100 Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

The leaves are beginning to change colors and a chill is coming into the air, which means it’s almost time for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a day full of family, friends and plenty of delicious food, and it all centers around the Thanksgiving dinner table. If you want to add a little something special to your feast this year, try adding unique decorations to your Thanksgiving table.

If you need some inspiration for your Thanksgiving table decorations, we’re here to help! We’ve collected Thanksgiving tablescape ideas that feature classic Thanksgiving decorations, including pumpkins and fall leaves. Whether you’re looking for name-cards, centerpieces or banners for your wall, you’ll find Thanksgiving table decor ideas here that you’ll love. With the perfect tablescape in mind, don’t forget to add special details like the perfect Thanksgiving card, home accents and more.

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This Thanksgiving table featured a classic ear of corn decoration. To give the decoration a more modern look, the corn was placed on a black napkin with a black and white striped edge.

Photo credit: 30s Magazine

This creative table decor features copper mug and jigger vases and tea-light candles. The classic white pumpkin decorations perfectly match the pink, red and white flower bouquet.

Photo credit: A Bubbly Life

This elegant table featured crystal glasses, a lacy white tablecloth, gold cutlery and gold candleholders. To finish it all off, a pumpkin covered with white lace was placed in the center of the table.

Photo credit: homeward FOUND decor

These lovely candleholders all feature classic fall decorations. All three have a glass base, and one is covered in cinnamon sticks, another in a burlap sack with ribbon, and the third in twigs and glitter.

Photo credit: Albion Gould

If you’re looking for an easy-to-make napkin holder, try this gold geo ring. To make this elegant ring, all you’ll need is cardboard and gold duct tape. Fold the napkin ring into a trapezoid and tape it together, and it will be ready to go!

Photo credit: Almost Makes Perfect

This fun Thanksgiving table included colorful flowers and tomato plants in white vases, and there were large green leaves spread across the whole table. Each guest was also given a dark purple napkin with an elegant gold ring.

Photo credit: Apt.34

This Thanksgiving table features adorable calligraphed name cards with matching menus. The table also has a lovely bouquet with red, yellow and pink flowers in a watering can vase.

Source: Style Me Pretty
Photo credit: Belathee Photography

Add a pop of color to your Thanksgiving table with these pretty in pink pumpkin decorations. This table decor also has matching pink flowers in gold and pink pumpkin vases.

Source: Style Me Pretty
Photo credit: Best Day Ever

This kraft paper table runner is the perfect customizable table decor. You can write your guests’ names on the paper, and you can also put out markers and let your little guests color on it.

Photo credit: By Dawn Nicole

This table decor display used a number of classic Thanksgiving elements. There were orange candles in a clear vase filled with corn kernels, a wooden table runner and fall leaf name cards for each of the guests.

Photo credit: By Dawn Nicole

These blue and pink pastel-colored pumpkins look amazing paired with silk flowers, twisted black wire stems and bunches of yellow berries. The display was placed on an elegant mirror base.

Source: Style Me Pretty
Photo credit: Caitlinn Ramsden

With a few corks and some feathers, you can create a memorable name card for each of your guests. Simply cut a hole in the top of each cork, and place a feather in it. Then, attach a white flag with each of your guests’ names.

Photo credit: Carolyn’s Homework

This rustic autumn tablescape is a hoot! It features ceramic owls, vintage book decorations, wishbone and crossword puzzle name cards, red and orange flower bouquets and much more.

Source: Celebrations at Home
Photo credit: Chris Nease

Purple artichokes are a wonderful rustic Thanksgiving table decoration. You can pair them with bright green branches and ferns to create a natural centerpiece.

Source: Style Me Pretty
Photo credit: Clayton Austin

A rosemary or thyme spring tied with a black ribbon makes an elegant plate topper. To create a unified look on your table, consider using the same herb in a floral arrangement.

Source: Style Me Pretty
Photo credit: Clayton Austin

This fall kitchen decor display includes a plaid banner in two classic fall colors: yellow and orange. The display also includes a plaid mug, cozy plaid blankets and a plush pumpkin.

Photo credit: Craft-o-Maniac

If you’re looking for something to do with your old CDs, try making these cute stencil coasters. The CDs are painted white, green and orange, and they each feature a beautiful flower and leaf pattern.

