Retirement Invitation Wording Template and Guidelines

If someone you know and love is retiring, you have plenty to celebrate. Their career legacy is likely full of years of hard work, dedication, and plenty of milestones. You’ll want to throw a party that highlights all of their achievements in their field and looks forward to the relaxing years to come. But before you pull off a perfect retirement party, you need to send out the invitations. In order to make sure your retirement party invites are just right for the occasion, make sure to check out our retirement invitation wording guide below.

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What to Include in Retirement Party Invitations

When sending retirement party invitations, you want to make sure everyone is clear on the details. You don’t want anyone confused on things like the dress code, or worse, the time of the event. Make sure all of your retirement party invitation basics are covered by checking off each of the following:

confetti retirement party invitations

  • Date/Time: Make sure to give all invitees enough time reschedule plans so they can make the party. Plan to send invites out at least three weeks in advance.
  • Location: Where is the party located? If it’s a difficult to reach area, you’ll probably want to include directions as well as an address.
  • Reason for Party: Make it clear from the beginning that it’s a retirement party. Otherwise, you might have confused guests showing up with a birthday present.
  • Honoree’s Name: Including the honoree’s name in writing will help less familiar guests ensure they have correct spelling so they know what to write in a retirement card.
  • What to Wear: Is the party a black tie or casual affair? Is there a themed costume? Make sure to include these details on the card so that no attendee comes underdressed.
  • What to (or not to) Bring: Make sure to designate “No gifts” on your invite if you don’t want a pile of presents to bring home after the party.
  • Any Other Details: Are you asking guests to donate to the honoree’s favorite cause? Or maybe you want to designate the party as an adults only space. Or you might want to request guests to RSVP. Either way, make sure it’s clear on the invitation.

If you’re looking for additional guidance, you can follow our other guide on important information to include on party invitations.

Retirement Party Invitation Wording Guidelines

The wording of your retirement party invitations will vary depending on the party itself. If it’s a casual party with close friends in the retiree’s backyard, the invitation should match that tone. On the other hand, if the party is a formal affair, you’ll want to convey that formality on the invitation. By matching the wording to the tone of the party, guests will know what to expect and can dress accordingly. Follow the advice below for invitation wording tips, and then check out our party invitation wording guide for additional help.

Wording For Formal Invitations

Address invitees by their titles and last names. Start the invitation with a greeting such as “Please join us for a retirement dinner honoring John Smith.” Use polite, clear wording in your invitations and a formal sign off like “Sincerely,” at the end. Then make sure to sign your name.

Wording For Casual Invitations

First names are fine for casual invitations to parties for friends. Casual invitations can either be short and sweet, humorous, or anything that matches the honoree’s personality. These invitations still need all the basic information, but there’s more leeway for the wording style.  

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Retirement Invitation Template and Invite Ideas

If you’re specifically looking for wording templates for your retirement party invitations, look no further. We’ve provided wording examples for different types of retirement parties below.

Retirement Party Invitation Wording Funny

He’s (finally) made it official!

Come help us celebrate Alan’s retirement

Saturday, June 16th, at 5pm

At Alan’s new office (his home)

2354 Woodward Way,

Stockton, CA

We hope to see you there!

Army Retirement Invitation Wording

At Ease! Stan’s Finally Retired!

Join us for a retirement party this Sunday

Beers and Barbeque

1274 Stockton Avenue at 5pm

Hope you can join us!

Teacher Retirement Invitation Wording Ideas

School’s Out Forever!

Join us for Sheril’s Retirement Party

At Her Morgan Hills Home

1859 Berry Road

At 5pm on May 21st

In lieu of gifts please consider donating to your local schools!

Work Retirement Party Invitation Wording

Marcy Ramos is Retiring!

Join us in celebration of fifteen years of hard work

As a valued team member of our company

At our Headquarters, Conference Room A

193880 North Park, Seattle

March 14th, at 4pm

No RSVP required!

Retirement Open House Invitation Wording

It’s time to party!

Come join us for an open house

Celebrating Nancy’s retirement

This Saturday at 5pm

At our home

985 Turtle Road, Portland

For wine, cheese, and time spent with friends

We hope to see you there!

Retirement Tea Invitation Wording

Please join us for Afternoon Tea

Honoring the Retirement of Rachel Meyers

Saturday, April 5th

From 2pm to 4pm

At Bristol Tea Lounge

176 Highwater Road, NH

Sunday Dress Attire Requested

Please RSVP by March 20th


Formal Retirement Invitation Wording

Please join us to celebrate

John Griffin’s retirement from his law practice

A Celebratory Dinner

Saturday, June Twelfth  

two thousand nineteen

six o’clock in the evening

Orchard Patio

1245 Olson Avenue,

New York, New York

R.S.V.P. by May fifteenth


Senior Couple Taking Selfie During Retirement party

Additional Retirement Invitation Wording Resources

If you liked this guide on retirement invitation wording and you’re looking for additional similar resources, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to check out our dinner invitation wording guide for your every day party invitations.

And If you’re looking for the perfect retirement party favors to give to guests after the celebration, consider favors as personalized as the invitations, such as custom bottle openers, pint glasses, and champagne flutes.