: Free (Basic), $3.33/month (Pro)
Features: This app is perfect for users looking to create more professional-looking collages. Import multiple images at once and then choose where to place them after. Fotor includes HDR photography for enhancing image quality and elevating the aesthetic of your collage. Search through the various categories of collages and choose to add stickers, fun fonts and filters to tie your creation together.
Pros: Imported images displayed more easily than other collage makers
Cons: Must pay for the pro version to get rid of the Fotor watermark

7. Photovisi

Developer: Photovisi
Price: Free (Basic), $4.99/month (Premium)
Features: Photovisi is perfect for turning your beautiful collage into a fun invitation or greeting card. Make social media banners and covers to elevate your online profile and easily download them to share with friends and family.
Pros: Simple platform for those who want minimal editing
Cons: No photo editing capabilities and must pay for Premium plan to download collages without watermarks

8. Google Photos

Developer: Google
Price: Free
Features: Google Photos is a very simple platform that allows users to experiment with six collage types. Select up to nine pictures to insert into a collage and add filters for a finishing touch.
Pros: Simple and clear interface to work with
Cons: Does not include more professional editing options that other collage makers do

9. PicMonkey

Developer: PicMonkey
Price: from $5.99/month (free trial available)
Features: Users can import their photos to PicMonkey from their computer, Facebook, OneDrive, Dropbox and Flickr. From there, adjust the zoom and placement of filters and add text and touch-ups. Print your creation directly from PicMonkey and show it off to family and friends.
Pros: Fast and powerful design features
Cons: Only get a week-long free trial

10. PicCollage App

Developer: Cardinal Blue Software
Price: Free
Features: With over 60 templates, users will have so much creative freedom with PicCollage. Add photos, GIFs and videos and easily clip photos with your finger. The face detection feature creates a new level of fun by adding hats and accessories to the people in your collage. Share your funky creation on social media, SMS or email.
Pros: Available for iOS, Android and Windows
Cons: Requires login

11. PicsArt Photo Studio and Collage

Developer: PicsArt
Price: Free
Features: This app is unique in that it is community created and includes fun ‘challenges’ to inspire its users. Take photos within the app for added convenience and choose from over three million stickers to spice up your design. Explore the apps customizable filters and text options as well. You can download this app for iPhone or Android devices too!
Pros: All features are completely free
Cons: Crashes while working on the app are common

12. Layout from Instagram

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free
Features: This app allows you to easily select and rearrange images while also controlling the image sizes. Use the ‘Faces’ tab to find your friends in your Camera Roll and add some pizazz with the built-in photo booth feature.
Pros: 4.5/5 stars for customer reviews
Cons: Limited to 9 photos for inserting into collage



3 Desktop Photo Collage Apps

1. PhotoCollage

Developer: Zygomatic
Price: Free
Features: Zygomatic is compatible with Mac, Android, Windows and iOS and allows users to use keyboard shortcuts for editing, making this app extremely convenient. Make freeform collages or use one of their premade templates. Zygomatic also lets users edit objects simultaneously, so you’ll have a beautiful collage made in a jiffy!
Pros: Simple, web-based platform
Cons: Can only work with your photos in low resolution and then ‘order’ high resolution images once complete

2. Kizoa Collage Maker

Developer: Kizoa
Price: Free (Basic), plus lifetime Premium membership
Features: Kizoa’s most enticing feature is the ability to add animation to your collages. Choose to incorporate photos, GIFs and videos for an added level of excitement. Finish off your design with text and stickers to tie it all together.
Pros: Many features that other collage makers don’t include
Cons: Very difficult to navigate

3. FotoJet

Developer: Pearlmountain
Price: Free (Basic), $6.99/month (Plus)
Features: For the user who wants variety, choose from over 800 unique templates on FotoJet. Layouts are categorized by theme for users to easily find inspiration for their collage. Utilize this app’s powerful editing tools to create social media banners, headers, cards and posters.
Pros: So many easy to use resources and no registration required
Cons: Must pay for the Plus membership to reach the full array of features

Making a beautiful, eye-catching collage doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming. Explore our photo collage app suggestions and start making creative designs to share with family and friends! Or turn your collage creations into a personalized photo book to display all of your beautiful memories.