Photo credit: Crafts By Amanda

You can easily make your white cloth napkins more festive by stenciling fall decorations onto them. These napkins feature glittery acorns, leaves and pinecones, and they’re all placed in gold rings.

Photo credit: Crafts By Amanda

These lovely name-cards feature glittery gold letters and neutral colored feathers tied together with twine. There’s also a walnut that’s used to keep the name-card sitting up straight.

Photo credit: cupcakes and cashmere

Turkeys may be the stars of Thanksgiving, but this tablescape celebrated another type of poultry! Ceramic hens and roosters were placed in the center of the table, and the plates all had illustrations of roosters.

Photo credit: Curtain Queen Creates

All of your guests will love this kraft table runner. Write each of your guests’ names on the table in black Sharpie, and finish the look off with cute pumpkin plate toppers.

Photo credit: Dawn Nicole Designs

These adorable plate toppers feature a small pumpkin, a hectagonal name card and a tiny green branch placed in a little clay plant holder.

Photo credit: Delineate Your Dwelling

Celebrate turkey day with this cute table topper. The plate topper includes white and brown letters that spell ‘T-Day,’ and the table also features a sparkly gold pinecone centerpiece and polka dot napkins.

Photo credit: Delineate Your Dwelling

This elegant tablescape includes white pear plate toppers, small white pumpkins, brass candleholders, a silk napkin and a gold pumpkin candle and pinecone centerpiece.

Photo credit: Designthusiasm

Thanksgiving may be an all-American holiday, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little chic French styling to your table! This tablescape included a blue and white French toile tablecloth, and there were also chinoiserie pillows on the chairs.

Photo credit: Designthusiasm

These rustic wood slices are the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table. To create them, cut a tree branch slices. Then, drill a one-inch hole into the center of each slice. Place your napkins inside, and you’ll be ready to go!

Photo credit: Duke and Duchess

Bring a little Scottish flair to your Thanksgiving table with a tartan tablecloth. This table featured a purple and pink tartan tablecloth, and those colors were also used for the name-cards and the candles.

Photo credit: Eddie Ross

Gold featured heavily on this modern Thanksgiving table. There were gold turkey decorations, a gold pumpkin filled with flowers and gold pumpkin name-cards next to each guest’s seat.

Source: Eddie Ross
Photo credit: Patrick Cline

You can easily use a wood plank to create a unique Thanksgiving chalkboard menu or sign. To make the sign, paint a wood plank with chalkboard paint. Once it’s dry, use chalk to create your message.

Photo credit: Eighteen25

This table had a cute placemat where guests could write down what they’re thankful for. If guests didn’t have their own pencil, they could use the one included with the cutlery!

Photo credit: Ella Claire

This box centerpiece is full of classic fall decorations, including pinecones, pears and pumpkins. The centerpiece also includes white candles, a vase with fountain grass and a turkey decoration.

Photo credit: Finding Home

These simple and cute Thanksgiving placemats are made using plain burlap placemats, stencil letters, and acrylic paint. You can customize the placemats by writing your favorite Thanksgiving phrases.

Photo credit: Frugal Mom Eh

To create a modern-looking Thanksgiving table, try using a black, white and gold color scheme. This table featured a black and white striped tablecloth, a gold pumpkin filled with white flowers and gold cutlery.

Photo credit: Giggles Galore

This burlap table runner with painted fall leaves will look lovely on every Thanksgiving table. You can paint the leaves free-form, or you can use stencils to trace them.

Photo credit: Glitter and Glue Paint

This Thanksgiving table has a rustic white watering can, moss and tree trunk centerpiece. The table also has burlap napkins embroidered with fall leaves and acorns.

Photo credit: The Golden Sycamore

To put a new twist on a classic acorn decoration, try painting them gold. To turn these gold acorns into napkin holders, drill a hole in each acorn’s cap and attach an ornament hook. Then, place the acorns on a festive ribbon.

Photo credit: Hello Little Home

Metallics took center stage on this Thanksgiving table. The table featured metallic decorations, including metal flowers and candle holders. On top of the plates, there were napkins with images of a gold metallic feathers.

Photo credit: Home Stories

This Thanksgiving celebration had a fun pink, purple and brown tassel banner. To match the banner, the pumpkins were painted with pink and purple polka dots.

Photo credit: Homey Oh My!

This Thanksgiving tablescape featured pumpkins with copper tape stripes, giving the plain white pumpkins a unique look. To match the pumpkins, the vases and candle holders also had copper stripes.

Photo credit: Homey Oh My!

These colorful crayon plates and turkey crayon centerpiece will be a hit at your kids’ table! To make the plates, melt crayon wax, and then drip it onto a clear plastic plate. Place another plate on top, and the plate will be all ready for the feast.

Photo credit: Hoosier Homemade

If you have leftover cranberries after making cranberry sauce, use them in this centerpiece. The simple centerpiece features three white candles, a white dish and plenty of bright red cranberries.

Photo credit: Hope Studios

This ribbon place-card fits perfectly on top of a white plate. Print out the ribbon template, and then write out each of your guests’ names using your favorite colored marker.

Photo credit: In My Own Style

A fern branch makes a lovely, natural plate topper. On this table, the fern was paired with a pink napkin and a name card with pink lettering. These helped make the table look bright and cheerful.

Source: Style Me Pretty
Photo credit: Jade + Matthew Take Pictures

Cinnamon is a classic fall spice, which makes a cinnamon stick a great choice for your Thanksgiving table decor. This table used cinnamon stick plate toppers, and it also had a dark blue table runner.

Source: Style Me Pretty
Photo credit: Jeni Maus

This glitzy gold cutlery looks perfect paired with a white and pink napkin. A bouquet with flowers in different shades of pink adds the perfect finishing touch to the table.

Source: Style Me Pretty
Photo credit: Joel Serrato

To add a creative spin to your Thanksgiving table, try using uniquely shaped glasses and plates. On this table, there were light orange goblets with a diamond pattern, and there were also light blue plates with patterns cut into the edges.

Source: The Jungalow
Photo credit: Justina Blakeney

A lime plate topper adds a lovely pop of color to a white plate. For added color, place a green branch on top of the lime, and give each guest a green napkin.

Source: The Jungalow
Photo credit: Laure Joliet

These golden place settings will make your guests feel like Thanksgiving royalty. The plates are all white with gold rims, the silverware is bright gold and each napkin has a royal crest Illustration.

Source: Style Me Pretty
Photo credit: Kate Weinstein

Your guests will be drawn to this unique tablecloth! The tablecloth is made from burlap paper, and each guests’ name is written right on the paper.

Photo credit: Lemon Thistle

Kids and adults will both love this cute plate topper. It includes colored pencils in fall colors, a place for guests to write down what they’re grateful for and a fall leaf for an added decoration.

Photo credit: Lia Griffith

If you’re looking for a creative way to use pumpkins in your Thanksgiving decorations, take a look at these black and white pumpkins. Each pumpkin features a hand-drawn owl and unique patterns.

Photo credit: Lil Blue Boo

Your guests will love this adorable place setting, featuring bright pink napkins, a white name-card with brown calligraphy and a small brown and white feather tied to the name-card with twine.

Source: Style Me Pretty
Photo credit: Liz Banfield

This Thanksgiving display featured pinecones, succulents in white ceramic vases and feathers dipped in gold glitter. Above the table, there were hanging gold and white ornaments and feathers.

Photo credit: Lolly Jane

This lovely Thanksgiving table included silver pumpkins, bright white candles and black place-cards with silver lettering. For a favor, each guest was given a small silver bag filled with cookies.

Source: Style Me Pretty
Photo credit: Matthew Land Studios

This adorable miniature kids’ table was styled by Beijos Events. The wooden table featured small pumpkin decorations, and each guest’s chair had a hanging wooden cutout of their name.

Source: 100 Layer Cakelet
Photo credit: Megan Welker

At this Friendsgiving celebration that was styled by Beijos Events, there was a chic Bohemian theme. Guests sat on the ground on comfortable patterned cushions, and the table was covered with green vines and bright flowers.

Source: 100 Layer Cakelet
Photo credit: Megan Welker

At this Bohemian Friendsgiving dinner that was styled by Beijos Events, the table was decorated with fresh fruit and bright wildflowers. Each guest’s plate was topped with a piece of calligraphed fruit, and the plates were white with a blue pattern.

Source: 100 Layer Cakelet
Photo credit: Megan Welker

This Thanksgiving table included creative pumpkin decorations made out of books. The table also had crystal glasses, rustic wine bottles filled with straw grass and Mason jar candle holders.

Source: Mountain Modern Life
Photo credit: Mountain Modern Life

If you’re looking for creative napkin holder ideas, take inspiration from this simple and natural-looking napkin holder. The holder includes a small branch with bright green leaves tied to a white napkin with raffia twine.

Source: Style Me Pretty
Photo credit: Nadia Meli

At this outdoors fall brunch, guests sat on unique tree trunk chairs and ate at a barn-wood table. On the table, there were rustic decorations, including wood coasters and twig plate toppers.

Photo credit: Offbeat and Inspired

This centerpiece celebrates one of the most important parts of Thanksgiving: family! To make these centerpieces, take antique photos of your relatives and attach them to a cork using a paperclip. Then, place the photos in candleholders.

Photo credit: One Charming Party

This lovely centerpiece features a bright orange pumpkin surrounded by red berries on branches. The centerpiece also includes a paper chain with images of cornucopias and phrases like ’I am thankful for...’

Photo credit: One Sutton Place

If you’re hosting Friendsgiving, take inspiration from this lovely banner and tablescape. The banner simply says ’Welcome Friends,’ and the table features bright green branches and tomato plants.

Source: 100 Layer Cakelet
Photo credit: Paige Jones

This colorful paper table runner is the perfect Thanksgiving craft to do with kids! To make it, trace leaves onto brightly colored paper, and then cut them out and glue them together.

Source: Momtastic
Photo credit: Paper & Stitch

This three-dimensional flower table runner will definitely wow your guests! To make it, glue together your favorite types of silk flowers and greenery. For an extra pop of color, paint some of the flowers.

Photo credit: Proper

This all-natural table featured unique tree trunk vases and candle holders. There were also moss decorations and flower arrangements that included branches and green plants.

Source: Bowties and Bliss
Photo credit: Rebecca Hollis Photography

At this Thanksgiving celebration, Mercury glass was used throughout the tablescape. There were Mercury glass cups, hurricane lamps and candle holders. Even the pumpkin was made from Mercury glass!

Photo credit: Rooms for Rent

This rustic Thanksgiving celebration had a unique horse canvas painting hanging behind the table. On the table, there were pinecone candle holders, a turkey decoration and flowers in orange hues.

Source: Style Me Pretty
Photo credit: Rustic White Photography

On this Thanksgiving table, there were burgundy and orange candles and a modern cornucopia featuring fruit and green leaves. The table also had lovely gold cutlery and white napkins tied up with a simple ribbon.

Source: Style Me Pretty
Photo credit: Ruth Eileen Photography

This whimsical table had ceramic white deer and rabbit head decorations, white hedgehog decorations filled with moss, red striped placements and bright red flower arrangements.

Source: Style Me Pretty
Photo credit: Ruth Eileen Photography

This tag with cheerful yellow lettering is the perfect addition to a Thanksgiving favor or goodie bag. To add an extra festive touch, tie the tag to your goodie bag with raffia twine.

Photo credit: She Wears Many Hats

This placemat is made from burlap, and on the top, it says ‘I am Thankful For:’ with spaces underneath for guests to write. Your guests will definitely be thankful for this lovely placemat!

Photo credit: Skies of Parchment

If you’re looking for a decoration for your kids’ table, check out this felt turkey crayon holder. The holder is made using cute googly eyes, dark brown and light brown felt for the turkey’s body and red and orange felt for the beak and wattle.

Photo credit: Skip To My Lou

This table runner celebrates everyone’s favorite part of autumn: falling leaves! The runner can be made using black cloth, leaf stencils and glittery metallic paint in champagne gold.

Photo credit: Sparkle Living Blog

These monogrammed napkin rings are an elegant addition to every Thanksgiving table. The rings are made using wood tags, chalk paint, chalk wood stain and raffia twine.

Photo credit: Storypiece

Once they see this car table runner, kids will race to the Thanksgiving table! The runner is made from chalkboard contact paper, allowing kids to write and draw on it.

Photo credit: Studio DIY

If you’re looking for decorations for your kids’ table, this confetti stuffed turkey is perfect for you. The turkey is made out of a white paper bag, and it’s stuffed with brightly colored confetti pieces.

Photo credit: Studio DIY

At the end of your Thanksgiving feast, there’s a good chance that there will be some uneaten pie. Store all of those leftover pieces in these adorable leftover pie boxes with colorful labels.

Photo credit: Studio DIY

This retro Thanksgiving table was full of bright colors and quirky details, including a cornucopia filled with disco balls, ombre napkins and gold cutlery, and turkey legs made from Rice Krispy treats.

Photo credit: Studio DIY

Gold glitter tags are the perfect addition to every Thanksgiving plate. You can make these tags using a kraft tag, a gold Sharpie, and some gold glitter for an added sparkle.

Photo credit: The Beauty Dojo

This lovely tablescape features a painted blue and green table runner and a centerpiece with branches and peacock feathers. On the wall next to the table, there is a collage of family photos and a banner that simply says ‘Gather.’

Photo credit: The Handmade Home

These creative leaf plate toppers are the perfect conversation starters! Each leaf has a different Thanksgiving question on it, and there is also a green branch to give the plate a pop of color.

Photo credit: The Turquoise Home

At this outdoors Thanksgiving dinner, the plates were placed on top of rustic tree trunk decorations. The table also had a striped blue and white table runner and matching blue pumpkins.

Photo credit: The White Buffalo Styling Co.

This lovely table had napkins imprinted with a forest scene. To keep with the forest theme, pine cones were laid on top of each napkin. For the centerpiece, there was a bouquet of white and pink flowers in a silver vase.

Photo credit: Yummy Mummy Kitchen

At this Thanksgiving dinner, the kids’ table was decorated with festive floral and pumpkin decorations. There were also green leaves laid out across the table, and each kid got a white cup with an adorable striped straw.

Photo credit: 100 Layer Cakelet

This Friendsgiving celebration featured string wall decorations in earth tones that are perfect for the fall. The table had elegant gold and white plates and two bouquets of yellow flowers.

Photo credit: Tiny Prints

At this fun Friendsgiving celebration, there were tall white candles and matching pumpkin decorations, bright yellow flower bouquets and green napkin holders garnished with red berries.

Photo credit: Tiny Prints

This simple and chic centerpiece includes a white candle in a gold hurricane lamp. The candle is surrounded by gold pinecones, and pumpkin and fall leaf decorations are placed around the lamp.

Photo credit: Tiny Prints

This modern Thanksgiving table has black and white plates, gold utensils tied together with black ribbon and black elk horn and spherical decorations next to each place setting.

Photo credit: Tiny Prints

Guests at this Thanksgiving dinner sat in comfy, plush black chairs. There was also a white bouquet centerpiece, and the chandelier over the table was covered in green foliage.

Photo credit: Tiny Prints

This elegant Thanksgiving table features white plates with black rims, a black and white menu surrounded by gold ribbon and a bouquet of white flowers tied with gold ribbon.

Photo credit: Tiny Prints

These adorable turkey plates are perfect for guests of all ages. This Thanksgiving table also had a bouquet with classic fall colored flowers and fall leaves.

Photo credit: Tiny Prints

This cute kids’ table had miniature pumpkins, turkey plates, fall leaves, and orange and yellow flower decorations. There were also adorable felt leaves next to each plate.

Photo credit: Tiny Prints

Using washi tape, you can easily create a cute feather garland. To make the feathers, cut the bottoms of seven pieces of washi tape into half-moons. Then, make small cuts along the sides of the tape to give it a feather effect.

Photo credit: Tiny Prints

This ‘Give Thanks’ banner is the perfect decoration to hang behind your Thanksgiving table. You can make it at home by gluing glittery gold wrapping paper to cardboard triangles.

Photo credit: Tiny Prints

This simple and elegant DIY butcher paper placemat asks guests to think about what they’re thankful for. The place setting also has a placemat with a feather pattern and a small pumpkin plate topper.

Photo credit: Tiny Prints

This Thanksgiving celebration was filled with glittery gold decorations. The tables were decorated with golden pumpkins and gold plates, and each guest was given a purple menu with gold lettering.

Photo credit: Tiny Prints

These adorable decorations feature a yellow napkin, an orange felt leaf wrapped around the cutlery and washi tape with each guest’s name. It’s all topped off with a sparkly pinecone!

Photo credit: Tiny Prints